Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Must Visit Beauty stores in Bangkok

A close friend of mine is flying off to Bangkok &  asked me if I could suggest some good makeup & Beauty stores to shop from in Bangkok.
If you check out the stuff I hauled on my last Bkk trip, you'd know that I had done a a PhD in beauty shopping :P !!
So I thought I'll share some shopping nuggets with you guys as well. Read on to find out What makeup & beauty stuff  to buy while in Bangkok.

Bangkok has a whole range of makeup & beauty stores to serve every taste & pocket.To give you a brief idea I'll break down the beauty shopping hangouts in three-

  • Drugstore chains like Watsons & Boots
  • Local brands-Beauty Buffet, Oriental Princess ,Saboo handmade soaps
  • International Brands- NARS,MAC, bobby Brown,Shu Umera ,Clinique, Dior, Cle de peau Baute, Etude House

Watsons & Boots are popular chemist stores and carry a wide range of drugstore makeup brands. Head to MBK Mall and both these outlets are on the same floor few meters apart.
Watsons is mass market store you can find all your essentials at reasonable prices here.Its good if you want to buy Korean products ,BB creams,IN2IT makeup etc, you can also find Maybelline /L'oreal /Revlon here.Testers are limited fro Revlon / L'oreal & Maybelline. Prices are much lower for these brands at Watson than other store.

Boots is present in most prominent locations and has some amazing bath & body products. The prices are very tempting and Boots often runs promotional Buy 1 Get 1 offers, so keep an eye out for these.You can buy Boots' in house makeup brand-No. 7,Soap & Glory here. If you are looking for Bio Oil,Toni & Guy hair products, FCUK body cream,Eucerin etc this is the place to stock up on it. Boot's  Natural Collection & Boots Therapy is a great buy, product quality of these bath & body products is comparable to The Body shop at a fraction of the cost.

Tip-Boots outlets at airport (domestic terminal I think) usually don't offer Buy 1 Get 1 offers & the product selection is rather limited.If you like something at the outlet in main city snag it up quick!

BEAUTY BUFFET-Is definitely the most delicious beauty shop in Bangkok! The whole new concept of a All you can shop beauty buffet.Great display of makeup,skin care,haircare, bath & body products beauty tools, accessories. Its a great heady feeling!The staff though not very fluent in English,are incredibly helpful. 
Testers are available for all the products and if you buy 2 products from the same range they offer discounts as well.They also have a decent selection of makeup items, their Gino Mc Ray range of lipsticks and nail varnishes are great. 
Tip-Would recommended you try out Gino Mc Cray Philosophy lipstick, Scentio Honey Facial scrub & mask

The Beauty Buffet store has 4 main product lines -Gino Mc Cray Makeup products, Scentio, The Bakery & Lansley

Find out more about Beauty Buffet & store locations at


Its a local high street Makeup & Beauty brands, you can find a good range of makeup items here, though I personally found them to be pricey. OP has quite a fan following in Bangkok.

To know more Click Here


Saboos has a fabulous collection of handmade soaps with pure essential oils.They have outlet in Chatuchak weekend market (which I visited) ,The soaps are too pretty to use but I'd definitely suggest you to pick up a few bars from here,check out the loofah bars, they have a piece of loofah fixed in a melt & pour soap.

Store addresses
Saboo Thailand, JJ Mall, Room G265, Soi 8, Ground Floor
(Near Jatujak Weekend Market) Mobile: 081-444-1009

Saboo Thailand, Time Square Sukhumvit 12, the 2nd Floor
(Near Asia Book) Mobile: 081-444-1009

INTERNATIONAL BRANDS-(Apart from the ones mentioned here there are Harnn & Skin Food outlets in Bangkok, I didn't explore them much so I've not added those to the list)
ETUDE HOUSE-Deliciously charming and elegant cosmetics brand from Japan.If you are in to pretty girly packaging for your makeup then Etude house is the place for you. The products have a high street pricing 7 Etude house has  legion of dedicated followers.There are 16 stores in Bangkok alone, I visited one at the airport domestic terminal.

KING POWER DUTY FREE AT SUVARNBHUMI AIRPORT- The Big Daddy of all makeup & Beauty stores in Bangkok is King Power Duty free store at Suvarnbhumi airport terminal. 
The amazing selection of International brands at Suvarnbhumi Duty free makes it a makeup lover's paradise. 
I spent TWO HOURS browsing and shopping in 1 single section of the store!!! That's how mind boggling the brands selection is.(Hello T3 I'm talking to you!!)
I'd strongly suggest that you stock up on all the items on your lust list. Every brand has extensive testers, friendly & non intrusive staff, duty free prices.You can also check out some beautiful travel kits /lip gloss sets/ palettes here.
The MAC products have same pricing as India, so unless you are eying collection yet to be launched here, no point hauling.
NARS, Bobby Brown are a must buy as per me.Its time to snag the Big 'O' you'd been after! ;) Also check out the Revlon counter next to NARS (only place where both can peacefully co-exist) The Revlon prices are at a much saner level in Bangkok, I bought a Colorburst lippie for INR 280/- which retails at INR 580/- in India. So do stock up on essentials here!!

Apart from makeup you can obviously stock up on perfumes at the King Power duty free as well.

So that sums up this Genormous post on where to shop in Bangkok, if you know any other hot spots feel free to add to the list :)

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  1. oooo!! now u tell me..i already did bkk last nov!! shucks! i'll keep this handy when I go next!

  2. nice post...will bookmrk for foture reference

  3. very helpful for future :) thx!

  4. good to know! Boots is my fav store and after about 6 weeks of travelling I landed in Bangkok and was so surprised to see boots on khao san road! It was like a shining mirage trying to tempt me...I walking up slowly and realised yes it was real! and had so many of my beloved brands which I had missed so much! Soap and Glory...yay! It saved me for sure! If anyone does go to thailand you have to check out boots! I have to say they dont have all the same things as the UK but they a very good range!

  5. Yups Thnks fr d info ..ll b headin to Bangkok v soon again wit frndz .. Hehehe .. L surely check these out

  6. Hey, this is one of the most useful post!! Boots is a savior almost everywhere. My sis used to get her stuff from the Boots in Hounslow and yes, they almost had the BOGO offers running. In fact she got loads of stuff for me too. This time she came through Bangkok, but she didn't pick up anything because in her opinion I have too much of makeup and stuff . ( big sisters always so wise :P)

  7. Great post! And just in time too.. I'm planning a holiday to Bangkok v soon ( as soon as my infant son's passport arrives).. And last time I was there I remember seeing all these stalls of fake makeup too at MBK selling Nars and NYX and mac stuff at real cheap. The nail polishes here are a must try.

    1. Oh also picked up the aquatints from beauty buffet which are dupes of the benefit tints. Excellent stuff. These beauty buffet outlets are located at all major monorail stations

  8. Where did my comments disappear?!?!

  9. I want to go to bangkok!! :).. awesome post :)

  10. Very helpful Pooja..Thanks :) Bookmarked..

  11. Hi Pooja

    Just back from Bangkok yesterday! Got 2 Bobbi Brown lippies and the rose shimmer bricks! No Nars as I already have 3 Nars blushes. Heck - I have too many blushes.

    My take - no point in getting a brand available in India! U get things way cheaper in India.

    Beauty buffet has great stuff. I had picked up a blush last year - Rosy Brown( Its an amazing peach), a lip tint, a gloss, a brush and a brush cleanser. Had hauled loads of stuff from Boots too. Good stuff at a better price. However, this year has been way controled.

    Skin Food is a great buy. Love their Gold caviar serum, rice wash off mask, black sesame hot mask!



  12. Des produits extra! Un résultat au top!!!!
    Comment peut on faire pour la livraison à l étranger?

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