Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jadau Jewellery Bridal Collection 2012 at Design One Exhibition

Jadau Jewellery Designer-Falguni Mehta Presents Bridal Collection 2012 at Design One Exhibition

Jadau Jewelery Designer Falguni Mehta showcased her bridal 2012 collection at Design One Exhibition.

Falguni Mehta’s 2012 bridal collection brings the focus to the bride rather than fickle fashion trends. Classic and timeless lines of large polkis assembled in unique designs to add to the splendor of the glowing bride. 

These designs will remain evergreen forever transforming into  heirloom jewellery over time ,as fashions change these will stand the test of time as will the memories of that special day will last forever.
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Kim Kardashian Inspired Smokey Grey eye makeup look

Kim Kardashian the veritable Queen of the Smokey eye makeup, usually sports a dark black smokey look, but one of my favorite Kim Kardashian smokey eye look,features her with grey smokey eyes.

I have had this pic on my scrap book of 'looks-to-do' for a very long time, and as my Project 101 Eye makeup looks has been slackening off,today I decided to finally give it this look a whirl.
I used MAC Heirloom Kohl pencil on 3/4th of my lid to create a grey smokey base,and it blended so well that I didn't need to top it off with powder shadow. This look was done in a jiffy and I thought it turned out quite well.
Kim sports a frosty pinkey nude lippie in this picure, but I decided to go with milky nude lips instead & I topped off this look with MAC Cremesheen lipglass-Pricvate screening (from the Reel Sexy collection)

Products Used In the  Look
  • NYX HD Eyeshadow base
  • MAC Heirloom Kohl pencil (Limited edition from MAC Heavenly creatures collection)
  • Sleek I Divine Oh So Special Palette-4 shades used- Boxed,Wrapped up,Noir and Bow matte vanilla shade used as highlighter
  • Faces Canada White eye liner pencil
  • Maybelline Eye studio black gel eyeliner
  • Bourjois Ultra curl mascara
  • KKCenterHK false eyelashes
  • New U eye lash glue

IBC Exclusive pics of Fiama Di Wills's ‘Fabulous Hair show'

Today I attended an exclusive by-invitation only champagne luncheon for Fiama Di Wills's Fabulous hair show at ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi.
It was a glittering event co hosted by Editors from Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar and dripping with sophisticate chic, Moet et chandon flowed freely and Delhi's dazzling socialites added oodles of glamour to the event.

Fiama Di Wills Hair Expert & celebrity hair stylist, Sapna Bhavnani presented an exciting afternoon that unveiled 6 of the most stunning hair looks and biggest trends this season. The Sleek Sophisticated, the Neo Bohemian, Old Hollywood, the Forever Fringe, the Embellished Updo and the Sex-kitten braid will adorn the Fiama Di Wills Fabulous Hair Stage designed by Sapna.

The unique show introduced the luxurious brand feel of Fiama Di Wills and encouragedwomen to flaunt fabulous and healthy hair.
Fiama Di Wills is proud to unveil ‘Fabulous Hair’, ringing in styles that every new season brings!

Nilanjan Mukherjee, Head of Marketing, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited said, “Fiama Di Wills Fabulous Hair is an exquisite show that offers not only an engaging brand experience but also reiterates the importance of healthy and youthful hair. We are pleased to collaborate with Sapna Bhavnani to present Fiama Di Wills’ first Hair Show! This is a perfect fit and an obvious platform to introduce Fiama Di Wills’ luxurious feel to the well heeled and discerning Indian woman.”
“These hair trends have been created specially by the Fiama Di Wills Hair Experts,” explains celebrated stylist Sapna Bhavnani. “I am pleased to be a part of the Fabulous Hair endeavor with Fiama Di Wills and like the brand, love to innovate and inspire. This show is all about the luxurious feel of healthy hair that can be worn in any manner”

Ranna Gill, designer par excellence; Ambika Anand, celebrated host & Lifestyle TV anchor; and Vidushi Mehra, Theatre Artist and wife of celebrated designer Nikhil Mehra along with 3 models will showcased six different looks curated by Sapna Bhavnani, Fiama Di Wills Hair Expert & celebrity hair stylist

Ranna Gill sporting the sophisticate chic sleek hairdo
Ambika sports the Sex-kitten braid

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sleek pout polish Scandal Tinted lip conditioner Review,lip swatch

Sleek Pout polishes have become all the rage on Indian beauty blogosphere ever since Sleek Makeup revamped their website, reduced shipping costs and started accepting debit cards.

I hauled twice during Sleek's recent 20% off sale and  now I'm the proud owner of 4 Sleek Pout polishes.  know you are feeling J-it's okay Girls even I'm jealous of me at the moment ;)
I never thought I'll really be able to get my paws on these drool worthy lip conditioners and voila now I got 4! Yay *does a happy dance*

10 gram pan of pout polish cost $ 5.99/- available through Superdrug in UK and through

Ah looks like strawberry jam ;D I love the pank packaging though it could be a con for some people will be that you need to dip your fingers in to the product to apply it and a lip brush just wont cut it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hot Pink Makeup Must Haves

Hot Pinks!!! If there is one shade every senorita needs in her makeup wardrobe its the bold bright hot pink.

Most of us recovering from our Peaches and Coral obsession have jumped right onto the Hot pinks! So here is a list of my favorite bright hot pinks to pep up your vanity :)

 Colorbar True Gloss Stain Pink

 MAC Amplified creme lipstick-Impassioned

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MAC Beth Ditto Limited edition collection preview

M ∙ A ∙ C Presents  Beth Ditto

The M ∙ A ∙ C Beth Ditto Collection shoots a knowing wink to candy- glossed  pop. Featuring Zoom Lash Mascara in 3 colours plus Zoom Fast Black Lash, Pro Longwear Lipcreme and Nail Lacquers. Premiering in this collection is Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner, a dual-ended pairing of Eye Shadow and Greasepaint Liner for achieving a perfect smoky eye. And of course, There’s Liquidlast Liner and our 7 Lash for extra drama. With polished punk sensibility and shades ranging from tender to tart, this collection of unadulterated Beth Ditto aims the spotlight on you.

In the pic-M.A.C Shade & Smoke Shadow /Liner ( Little Miss   Moffet -   True black liner/true white shadow )& MAC Beth Ditto Lipstick Booyah! 
Detailed review coming up soon!

Peaches & Corals Makeup-7 Must Try items before the winters set in!

The Monsoons have officially receded from Delhi and the weather is unbelievably nice. 
Sorting out my makeup I realized very soon Winters would be upon us and its time to put my Peaches and corals hard at work, before fall winter shades take center stage.
So here are my Top 7 must try Peaches and Coral makeup items which you must try before browns and bordeaux shades take over our vanity

Inglot Freedom system lipstick number 73 swatch

So which of these is your favorite Peach & Coral? Comment & Tell :)

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Katy Perry sports Retro comic nail art! Katy's top 10 Nail Arts

Katy Perry is definitely the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to her nail art. She sports on trend nail art and the latest one to join the Katy Perry Nail Art gallery are the retro cartoons which premiered at Tokyo for her film 'Part of me. 
So here are Katy's Top 10 Nail art looks,tell me which one you like the most?

Katy mixes floral, glitters, 3D & Goth at MTV 2012 Video Music Awards

3 D crystal Nail art! Bring on the Bling!!
Beads Nai art-Sort of Caviar nails,just more colorful

Katy Perry 'Part of Me' premier Nail art

Ooompa Loompas!!

Russel Brand as nail art was never a good idea to start with, though it was any day better than a Russel Brand Tattoo, I can see Katy make a dash for her polish remover as soon as they called it quits!

Royal Nails? Katy festooned her nails with almost every Will-Kat pics in honour of the Royal wedding.
Its good that Prince William is easy on eyes ;)

Ying or Yang? Katy decides to channel both Ying-Yang in her nail art

Channeling her inner smurfette with a Smurf inspired costume and nail art!


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post Revlon Lip Butter Pink Truffle review and lip swatches

These lip butters have enticed me since I saw they got launched and had the blogosphere in a tizzy going gaga over them. I had a cousin get me one (peach parfait) from the US when she was coming back. I loved it soo much that I hounded my mom to get me one from her trip to Bangkok.

This shade is Pink truffle. It was on my lust list the as soon as I saw swatches of lip butters everywhere. Its a beautiful pinky-brown/dusty-rose shade, with no shimmer and a nice glossy finish. The texture is very smooth and buttery. It glides on my lips and I find it hard to stop applying once I start. Never goes cakey or settle in lip lines.
Packaging: is similar to revlon's quilted lippies

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colorbar I Glide eyeliner pencil Flirty Turq

Colorbar I Glide eyeliner pencil Flirty Turq is a jewel toned Teal-turquoise eyeliner. Colorbar has a winner at its hand with these super smooth & creamy eyeliner pencil which are totally smudge proof, waterproof and very long lasting & with a name like Flirty Turq what's not to love? ;)
By the way off topic Turkish men are right up there with the Italians in their flirtatiousness.I visited Istanbul a few years back and oh my those Young Turqs surely do flirt! *winks* winks*

Coming back to These come in a chic silver box packaging and have a shade swatch at the base of both the liner pencil and outer packaging. Priced at INR 399/-for an eyeliner pencil they tread the middle ground between budget and splurge for me.


I have many I define and I glide eyeliners from Colorbar and they are my absolute favorites for past few months.I love that the shades are so unique and bold,just one swipe of these and  my whole makeup looks so well pulled together that I'm head over heels in love with these babies.

The i define pencil are and safe on the waterline,their smooth texture means one swipe gets full on color on your upper and lower lashline and you don't need to keep going back and forth with the eyeliner to get a smooth line.Only con is that because they are so creamy they tend to break off quite easily at the time of sharpening.

I've used Flirty Turq in this look called Teal Temptation I had created for a contest.I've used the eyeliner all over my lid as a base for my eyeshadow and also on the lower lashline.

Overall thoughts-This is a gorgeous eyeshadow with very intense pigmentation and almost jewel toned effect it creates very stunning effects.You can use it safely on the waterline as well without any irritation and it has an excellent wear time of over 7-8 hours.A very unique shade and a must have in my opinion.

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MAC Lady Danger lipstick, swatches and Dupe

MAC Lady Danger is a super bright bold warm toned Red with very strong orange undertones.Its matte and extremely pigmented.The shade just says 'Look At Me- I'm Hot Hot Hot'

This is a statement lipstick,all you need a clean well primed skin and a swipe of your eyeliner and this completes the look. This shade will suit warm,olive tones and duskier girls a lot.

This pic was clicked 2 hours after first applying Lady Danger lipstick,though it looks a tad muted in the pic below, this is a very bright eye catching shade, definitely Not safe for Work!

The closest dupe of MAC Lady Danger lipstick I've come across is Inglot 103 Lipstick.

Compared to Inglot 103 lipstick Lady Danger is matte and doesn't has any sheen, though the shades are pretty close,MAC Lady Danger is a tad muted more red than orange.

Inglot 103 is creamy,has a high sheen and looks more vivid,in terms of lasting power MAC Lady danger outscores over Inglot 103 Lipstick.

So which one are you snagging? MAC Lady Danger or Inglot 103?

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IBC Sunday Food fiesta-Peasant style hearty scrambled eggs

Its time for a Sunday special recipe and today I made this hearty Peasant style scrambled eggs.This recipe was inspired by a dish from the Prima Donna of TV Cookery shows- Nigella Lawson.
Very easy and very healthy breakfast which can be whipped up with ingredients easily available in your kitchen. This recipe is perfect for bachelors, college kids, young couples who want to enjoy a hearty meal without slaving over their cooktops.

So lets get started :)

Ingredients that you'll need for this dish.
  • 1 medium onion chopped in big chunks
  • 1 small capsicum chopped in big chunks
  • 1 boiled potato( leave the skin on the boiled potato) chopped in big chunks
  • 1 carrot chopped in small chunks
  • 6-7 pcs of french beans
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 chilly
You can also add chopped baby corns, boiled broccoli to this dish.

A trip to Hauz Khaz Village-places to see, shop and eat

For Delhiites Hauz Khas Village is a tony South Delhi hot spot buzzing with budding fashion boutiques and Art galleries.You can easily spot Jimmy Choos and Marc Jacob bags and a small time Celeb or two on your trip to the Hauz Khas Village. With a quaint village feel and a cool bohemian vibe,this is the place to see and be seen in Delhi.

The history of Hauz khas predates all the avant garde designers and the fancy eateries.The Hauz Khas (meaning Royal water tank) was excavated by Alaudin Khilji (Part of Delhi sultanate,13th century) to supply water to the fourth city of Delhi called- 'Siri' a.k.a The Siri Fort. 

[Btw did you know the city of Delhi as we know it today was a result of 11 cities of Delhi clubbed together?]

The curious story of  how 'Siri' fort got its name is very macabre.(Those of a weak heart, skip & scroll down to the pictures please).

Alaudin Khiji during his reign had to fend of many Mongol attacks.The first time Mongols attacked Delhi, Alaudin Khiji was away on Chittor campaign chasing the ethereal beauty Rani Padmini. 
Second time the Mongols attacked Delhi Mr. Khilji had to stay barricaded in Siri fort for 2 whole months.The Mongols camped in an area now called as Mangolpuri in North West Delhi. 
Eventually Mongols got bored/ home sick & more importantly had to go home and choose the next-Head of the Mongolian Khanate and they headed back home.

After getting whooped twice by Mongols,Alaudin Khilji realized that to repel the continued Mongol invasions he would need to build a strong garrison & reinforce his fort .To provide water for the needs of the new city of Siri, the work of Hauz Khaz was started.

The Mongols were persistent chaps & they again invaded Punjab and Amroha and plundered & burnt Punjab and laid waste to everything in their route.This time Alaudin Khilji was more than ready for the Mongols,he sent a strong army led by two of his toughest generals Ghazi Malik & Malik Kafur to engage with the Mongols.
Mongol army was on their way back home with the loot and plunder from Punjab when they were intercepted by Alaudin's Generals who smashed the Mongolian army and brought along the Mongol Generals and soldiers to Siri Fort.
Alauddin Khilji had the generals trampled to death by elephants (as the blood of Royal prisoners could not be spilled,they were trampled!!) The Mongolian soldiers who were prisoners of war were beheaded & their heads buried under the foundation stones of the fort. Hence the name Siri Fort (Sir - in Hindi means head & hence the name Siri)-Macabre I told you so !!

Fast forward to the present-
How to get there- Your best bet is Delhi Metro-get off at Hauz Khas Metro station and take an auto rickshaw to the Huaz Khas Village Market. Else there is ample parking available and you can drive down just as easily.

Three pavilions inside the Tomb precincts with a small Chhatri in the foreground

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gehna Jewellers Presents Ganesh ka Pravesh

Gehna Jewellers introduces a limited edition line of Ganesh pendants to commemorate the Ganpati festival.

The elephant which has always been the royal & ceremonial figurehead of
grand battle & elaborate yagnas is magnificently re-created by Gehna. If
you need a little bit of luck, this elephant pendants is just what you
need. Elephants with raised trunks are known to give a little luck to their
owners. This elephant pendant line also symbolizes strength and honour.


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