Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swatch Fest! Ikya swatches her 5 favorite MAC Blushes

I am Ikya and I write the blog MAKEUP MONOLOGUES, an Indian beauty and Lifestyle blog; when I'm not busy playing 'bob the builder'. I blog about, well, you know, makeup (shocker!), tips and tricks I discover here and there and ramble about my very happening (not) life! A proud Co Army Brat (to Pooja and many of you, I'm sure) l post about the very happening (really) life of an Army Brat once in a while!
I LOVE animals and bright lipsticks, I can't dance to save my life, I love talking at length about myself (which is WHY I blog!) and THAT'S about it!
PS: Everyone around me is suddenly getting married and there are gazillion posts planned for that too. Pooja has promised to find me a young dapper Fauji and If I'm found single after 2 years you know know whom to blame!
(Editor's note- I'm working on it Iku, I'm working on it ;)
Editor's Note-Ik has shared 5 must have blushes from MAC which will work on most Indian skin tones.Fleur Power. Frankly scarlet and Bite of an Apple are uber tempting

All swatches on fair Indian skin

If you too want to win some amazing MAC lipstick,eyeshadows and OPI nailpolish,be sure to participate in the 'IBC Swatch it-Win It contest'
Hurry Contest closes ON 30 Nov'12 !

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  1. Woohoo!! Thanks oh and sorry I forgot to mention, medium skin (NC 40).

  2. Lovely swatches...Fleur power and Bite of an Apple look super amazing :)

  3. I am so envy, I dnt have a single blush from MAC. I am totally inspired to get one for me. :-P

  4. Now I don't know whether I want a blush or lipstick as my first MAC :\ All d colors are pulchritude but me no like melba :P



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