Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil Review

Nothings says Haircare as 'Coconut hair oil'  for us Indians when it comes to taking care of our dark lustrous tresses.Coconut oil is bursting with nutrients and vitamins such as lauric acid and vitamin E that nourish and condition your hair to promote shine

The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair oil exclusively made for the Indian market. Packed with natural conditioning blend of coconut oil and Pracaxi oil, this hair oil intensively nourishes and transforms your mane into soft, strong, and shiny locks with a healthy scalp.


  • The Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil is paraben free, silicone free and colorant free.
  • Contains community fair trade coconut oils sourced from Samoa.Two centuries of experience, the Samoans have extensive knowledge and expertise in extracting pure, natural, unadulterated coconut oil of the highest quality.  
  • Contains Pracaxi oil and has one of the highest concentrations of behenic acid among natural products. For this reason, it is often used in hair conditioners.
  • Works well as an Overnight leave-in,Pre-wash treatment,Scalp massage
  •  Leaves the hair well conditioned and tangle free
  • Packaging uses recycled materials  
  • The texture of Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil is not as greasy as regular coconut hair oil.A little goes a long way, you need very little quantity to massage your scalp and use it as a pre wash treatment.
  • Unlike regular coconut oil, this has a subtle sweet coconut fragrance
  • The regular coconut hair oil starts to harden up/solidifying in the colder weather, I haven't yet experienced any problem of Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil solidifying in the bottle.
  • It doesn't leave patches / residue on your pillow cover, in case you use this as a overnight leave in treatment.

Price of the Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil is Rs 645 for 200 ml. 

  • The Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil contains coconut oil sourced from Samoa, instead of India.It would have been great if our local farming community could benefit as well from a product custom created for Indian Market.
  • Despite a much lighter texture of Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil , just like regular coconut oil I need to shampoo my hair 2-3 times to completely wash off oil from my hair.So I need to reserve this 'Hair pampering' session only for the weekends.

Overall Thoughts- If you love to deep condition your hair with coconut oil and your bi-weekly scalp massages are a must then you'd love The Body Shop Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil, it brings in all the goodness of coconut oil and Pracaxi oil and gives you healthy & glossy hair.

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  1. lovely review pooja .....its a must buy for me :)

  2. sounds good... but way too exp. for coconut oil.. nice review, though:)

  3. thnx for sharing Pooja ! I really approve of the first con ! the coastal belts in India do have a good supply of coconuts ! The product is way to expensive !Not for me !

  4. im loving it these days too pooja :)

  5. i just got this( won it in their fb contest)and after reading ur review im sure i'll love it now!

  6. I got a sample of this when i shopped from tbs few days back. Planning to try this out now. But truth be told its way too expensive for coconut oil.

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