Sunday, December 8, 2013

A little beauty haul to kickstart the holiday season!

So I've been MIA from blogosphere for ages ...With a killer work schedule I haven't had a breather in months...but today after aeons I decided to finally dip my toes and test the waters of beauty blogging ;) 
I've been hopping around like a happy bunny today, it was a day full of pampering for me. A day at spa and a new hairdo later, it was time for some shopping and apart from the usual suspects of some new clothes and shoes I indulged in a bit of makeup :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nivea powerfruit relax shower gel & soft rose lip balm review

Nivea sent across a little goodie bag to me a few weeks back, I was super thrilled by this cutesy eco-friendly bag with retro pinups. I've been asked by friends countless times where did I snag this one from..its really cute!
In the 'IT' bag were two latest fruity and floral based launches from Nivea for Spring Summer season.I love toting this little bag around, isn't it like the cutest thing ever?
I have been testing both these products for a while now, but as I was banished from the virtual world I couldn't post the reviews. Finally now that I finally have broadband,I have decided to power ahead and get on with my regular posting schedule.

 First up the trusty good old shower gel from  Nivea, it comes with a blue sidekick of a loofah
.Its supposed to be charged with the goodness of acai berry and blueberries.This is pH skin balanced and dermatologically approved.The packaging looks nice and soothing and is functional with a simple flip top.
The gel is mildly fragrant and texture is just right not too thick, not to runny.Its leaves my skin feeling fresh, though not superbly hydrating I can get by with a light moisturizing lotion after using this shower gel.
Priced at Rs 175/- for 250 ml its a good value for money everyday shower gel.I'd recommend and would be checking out more variants in this range

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Makeup haul-NYX,MUA,Lush and much more

Hey everyone!!
Sorry about being M.I.A past few months,I really had no internet access, being away from the virtual world for a net addict like me is the worst kind of detox. I turned cold turkey most of the time..
So when I couldn't blog,I shopped.. and I have pictures to prove it :D
I thought I'd share some pics of my May Makeup haul!
I snagged stuff from NYX, MUA,Lush,H2O,Fabinidia and some other random nail paints.Sorry I forgot to click the H2O body balms, I got kiwi and berry and those are pretty awesome for summer months.

 The high point of my haul was this NYX Black label lipstick in Midnight dinner,I'm officially a convert and am eying many more shades from this range.

Would you judge me if I told  you that  May'13 isn't officially over yet, I'm tempted to haul some more :P ;)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The pocket friendly UD Naked dupe you've been waiting for!-MUA Undressed palette

Unless you have been living under a Martian rock, you'd know all about the cult of Urban Decay Naked.
This little palette of neutral which has sent countless makeup obsessed gals in a wild frenzy last seen only for the Beatles & Beiber.
UD Naked spawned an entire genre of eyeshadow palettes claiming in various stages of undress and right down to a very cheeky-'Butt-naked palette by NYX'!!

So if you have been pining and lemming for UD Naked for years and cant or wont spend so much on an eyeshadow palette,Makeup Academy a.k.a MUA's (a UK based brand) Undressed palette is the perfect dupe you have been waiting for.

Internet is already littered with comparisons and swatches of both UD & MUA Undressed so I will quickly throw in my 2 cents in. If you have a 'thang'  for neutral eye makeup looks you have to get MUA Undressed palette. At only 4 pounds this is a great investment.It dupes UD Naked's shade for shade, though the pigmentation and colors might be slightly off, but it performs admirably well.

MUA Undressed comes in standard clear plastic top casing with two rows of shadows.The top row is filled with lighter and the bottom row with deeper shades. The palette has 2 matte shadows, one glitter and rest all frost and pearl finishes.
I wont talk about the sponge tipped applicator I chuck these in trash as soon as I get my palettes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sneak peek at this week's upcoming posts!

I think its time for a bit of strip tease! 
No, not the burlesque kind, I mean a bit of strip tease of the upcoming posts.
After dilly dallying forever I finally decided that its time to share all the juicy news and new finds with you pretty Princesses,so here's a quick sneak peek into this week's upcoming posts.

Colorbar Mumbai Blogger Meet, IBC exclusive pics & news of upcoming Colorbar launches *hush hush*  *Super Confidential*

A super pocket friendly Urban Decay NAKED dupe!  (and just in case you are in the mood to splurge,I'll also tell you where you can buy original UD Naked palette in Mumbai!)

Clinique Chubby Sticks in new juicy mouthwatering shades!

NEW Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
Mouthwatering moisture with a NEW, bolder burst of colour

Clinique’s #1 selling lip product Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm has just gotten a little more…INTENSE. For all Chubby Stick fans worldwide, Clinique introduces a new fuller lip coverage formula with more intense colour pay-off. Introducing Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm.

Packaged in the same playful, crayon-like barrels, new Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is the perfect marriage between a moisturizing lip balm and a full coverage lip colour. An increased blend of pigments provides intense colour while decadent butters, oils and antioxidants help protect and pamper lips with immediate and lasting moisturization. 

Avène helps you get closer to the sun this summer!

Summer brings with it a host of skin care worries, and what better way to groom yourself this season than with AVÈNE range of sun protection.

· Formulated with the natural Avène Thermal Spring Water, the AVÈNE range has natural therapeutic properties on the skin (anti inflammatory, anti free radicals and soothing effect).
· Thanks to a unique combination of patented sunscreens agents, AVENE products give very High level of protection – with SPF factor 50. The range is a complete answer to problems related to sun radiation that include sun tan, sun burn, photo aging, risk of skin cancer, photodermatosis, photosensibilisation risk, problems post dermatological/ cosmetological procedure and prevention of chloasma during pregnancy.                                                     

· AVÈNE Sun protection products are not only formulated in remarkably pleasant-to-use textures but also are highly water and perspiration resistant (an important aspect in the Indian hot and humid weather conditions). The cosmetic appeal of the formula is remarkable as the ultra-fluid, silky soft emulsions are non-shiny and leave the skin satin-smooth.
· The products fulfill the needs of every skin type in India by offering two variants: one for dry to very dry sensitive skin and the other for normal and combination sensitive skin.
· The formula are Paraben Free (ingredients known to cause skin allergies) which boasts about their quality and effectiveness along with excellent cosmetic qualities. The products are 100% photostable which means the formulation does not degrade after exposure to sun.
· The unique packaging delivers a precise quantity of product on each pump, allowing application of correct quantity by consumers for a complete protection. (e.g. seven pump for face and neck of an adult).

Let your skin do all the talking this summer with FACES Canada

As the summer rages on, protect your skin so you don’t have to suffer from the season’s skin problems.

With Summer comes the season of hot weather, humidity and chlorine that always takes a toll on our skin. This makes it all the more difficult for us to keep our skin safe, protected and beautiful. Here we have for you few basic skincare tips from FACES Cosmetics to keep your skin fresh and dewy though out, even when the mercury continues to stay high.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Launch-Yummy & frutilicious lip gloss from The Body Shop

Indulge Yourself into the Yummy and Fruitilcious Lip-gloss range from The Body Shop

High-impact, glossy colours with many amazing flavours. Theses luscious lip glosses delivers super-shiny, sheer colour.
Super shiny
Sheer colour
Natural flavor

7 Flavours available: Mint, Lychee, Cocoa, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Pink Grapefruit
Play with fruity colours

New Lip Gloss - Price: Rs. 695

At The Body Shop, we believe true beauty comes from the heart, for us beauty is much more than a pretty face. It’s about feeling good and doing good too.
We make our products with love and care. We source some of the finest raw ingredients from the four corners of the globe. We harness the skills of artisan farmers and add our expertise to create effective products that are wonderful to use. 

We trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you. We never test on animals, and all our products are 100% vegetarian. We campaign with passion on issues close to our heart, because activism is in our blood. 

We always keep people, animals and the planet in mind. So when you shop with us, you are choosing.


MAC Limited Edition Collection-Strength in stores now!


Party Parrot Bright red pink (matte)-
Ladies this is already sold out in quite a few stores, so if you have been waiting for re-promote of this gorgeous hsade, then HURRY!

Pink Pigeon Bright cleanest pink (matte)

Strong Woman Bright violet (matte)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Post-Holi Detox at Myrah Spa

Post-Holi Detox at Myrah Spa

The festival of colours might be a super fun occasion, but it can be quite taxing on the skin owing to all harmful chemicals from toxic colours. But fret not, as Myrah Spa gives you some great remedies to refresh and rejuvenate your skin over the weekend!

Try the Body Peeling for post-Holi detox with special Caviar Extract,Amber and Diamond Powder that act together to favour cellular renovation, refine pores and leave the skin fine and soft.

Myrah Spa also offers the perfect Body Peeling with Grape and Apple Extract to improve the softness and effectiveness of the peel.

Rejuvenate post Holi with the special Face Peeling detox options like the Bamboo Peeling and AHA Gel Peeling. The former will leave your skin smooth, flexible and luminous. It is a latest generation peeling - Foam effect. The later ensures the elimination of impurities accumulated in the skin offering correct oxygenation of the dermis.
Myrah also has some highly effective retail products for peeling as well like the AHA clay mask .

Make this festival more joyous with special treatments at Myrah!

Myrah Spa at - 11 Palm Spring Society, Behind Shoppers Stop Juhu
Call +91 26253968 for more inquiries

Seal the Deal with OPI’s new Nail Apps

Glamour was never fast and easy. However, with OPI’s new nail art stick ons, style is literally at your fingertips!

While nothing can replace the human imagination and expertise as far as nail art is concerned, instant glamour is the demand of the hour. With OPI’s new Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, you can transform your nails in a jiffy.

These cool Apps are perfect for a girls night out, a cocktail party, wedding occasions and even red carpet events. The ‘Apps’ follow three simple steps – Apply Pure Lacquer Nail Apps; Polish on GelColor Top Coat; Cure 30 seconds with OPI LED Light; and voila! You have stunning nails!

OPI’s range comprises more than a dozen of beautiful and contemporary designs that look and feel like real nail colour. And with a GelColour Top Coat, the glam factor is doubled.

Avail of this wonderful service across all Juice Salons by appointment, only for Rs 1200.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Earth's end of season sale ends today!


Good Earth is back with its end of season sale; get great discounts at the annual sale.
Starts from 14th  to 18th March 2013

My entire MAC collection! :)

Hey Girlies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I had a pretty wonderful relaxed Sunday.
After a really long time I decided to re-arrange my vanity case.One thing led to another (like it always does..)pretty soon my de-clutter & organize mission faded in to oblivion and I started playing with my makeup :P

If you looked at the pic below and thought I was showing you some latest limited edition collection launch pics from MAC, dahlings you are so wrong! That's my entire MAC collection in all its glory! :D

As I lined up all my MAC makeup and fawned over my pretty juicy MAC lippies, it suddenly struck me Gosh! I really have accumulated a whole lot of MAC!! 
Two years back if somebody would have told me that I'd be forking out a 1000 bucks on a lippie, my frugal heart would have yelled expletives & done violent somersaults!!
Over the course of past 2 years I turned from somebody who wouldn't splurge on higher end stuff but hoard drugstore brands,to somebody who loosens her purse strings on MAC.

NO, I haven't hit the jackpot or married a Sheikh of any Fascist regime. I still have a whole long cost-benefit debate in my head before splurging at MAC counters, but now I realize I'm better off buying one good quality product I love and will use than 2 drugstore lippies which will gather dust on my dresser. I plan my MAC purchases for months & only pick up stuff I would actually use regularly.

A closer look at the goodies! :)
The boldest MAC lippie in my stash Impasssioned, Its bold bright and very naughty.Perfect for spring summer season.
MAC Ruby Woo, my favorite retro red lippie.If there is one single lippie I could carry to my afterlife, Ruby woo it is!

MAC Creme in your coffee- My very first MAC purchase, I waited for over 6 months before splurging out on Creme in your coffee, totally love this baby for everyday work wear.

MAC Viva Glam VI, a pearlescent terracotta sheer lippie, totally adore this one and I've worn mine out :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shoe Fetish,my crazzy shoes haul & my favorite Dirrrty Dozen!

I've been a bad bad Girl!.. Don't believe me, have a dekkho at my Dirrrty Dozen!
My shoe fetish went a tad overboard this sale season, look at what the Devil made me shop these past few weeks ;)

Which brands did I mostly haul? 
Stuff from Clarks, Marks & Spencers,Catwalk,Enroute,Linea,Naturalizer....Catwalk is a definite favorite of mine for casual footwear. Naturalizers shoes are uber comfortable for long work days and my favorite casual brown gladiator-esque shoes are from M & S..

Front row (left to right) all formals shoes-black and maroon peep toe heels from Naturalizer, black round toe mid heel shoes from Clarks , black croc leather Italian made shoes from Linea & camel brown strappy sandals from Naturalizer.

Second row (left to right) Catwalk black and gold roman sandals,Catwalk blush colored peep toes,Enroute brown and orange ballerinas and Marks and Spencer black strappy kitten heels.

Back row (left to right) brown and gold buckled ballerina flats from Enroute, Black and beige brogue shoes from catwalk,strappy wedge heels with embellishments from Catwalk and grey peep toes again from Catwalk.
 Flat casuals from Catwalk and Enroute

March Cain Spring Summer'13 collection unveiled in South Mumbai


Marc Cain, the international fashion company, celebrates the opening of its new mono-label-store at the heart of south Mumbai, India. The store is located in the well-known Napean Sea Road where the crème de la crème of Mumbai reside. This will be the 150th store worldwide for the fashion brand which is represented in 59 countries globally with more than 1500 additional sales areas in upmarket retail trade stores.

Punit Agarwal, owner of Marc Cain Franchise Stores in India and UAE along with Norbert Lock, Managing Director Wholesale & Retail Marc Cain hosted a rose champagne evening to mark the opening of the new store.


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