Monday, November 12, 2012

M.A.C. Styleseeker Hidden Treasure Blush swatch and why its my favorite blush ever!

M.A.C. Styleseeker collection had a Hidden Treasure and it was none other than this Über gorgeous terracota colored velvet finish blush!
MAC describes Hidden treasure as Rich burnt red shade which I find quite accurate,it is a red blush, yet not the in your face kind of red.

This Autumn winter season I had been on the hunt for a warm toned blush which would give me a hint of sheer color without any glitter,when I first spotted Hidden Treasure blush at the Styleseeker Launch event I thought it was too reddish toned and too dark to give that subtle glowy look I was after.But Boy I was wrong! when I found all the blush shades on my wishlist out of stock at MAC store, I request the MUA to apply this one on me and I was thrilled with the natural happy glow it gave to my face! :D
I looked like I had just come after a nice jog and sported flushed cheeks (he he all without a workout ;)

The Hidden treasure blush is highly pigmented and yet it can be sheered out perfectly for a light wash of color on your cheeks. I usually dust off the excess blush on my brush on a paper tissue and then buff it on the apples of my cheeks.

 Priced at Rs 1350/- for 6 grams,it comes in standard MAC packaging without any applicator.

 Left swatched heavily on bare skin, right blended out on NC 45/ Dusky Indian skin

Notice the velvety sheen in the pics below, I love the soft focus look it gives and the color looks incredibly natural on my NC 45 skin.

Overall Thoughts- Hidden Treasure Blush is a real treasure worth its weight in gold! This shade is incredibly flattering on medium to dusky skin tones,especially if you want a sheer wash of color sans glitter.I'd highly recommend you get your paws on this baby before it sells out, remember its Limited Edition.

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  1. suits your skin. where is the fotd? :D but i guess it will be dark for my nc37 skin

  2. am not sure if i would look all red in this... but i love those swatches..pls do a fotd Pooja :)

  3. nice post. well written. Great Stuff...

  4. Mac blush is my favourite! Great post. Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea



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