Thursday, August 30, 2012

L'oreal Infailliable eyeshadow Endless chocolate- Is it the most sensational eyeshadow launch of 2012?

So the blogosphere is already littered with tales of how awesome L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows are,so here I am to tell you all about the most coveted shade from this range recently launched in India.
For some strange inexplicable reason L'oreal has launched the same Infallible eyeshadows under different names and numbers in different countries. Causing endless chaos,palpitations and heart wrenching drama amongst the makeup addicts to spot their favorite shades.Yours truly did waste an entire weekend trying to hunt down 2 shades,leaving  a trail of exasperated Sales associates,only to find that these shades are not yet launched in India! [Yes bite Me!! I'm obsessive compulsive about my makeup ;) ]

The shade that instantly made me go weak in the knees was Endless chocolate (a.k.a Continuous Cocoa in USA). A very deep intensely pigmented brown shadow (without any tinge of redness) which has fast become my beauty staple.

The packaging of Infallible shadows  is pretty funky and mimics Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadow packaging.The shade can be seen at the base of the packaging, which always earns brownie points from me :)

A quirky part of the packaging is the the eyeshadow stopper/ protector which can be used to prevent spillage and also to press down the loose shadow to a more manageable semi-pressed texture.Do keep this carefully, sans which I'm afraid the powdery eyeshadow is bound to fly all over the place.

Oh dear Lord! just dip me in butter and roll me nuts!! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous gorgeous brown eyeshadow? Okay who am I kidding, obviously you have, but definitely not from a drugstore brand.

The blackened brown shadow with pearl finish and a hint of metallic sheen is perfect neutral eyeshadow for almost all skin tones, occasions and ages.Its perfect for creating smokey brown eyes, or for use on the crease area for adding depth to your neutral eye makeup looks.

Get sensational nails with the new Color Riche Vernis range from L’Oréal Paris!

Get sensational nails with the new Color Riche Vernis range from L’Oréal Paris!
The range promises stunning hues for every mood and occasion
This season entice your nails with sensational colours, as L’Oréal Paris launches a new range of nail polishes called Color Riche Vernis to give you the perfect look with stunning coverage. The range inspired by professional manicure UV, contains a breakthrough gel formula that results in dramatic Color with the ideal finish.

Get iconic eyes everyday with the new Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal and Mascara

 Get iconic eyes everyday with the new
 Lakmé Eyeconic 
Kajal and Mascara

Indian women are blessed with gorgeous deep set eyes and to help highlight this feature, Lakmé has launched Lakmé Eyeconic – a revolutionary range consisting of kajal and mascara. The new Eyeconic Kajal by Lakmé is literally iconic as all you need is one sweep of kajal and it lasts for 10 hours. 

The product is waterproof, it doesn’t smudge and it is even safe for the eyes since it is dermatologist tested.
Complete your look with lots of Eyeconic Curling Mascara. The mascara gives the eyes an intense black finish and comes equipped with a curling brush that helps give curves to your lashes. It is also enriched with D-Panthenol – a moisturizer which keeps lashes soft and smooth. The product makes the eyes look brighter and adds a perfect sparkle to your entire look. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MAC Reel Sexy Collection Cremesheen Lip glass Private screening

A few days back I'd shared about the launch of M.A.C Reel Sexy Limited edition collection.MAC launched 4 Cremesheen lipglasses as a part of this LE collection- Private Screening, Cinestyle, Star Quality and Color saturation.

The Cremesheen glasses usually come in milky /creme finishes without any glitter or shimmer & today I'm reviewing MAC Cremesheen Lipglass Private Screening for you Girls :)
Private screening is a pale peach color with a milky finish to it. I had been avoiding glosses of late due to their stickiness was getting a bit much for me, but the Cremesheen lipglasses are not sticky at all.
 It gives a nice luxurious, hydrated and slightly plumped up feel to the lips.The usual Vanilla flavor of MAC lippies is n added bonus.Whenever I wear MAC lippies or glosses I feel I have a fresh baked vanilla cookie under my nose, it just perks up my mood  :D
The gloss has upwards of 3 hours of wear time and it doesn't feather or slide off my lips.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is Colorbar copying MAC's product names?

Well I thought naming lipsticks would be probably one of the coolest jobs in the world to have- I mean I can imagine myself flipping through my Giant-book-of-Lipstick-names Plucking a word from here and one from there and french(ing) it up a bit and voila there you have it- "Sugar Kisses" or "Caramel Toffee" or 'Passion Pink" or something.. you get the general drift.
They say,Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Don't believe me ? Ask Colorbar!

Just as our home grown Colorbar USA, has been stepping up to the plate and dishing out one hot product after another I was feeling mighty thrilled that finally an Indian brand has managed good bunch of products at nice price.Now Imagine my surprise when I spotted some lipsticks and shadows in colorbar named after some very popular MAC lipsticks.
At first it was a fleeting doubt but then I decided to do a bit of Nancy Drew style investigation.And lo & behold here's what I found-No less than 28 MAC lipstick and eyeshadows names appear to have been copied by Colorbar.

Most times the shades are not dupes, but 28 similar names was well too much of a coincidence, don't you think?

Caught in the act- 'Lil one?
Image source- google,copyrighted to respective owner

So I decided to put together a list and let you decide for yourself -Is Colorbar duping MAC's product names?
  1. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick- Colorbar soft touch lipstick Ruby woo
  2. MAC Brick O la lipstick- Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Brick O la
  3. MAC Expensive Pink -Colorbar Expensive pink eye shadow
  4. MAC Fushia Fix Lip conditioner -Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick Fushia Fix
  5. MAC Creme Cup lipstick- Colorbar velvet matte lipstick Creme Cup
  6. MAC HOT HOT HOT Eyeyshadow- Colorbar HOT HOT HOT Lipstick
  7. MAC Verve Lipstick -Colorbar Verve Lipstick
  8. MAC Venus lipstick -Colorbar soft touch lipstick Venus 
  9.  MAC Rose quartz mineralize skin finish-Colorbar soft touch lipstick Rose Quartz
  10.  MAC Amethyst eyeshadow- Colorbar soft touch lipstick Amethyst
  11.  MAC Rebel lipstick-Colorbar soft touch lipstick Rebel
  12.  MAC Flamingo lipstick-Colorbar soft touch lipstick Flamingo
  13. MAC Rougemarie Nail Polish-Colorbar soft touch lipstick Rougemarie
  14. MAC Mystique lipstick-Colorbar soft touch lipstick Mystique 
  15. MAC Red She Said Lipstick (2008 Limited edition collection)- Colorbar Diva lipstick Red she said
  16. MAC For Keeps Pro Longwear Lipcolour- Colorbar For Keeps Diva lipstick
  17.  MAC Passionate eyeshadow- Colorbar Creme Touch lipstick Passionate (surprisingly similar shades both these two)
  18.  MAC Plum dressing eyeshadow Colorbar Full finish long wear lipstick Plum dressing 
  19. MAC Tempt Me lipstick- Colorbar Full finish long wear lipstick Tempt Me 
  20. MAC Stunner Blush Colorbar Extra durable lip color Stunner 
  21. MAC Siren Lipstick Colorbar Extra durable lip color Siren 
  22. MAC Chic Lipstick Colorbar Extra durable lip color Chic 
  23. MAC Bare Again Sheen supreme lipstick Colorbar Lip Pot Bare Again 
  24. MAC Warm me up lipstick Colorbar Lip Pot Warm me up 
  25. MAC Meltdown lipstick Colorbar Lip Pot Meltdown  
  26. MAC Astral Cremesheen Glass from Heavenly Creatures collection- Colorbar Metallics Lip Gloss Astral 
  27. MAC Bare Necessity dazzle glass- Colorbar Metallics Lip Gloss Bare Necessity 
  28. MAC Lipglass Bare truth- Colorbar Star shine lip gloss Bare Truth
My two cents on the copycat debate-I love a budget dupe as much as next makeup addict, but that doesn't keep me off spending on high quality products I really like. 
Shakespeare summed up the name debate well when he asked "what's in a name?" At the end of the day quality matters and MAC remains gold standard when it comes to quality,style and sassy-ness. 
Colorbar has pleasantly surprised me of late with lots of really fabulous new launches and copycat names or not I find myself busting my wallet at Colorbar counters just as often as I do at MAC.

So I hand it over to you ladies to decide- Colorbar duping MAC names cool or not?

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    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Sleek Makeup Blush Sleek Gold review and swatches

    Looking for a NARS Orgasm dupe on a budget ? Sleek Rose Gold blush is the answer to your prayers Girls!!

    Now how sleek & sexy is the packaging? The pan is quite small in person but it packs 8 grams of product for just $ 6/- plus international shipping (available at  or Superdrug stores across UK). The pan comes with a mirror and no applicator.

    This little pan of goodness has the right mix of peach,pink and old gold. It is what Orgasm for Duskier Girls would have looked like. Seriously I had been panning to pick up Nars O forever, but when I tried it out it barely showed up on my NC 45 skin, I got more of a Gold sheen and no hint of peach or pink.
    When I wear Sleek rose gold- yes the gold is pronounced but there is a noticeable hint of peach and pink too- which I like!

    Sleek Rose gold blush is also a good dupe for MAC Sunbasque blush.

    Scouse Brow - Is this Duchess Catherine's biggest makeup blunder yet?

    It all started with a humble effort at Do your own makeup by Kate at the time of the Royal wedding and gradually this DIY project seems to be going horribly wrong as Duchess Kate seems to have taken to the Scouse brows with vengeance.

    'Scouse Brows'- what's that you ask? The latest fashion fad which has taken the Royals, the Celebs and commoners in its grasp. The scouse brows are harsh black, thick and severe brows which has a very strong vertical edge on the inner eye corner.It overpowers your whole face & adds years to your face.

    Check out the pics below- the one on extreme left taken at the time of the engagement, notice the much softer brow shape and color. Now contrast this with the extremely harsh scouse brows Kate is seen sporting in her wedding pics.

    Surprisingly enough ever since Kate debuted her Scouse brows sales of Eye grooming products has gone up by 600% in UK!!
    Image source- Google, copyrighted to respective image owners.

    If for some reasons unknown you too are bitten by the Scouse Brow bug- check out Wayne (Gossmakeup artist) explain how to achieve this look.

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    Sunday, August 26, 2012

    Sneak Peek at Upcoming posts!

    Hello my lovelies! Here's a quick sneak peek at the upcoming posts at IBC this week.From some juicy celeb gossip, drool worthy product reviews and swatches,some new eye makeup looks to some very interesting posts on your favorite brands, catch it all over here.

    Watch this space for more :)

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    40% Off on MAC Lipstick samples at

    Hear Ye- Hear Ye! is having 40% off on MAC lipstick samples. If you have been waiting with a wish list its time to snag your favorite MAC lipstick samples now!

    Click Here to read -My MAC pigments and Paintpot samples haul & shopping experience at The Body Needs2

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    IBC Food fiesta-Crispy Potato wedges and lip smacking salsa dip recipe

    Rise & Shine my buttercups-Its a Sunday! 

    With the rain Gods finally having mercy on us,the weather has turned pleasant and for  foodies like Dear Hubby & Me there is no better joy than munching on our favorite crispy potato wedges with tangy salsa dip!

    Now if you thought potato wedges was only a forte of fast food chains or frozen food. No Missy there is an easier way to whip these in your very own kitchen with ingredients already in your closet.

    For the Potato wedges you'd need 
    • 4-5 medium sized potatoes
    • Cooking Oil for deep frying
    For the batter you'd need
    • 3 tablespoon maida (all purpose flour)
    • 1/2 teaspoon haldi (turmeric powder)
    • 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder
    • 1 tsp salt (or to taste)
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 2-3 thinly sliced garlic cloves
    • Mix-dried oregano,rosemary,thyme, basil chives (basically all the herbs you love)


    Lordy Lordy Look who is having a sale? Just when my ramshackle wallet heaved a sigh of relief at the End of Sales in stores in India, Sleek Makeup throws up a big surprise sale-Flat 20% off store wide!
    Sales lasts till 5 September 2012, no coupon codes required. So go and snag your favorite palettes & blushes! Yes you can come back & thank me later :D

    Plump it up with Colorbar Perfect Pout Lip Gloss!

    Give your kissers a boost! Colorbar launches its ‘Perfect Pout’ Lip Glosses that instantly create the look of fuller, smoother and voluptuous lips with luminous shine. True to its name, the range is designed to give the illusion of lush, bee-stung lips to even the thinnest of lips without any annoying tingling.

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Ben Nye Creme rouge Coral- My Current love!!

    Beauty Blogging is such an addiction enabler

    The more you know about so many International brands the more you crave for hard to get brands.It all started when I started reading reviews of Ben Nye essential eyeshadow palette and some other very intriguing Ben Nye products ages back.
    I sooo desperately wanted to try Ben Nye stuff  but as the brand was nowhere to be seen India I checked out International sites,the palettes while appeared very affordable the high international shipping just put me off.
    Finally I had to convince my little makeup obsessed alter ego to let go of Ben Nye.So with a very heavy heart I decided to forget all about Ben Nye and get on with my life.

     Then a couple of months back I read Tanveer's review (from Addictedtoblush) for this Ben Nye Creme rouge Coral. Tanveer mentioned she picked it up from New Beauty Center, Khar ,Mumbai.

    I was ecstatic again -Ben Nye finally in India! OMG! OMG! OMG! I had to snag it somehow. But how is a Delhi Gal to get stuff from Mumbai?! In comes my favorite Nail art Guru in the picture
    -Kejal from Nailartsandthings
    As luck would have it I was had a 1 day business trip to Mumbai a few weeks ago. Now meetings being meeting they never get over on time and I hoped against hope that NBC will be open til the time I reach the store (btw it closes at 8.30 pm sharp)
    'coz I was so crazed by Ben Nye I greedily begged requested Kej to somehow pick this one up for me and she sportingly agreed :D
    But as my schedule was ultra tight I didn't think I'll be able to pick it up myself or catch up with Kej. So picture this-In heavy rain, I made a mad dash fro my office to Khar, entered the shop at 8.25 pm, heaved a sigh of relief & said a little prayer  when I saw the store was still open!! Hallelujah!
    Now NBC usually gets me lightheaded every time I see so much makeup around, but this time I rushed to Ben Nye counter swatched and bought this in under 30 seconds!! I was out of the store by 8.28 pm. Believe.

    So back to the Big Question- Was it worth all the Drama?

    My Answer Hell Yeah!!

    This pan of gorgeous color packs a punch and is my Current Love!!

    The packaging is absolutely no fuss and sans any bells and whistles. It comes in a pretty basic plastic pan and clear screw top lid.While this is not the kind of packaging which will give you the Big O, but its seriously functional.This is something you can carelessly throw around in your purse and not worry much about breaking or scratching or damaging the pan.

    Get rid of those pimples with Kaya’s new Purifying Range!

    Get rid of those pimples with Kaya’s new Purifying Range!

    The ultimate skin care regimen to stay acne free this monsoon.

    To fight all the woes of monsoon playing havoc on your skin, Kaya Skin Clinic introduces its latest revolutionary ‘Purifying Range’. The new set of 3 products is a perfect way to fight those unwanted breakouts on your skin and keep it looking flawlessly radiant this monsoon.

    Kaya Skin Clinic has always been at the forefront of advanced skin care solutions and has once again demonstrated a unique understanding of women’s skin care needs with the introduction of its latest revolutionary range of products. Addressing the need gap of holistic skin care solution, Dr. Sangeeta Amladi, Head Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic, said, “Kaya’s new Purifying Range has been designed keeping in mind the oily and acne prone Indian skin-type. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be a part of every woman’s daily skin regime and following this acne free beauty regimen on a daily basis will surely reduce chances of break-outs and help keep skin looking   radiant, flawless and healthy at all times.”

    Purifying Cleanser: Rs. 350/- for a 100 ml
    With Salicylic acid that deep cleans your pores to remove oil, dust and other impurities, Kaya’s Purifying Cleanser works on the skin mildly, making it pure and soft. A product specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin, it has a unique combination of skin conditioners like Olive oil derivatives, which purify the skin without drying it out.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    BC Bonacure Time Restore Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional

    Battle the Signs of Ageing with the BC Bonacure Time Restore Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional

    Mumbai, August 2012: It is not widely known that your hair shares compositional elements with your skin and is subject to dullness and desiccation as you grow older. But you can now nourish, restore and replenish the lost luster and vitality of your hair with BC Bonacure Time Restore Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional.
    This range provides unique long-term hair therapy solutions. Utilizing in-depth processes and quality ingredients – including amino acids that are natural to hair. BC Bonacure Time Restore Shampoo treats the root of hair problems, rather than providing a superficial ‘quick fix’, ensuring that improvements are genuine and long lasting. It is designed to increase volume, accelerate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and leave hair shinier and more resistant than before.
    Preserve your hair from the perils of ageing with this premium product- especially designed to meet the needs of maturing hair.

    Sleek i Divine Storm eye shadow palette review, swatches and eye makeup looks!

    I have to let you guys on my dirrrty little secret- I have a makeup lust list which is a mile long. No really I'm not kidding. I have a memo stored in my cell phone which is an ongoing Makeup Lust List. Well doesn't sound very obsessive compulsive yet- well wait here is the dirrty bit- that list gets updated every one hour-every day! EEEEeeekks I know yes I have a makeup addiction!

    Ah such travesty! :P

    Well one of enigmatic piece from my Makeup Lust List was Sleek i Divine Storm eye shadow palette and I had been going bananas over it for months! Like literally past 6 months this has haunted my makeup dreams!

    Sleek Makeup says "The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks.

    The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalized look.

    Best applied with the applicator enclosed.

    We've recently given our i-Divines a makeover! The outer packaging has been updated and the way the eye shadows are pressed are different. They are now pressed flat instead of the original waffle print"

    Really how pretty is the chic packaging!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Smokey Chocolate brown eye makeup look

    I've been itching to take my Glamour Doll eyesahdow for a test drive and I finally tried out this chocolate brown smokey eye makeup look.

    I think this is a very versatile and will be especially great for a date night :) Check it out and tell me what you think of it.

    Products Used
    • Glamour Doll Eyeshadow- Chocoholic
    • L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow- Endless chocolate
    • Sleek i Divine storm eyeshadow palette- Matte Black and beige gold
    • Faces Metallic brown eye liner pencil
    • Hashmi Kohl
    • Maybelline Colossal Kajal
    • Bourjois ultra curl mascara
    • New U lash glue and KKcenterHK false eyelashes  

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Fifty shades of Grey-Eye makeup look of the day

    Hello all my Gawjus ladies! Its time to bring some S & M to my project 101 Eye makeup looks and here's a smokey grey EOTD to start my week with a bang!
    I'd write more but I've gotta rush to work right now!
    In other news, I went road trippin' from Delhi to Amritsar over the weekend and had tons of fun.Detailed travel post coming right up.

    I had a great long weekened and now am super charged for the week ahead :)


    Friday, August 17, 2012

    Very desireable Body Moisturizers from Iraya

    Iraya, means ‘from the Earth’, in Sanskrit. It is founded in Ayurveda, which believes that, the path to beauty and wellness is through the harmony and balance of the mind and body with the soul. It is this philosophy that finds its way, in every Iraya product. The essence of Ayurveda is rejuvenation. Enriching recipes for flawless skin, ageless beauty, health and longevity can be found in Ayurveda. Today, Ayurvedic traditions and healing systems find new meaning and are gradually being revived.
    Wild Flower Nourishing Body Lotion 250 ml 395
    Nurtures, protects & strengthens skin. Leaves smooth velvet finish.
    For dry to normal skin • lotus seed, aloe, sesame, basil, saffron,ketaki

    Sandalwood Hydrating Body Milk 250 ml 395

    Light weight body milk that protects, hydrates & softens the skin
    For normal to oily skin • sandalwood, basil & apricot,aloe




    “I think for me it’s about having a collection of colors where you use your own vision to create a world of many looks. The possibilities are endless in this new collection.”
    Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

    Create your enviously infinite eyeshadow collection and play with high-impact color and texture combinations with the new Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palettes and Pure Color EyeShadow Duos.  Your new wardrobe of color includes addictive shades that vary in intensity and finish and contain exclusive technology for a flawless, color-true application that is inimitable. With 46 new shades that are each unique to their own compact, your world of color is now endless. The complete Pure Color EyeShadow collection now has 62 shades… How many looks can you create?


    ·         MATTE: Jet milled coated pigments provide a contemporary, suede-like finish
    ·         SATIN: A low luster texture combined with a refined luminosity creates a softly sophisticated sheen
    ·         SHIMMER: Prismatic light-reflecting pearls provide a chic, vivacious sparkle
    ·         METALLIC: Flattened and round pearls are paired to create intense, energetic drama
    ·         FROST: Icing shimmer creates a high-shine with illuminating pearls for a chic glimmer. Included in the Duos only.
    ·         Each of the new 46 shadows are unique to their own compact.  There are no duplications, enabling you to create an endless playground of color, mixing and designing without any limits.

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    M.A.C Presents Reel Sexy Limited edition collection




    Reel Sexy   Light bright coral (amplified)

    Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail enamel Perfectly flesh swatches!

    Looking for an office friendly chic nude then check out Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail enamel in Perfectly flesh.
    Its a lovely pinky nude shade with creamy glossy finish.The shade goes opaque in 2 coats and dries to touch in around 3-4 mins.

    The company claims up to 12 days of wear time, I used two coats and no base or top coat.
    I've worn it for 4 days now with minor fading on the nail tips, though it hasn't begun to peel or chip. This is when I've been putting my hands through the whole grind of cooking, cleaning and furiously punching my keyboard for hours at end. I don't personally  think this would survive 12 days, yet its wear time is quite impressive.

    I'm quite pleasantly surprised with the quality of Avon nail lacquers, so far I had avoided thinking they would not quite live up to my exacting standards, but the consistency is not too runny and not too thick, the brush gives adequate control and a vast shade selection with 28 colors- Not bad at all! I'm eying Fuchsia and Mulberry from the cream finish

    8ml bottles costs 99 bucks, but Avon being Avon there are always some great discounts to be had and currently you can pick these up at 2 for 179/-

    Note- Post contains PR Sample.

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    M.A.C was the official makeup partner at Delhi Couture Week 2012.Here are some backstage images and face charts from Manish Malhotra's show  at the Delhi Couture Week 2012.
    This was by far my most favorite   collection from DCW with bright corals and reds. Plus the eye makeup look was beautiful subtle smokey and very wearable. Total <3

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    M.A.C was the official makeup partner at Delhi Couture Week 2012.Here are some backstage images and face charts from Shantanu & Nikhil's  show  at the Delhi Couture Week 2012.

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