Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Coastal Scents Pro Blending brush- Dupe for MAC 217?

I've been obsessed with creating eye makeup looks and my Project 101 eye makeup looks is a testimony to that madness. 
The first and biggest hurdle a Makeup enthusiast faces while starting out with eye makeup is non-availability of quality blending brushes on a budget.

 The choice is pretty limited either you pick up one of the Vega pro brushes ,or try out one of the few random brushes from Faces / QVS / Babila or suck up  and buy a MAC brush.Blogosphere is filled with the story of MAC 217 as HG blending brush, and I know most of us wonder is there no other alternative?
After all 1500 bucks is not chump change and as much I love eye makeup I'm not ready to fork out that kind of money on a single eyeshadow blending brush just yet- later who knows I might just change my mind, but right now I'd make do or do without!

So in the spirit of Make do I ordered a bunch of eye shadow brushes from Coastal scents- few of which have become my all time favorites.

 One of the things on my wishlist was a domed eyeshadow blending brush and touted as a dupe of MAC 217 was Coastalscents Pro Blending brush. So is it  really a dupe?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Makeup Course in Delhi by International Makeup Artist Nidhi Khurana

Make it up with Nidhi Khurana
A Make up course from International Makeup artist Nidhi Khurana

From Netherlands to India Enriched and enhanced hands on makeup Nidhi Khurana launches her new makeup course keeping modern make up technique in mind. Your aspiration to get into Makeup career is just one step away, Nidhi Khurana’s make up course –A one step solution to kick start your career in the Beauty Industry. The Course starts from 25th June 2012.
Discover how you can turn your passion for makeup into a high-paying job as a makeup artist. This Course Encompasses All the Essentials a Professional Make-Up Artist Needs to Know, Where the Emphasis Is Kept to the Basics and a small Introduction to Advanced Concepts and Possibilities

International Makeup artist Nidhi Khurana says “The course gives immense platform to learn and make a career, It will get their fundamentals correctly with extensive practical sessions & training".

The course has been tailored designed with present requirements of beauty profession which is highly paid industry in the present scenario. It’s no more considered a profession for the ones who could not prove their worth in any other field.
Course Highlights: Specialized makeup course suits to an absolute beginner with no previous experience and there are no entry requirements. This course is tailored to lead one through from the absolute basics all the way through to a creative and advanced level of training, giving him/her the skills one need to feel confident with in the makeup industry.

Fees: Rs. Rs. 70,000 without portfolio & Rs. 85,000 with portfolio.
Course Start date: 25th June, 2012.
For registration Please contact: Priya: 9582222129
Location Nidhi Make up classes W-43 GK II New Delhi
The course consists of 12 lessons covering major areas of Make up

Makeup Hygiene
-         Skin Preparation Face Basics
-         Shaping the eyebrow
-         Camouflage Techniques
-         Foundation selection and application                    
-         Powders and bronzers
-         Shaping and sculpting
-         Lipsticks, glosses and blusher application

-         Smoky eyes (Black as well as colorful)
-         Vintage liner techniques
-         Fake lashes and Mascara

Complete Looks
-         Makeup for different skin types (Asian, White and black skin)
-         Creative International looks
-         Geisha look
-         Cream and beauty makeup

-         Photography Lighting
-         Free (Creative) work
-         Getting started in the Industry
-         Building a professional Makeup Kit
-         Final assignment with a photographer of repute and professional models.

Each topic is discussed, demonstrated and practiced during the class. The final assignment is a part of the 12 lesson curriculum. This assignment will give students a chance to explore their creativity with a professional photo shoot with a top fashion photographer. The models will be provided from leading agencies.
The students will be given a CD with the images of the photo shoot to give them a head start with their portfolio.

Fees: Rs. Rs. 70,000 without portfolio & Rs. 85,000 with portfolio.
Course Start date: 25th June, 2012.
For registration Please contact: Priya: 9582222129
Location Nidhi Make up classes W-43 GK II New Delhi

About Nidhi Khurana:
From Netherlands to India Enriched and enhanced hands on makeup Nidhi Khurana comes to India to teach her skill learnt from the contemporary Netherlands.Nidhi Khurana grabbed her skill from the House of Orange Netherlands and in addition to that she did an Advance Hair Course from Taco Stuiver

After her theoretical training she got her hands full on live make up projects. She is now considered one of the most haute makeup artists from House of orange. Nidhi is behind some of the world’s most glamorous and powerful make up brands MAC etc.
Constantly in demand by top Designers such as Designer Ekta Singh (Dubai based designer) Designer brand AMPM (Anju Modi Priyanka Modi) editorial work with top photographers like Photographer Rishi Taneja and Ashish Chawla continually breaks new ground.

For further queries: Please contact: Anik Verma

Experience the magic of 3 R’s this season: Repair, Replenish and Revitalise your hair and skin at Lakmé Salon

Experience the magic of 3 R’s this season: Repair, Replenish and Revitalise your hair and skin at Lakmé Salon

Celebrate flawless skin with the new Algae Collagen Masque
Rejuvenate your hair with the Time Restore Protein Treatment
Mumbai, May 2012: Have you looked in the mirror with a worry that pre-mature ageing and fine lines are beginning to appear on your skin?  Are you afraid that your hair is beginning to look duller and has lost its sheen? Indulge in Lakmé Salon’s new Repair Replenish and Revitalise Service which includes Algae Collagen Masque for your skin and the Time Restore protein treatment for your hair. Experience these rejuvenating hair and skin services as part of a whole list of special offerings that are Just Out @ Lakmé Salon.
The Algae Collagen Masque reduces any signs of pre-ageing, maturing and dehydration of the skin. It wipes out these signs with ingredients like Sea algae, Chondrus Crispus, Glycerin and Lavender Oil.  It nourishes, revitalizes and hydrates the skin in 30 minutes.
The service starts off with gentle cleansing and toning of your skin, thus ridding it of all the impurities like dust, grease and pollution. A gentle facial massage follows putting you completely at ease as the algae masque is then applied to your skin. The face is then massaged with an ultrasonic facial massager for about 15 minutes which allows the goodness of the masque to penetrate into your skin entrench it with its rich properties. The masque is then allowed to rest on your skin as you blissfully relax knowing that the service will leave your skin feeling relaxed and invigorated, giving you a radiant and youthful glow.
Be Fussy Frizzy no more with the Time Restore Protein Treatment for your hair! As hair matures, vital keratin production in your hair subsides and they tend to become limp, brittle and coarse. This treatment activates the production of keratin which aids the hair to an optimum youthful composition. Replenish the lost protein in the hair with the New Amino Cell Rebuild Technology that stimulates hair roots and increases the keratin levels that bring back the life and sheen in your hair.

Korres Zea Mays blush Peach

Peeps say Hello to my "Korres Zea Mays blush in Peach" 
If you are wondering what is this fancy schmancy new ingredient "Zea Mays "in my Korres blush read on to find out more :)

"Korres was originally established in 1996 out of Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy to provide a line of skin and earth-friendly products. By using active natural extracts Korres delivers clinically-proven results while avoiding harmful synthetic compounds. These environmentally-conscious products also ensure maximum skin compatibility. "

Greece is home to an impressive amount of natural flora, and Korres Plant Hunters travel Greece, and the world, to discover rare plants that can be used for cosmetic purposes, ensuring that Korres products are always on the forefront of the newest natural innovations.

"Today, Korres Natural Products is Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company. It features over 400 natural and/or certified organic products in over 30 countries around the world. With products that are both serious and sensuous, Korres is the most sought-after natural skincare by consumers, celebrities, and beauty insiders alike."
 With a silky texture that glides on skin effortlessly

Korres Zea Mays blush-owes its origin to humble cornflour (Zea Mays for the un-initiated ;)
  • Kooes blush are formulated with corn starch powder particles to illuminate skin
  • Gives a smooth, natural & long-lasting finish
  • Dermatologically-tested, free of mineral oil, propylene glycol or ethanolamine
Check out the casing- OMG that calligraphic brushwork on the case is just surreal!!

 The blush comes in an ultra chic square casing, looks very classy and is probably the most stylishly packaged blush I own.

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
Now, all-day hydration gets a splash of colour 


Clinique Consultants are beauty experts that educate women around the world on how to achieve healthy looking skin and flawless makeup.  “At Clinique, our experts speak directly with consumers to learn their different beauty needs, especially when choosing a foundation with the right amount of coverage,” says Nancy Glass, Clinique’s Skin Care and Makeup Expert.  “Some consumers look for foundations with full coverage, while others just want a tint of colour to even skin tone and achieve a natural, polished look, while keeping their skin moisturized.  “In fact, one of Clinique’s most shared beauty secrets is to add a hint of your favorite foundation to Clinique’s iconic cream-gel, Moisture Surge, to achieve a beautiful dewy look with sheer coverage that will keep skin completely hydrated.”  This feedback helped confirm Clinique’s research: foundation and moisturization are both important elements in a woman’s beauty regimen.

As the #1 premium foundation brand in the world, Clinique once again developed a product that addressed consumers’ specific makeup needs. Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 – improving moisturization immediately and over time, while delivering all-day hydration with a splash of colour. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012






Beauty Meets Style with Kaya Indulge!

Beauty Meets Style with Kaya Indulge!

Pamper yourself at Kaya Skin Clinic and get a chance to own an uber stylish Jimmy Choo bag
Mumbai, May 29, 2012: Getting flawless skin just became more irresistible with ‘Kaya Indulge’ - a special offering that not only takes care of your skin but also gives you a chance to win stylish Jimmy Choo bags. Besides the grand prize, Kaya also brings an opportunity to win Orra jewellery and designer watches to complement the sheen of your skin with the offer lasting until June 30th, 2012.
To win exquisite prizes, walk into Kaya to experience the bliss of skin-care treatments three times before 30th June and earn three strikes on ‘Kaya Indulge’ card. Along with the prizes, one also receives assured bonus ‘Skin Miles’ up to 15,000, which helps you redeem any Kaya service of your choice.

Discover your Perfect Match with New Pond’s White Beauty

Discover your Perfect Match with
New Pond’s White Beauty
After decades of intensive research dawns a new era of scientific discovery.
Pond’s delivers their first ever GenWhite™ formula that works with your unique skin to unlock spot-less** radiant skin from the source in just 7 days.
At Pond’s, we choose to celebrate every woman’s individuality. We understand that every woman is unique. We all have different hair; eyes, bodies, and above all, we all have different skin and different complexions.
We also believe that being truly beautiful is not about superficially fixing flaws and imperfections or hiding behind a mask applied onto the surface of your skin. We believe that true beauty can only be unlocked from within. Only when that happens can beauty shine through with a joyous radiance that is full of life.
The quest for this kind of beauty begins with the understanding that every woman’s skin is unique and requires beauty solutions that can adapt to an individual’s unique needs.
Customized beauty solutions at your fingertips 

Monday, May 28, 2012

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Speak Louder


Well with hot pink lips who could resist to be Bold & Speak Louder, MAC commands you to stand up and speak louder with this super bold pinky red lippie. 
A while back during one of my flights I couldn't take off my eyes from the bright pinky Fuchsia lipstick sported by a Flight attendant. I was so intrigued by the shade that I asked her about the shade & she said  "Speak Louder" Ever since I was fixated on this shade and when I swatched it I knew I had to have this in my  Vanity :D
MAC describes Speak Louder as “clean poppy blue pink.”. Now I dunno about you guys but I have only seen red poppies and yellow poppies, none come close to this lippie.
 Its a muted version of Hot pink, its bright but not neon and its full coverage with a sheen.
 Doesn't it look tempting?

Cheryl Cole Cannes 2012 inspired Smokey Eye makeup look

Cheryl Cole pulled out all stops during her Cannes 2012 appearance in a Stephane Rolland couture gown, with a sensational feathery red train which seemed to melt right into the red carpet. The effect- Plain gorgeous! Not only did Cheryl get her gown spot on for the event, her makeup for Cannes was one of the best done Red carpet looks. With super sultry smokey eyes, tons of falsies and glossy nude lips, Cheryl took chic to another level.

I've tried to recreate this  smokey sultry Red Carpet ready look, using some budget makeup items, hope you like the look :)

Products Used
  • NYX HD eyeshadow base
  • Dark brown eyeliner pencil from Kryolan
  • Black eyeshadow from Lakme Moondust eyeshadow quad
  • Dark brown from Faces Beechwood eyeshadow trio
  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  • Shimmery silver used on inner corner from 120 eyeshadow palette
  • Shimmery highlight color from 120 eyeshadow palette
  • QVS Glue & KKCenterHK eyelashes

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My custom cretaed Eyeshadow & lipstick palette- DIY project!

Girls,If you H.A.T.E forking out your hard earned moolah buying empty makeup palettes raise you Hand!

As much I love Inglot & MAC, my wallet revolts at the thought of spending 800-4000 bucks on empty makeup palettes!! I know they look chic and stuff but seriously that kind of money for empty palettes feels like daylight robbery.
I had been collecting my share of refill pans in all assorted shapes and sizes and had my mind on ordering a few Z palettes, but they cost a pretty penny too. So I decided to get a bit crafty,I picked this very cute metallic pencil box with Harajuku doll lookalikes embossed on the cover and create my customized makeup palette.

 Things you'd need for this DIY makeup Palette

1.Cute & sturdy metallic pencil box- cuter the better- let your inner wild child out & you can have Pokemon or Batman or Barbie themed palettes as well !!
2.Kwick fix glue(if you are looking at making a permanent palette) else cellophane tape will do,alternately you can use double sided tape available at most stationary stores.
3.Refill eyeshadow and lipstick pans or de-potted pans.
4.A pair of scissors, a pen and a pair of tweezers.

Here I'm, using a double decker pencil box.I waned two separate sections one each for my round Inglot lippies, other for the eyeshadow and blushes.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blue and Gold Nails of the day and 5 Things I learned today about Nail art

Hey Girlies! Hope you are having a rocking weekend!! Delhi heat is scorching right now and I'm down with a mild heat stroke.So grounded and home bound I was up to some pretty random nail art today. After 5 different botched Nail art attempts, I got seriously bored and decided to do this Blue & Gold Nail of the day using sponging technique.

I didn't have a gold polish so I decided to play with some gold pigment and mixed it with clear polish and voila-There you have it bright gold polish!!

5 Things I learned today about Nail art

1.They don't call it Art for nothing, Nail Art is  seriously tricky business.

2.Don't trust your favorite Nail Art Guru -when they tell you "this mani is easy peasy & I did it in a jiffy" it takes some serious time to get a mani right.Leave it to the pros ;)

3.Dark blue polish will stain your nails and your skin, any random dark polish will also stain. No they don't write that on the nail polish bottle!! They should don't you think?

4.Transparent polish+Loose eyeshadow pigment=Funky polish,though say goodbye to your clear polish's brush,it will never be transparent again.

5.Nail art is a royal pain the behind, but I sure am hooked & will be trying out some more :D

XOXO Girls, stay in the shade & drink plenty of H2O

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh

About Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Summer Fresh:
Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Summer Fresh is a revolutionary product in skin care. It is the single solution for the multi-dimensional summer skin screams faced by women. It is a coconut milk based body lotion infused with 100% natural moisturizers. It is saturated with mint extracts that provide an instant cooling effect giving you a rejuvenating feel. Fresh floral fragrance keeps you fresh and lasts all day long. 

What’s more – it also gives your skin double protection against the sun rays with its UV A & B base protection. This summer delight variant is light green in color, non greasy and spreads instantly on application. Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh penetrates deep into your skin & refreshes it to get the soft and revitalized look through the summer! 

While we may not realize it, our skin loses a lot of moisture during the summer months, diminishing its freshness and softness & making it vulnerable to sun-tan. Summers in essence, is a harrowing time for your skin – and it goes through multiple skin screams – summer heat, dehydration, tanning, stickiness, and bad odour. This is when it needs that burst of moisture more than ever. 
All new Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh has identified the need for a one-stop solution for all these multi-dimensional summer screams. The mint extracts provide an instant cooling on skin and refresh it after a hot summer day, coconut milk infuses light moisture to soften skin and keep it supple. Its bloom of refreshing and long lasting fragrance lingers on to give a invigorating feel for longer. Moreover, the double sunscreens provide double protection from sun. The result is refreshed, hydrated, healthy skin that is soft to touch all summer long. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose Review & lip swatches

On the lookout for Dreamy Creamy Luxurious rich lip color? Then show some love to Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick.
Bobbi Brown lipsticks were an object of my desire forever, so after years & years of waiting I finally snagged Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose during my recent Strawberrynet haul.
Plum Rose is a plum pink with a creamy finish and soft shine.In the tube it looks more like dirty mauvey pink and I half expected the shade to look flat and lifeless on my lips, but Oh My! was I in for a surprise. 
Plum rose is a deliciously pigmented, feather light lipstick and gives full coverage in a single swipe.Love the soft focus sheen on it and the lipstick is very hydrating.This shade is very versatile and would be universally flattering on all Indian skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose on NC 45 skin in bright sunlight
What Bobbi says about her lippie "Bright, get-noticed color. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF 12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi's latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it's creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look.

Featured in Real Simple magazine's "5 Worth-it-splurges" (March 2012) and the Today Show for its long-lasting, non-drying formula as well as wide range of shades that complement all skin tones. Also featured in Redbook (July 2011) and Allure (July 2011)."

The packaging- The lipstick comes in a classy matte black square tube, the lipstick tube ports a glossy matte band in the middle and the Iconic MUA's name Bobbi Brown is emblazoned at the base of the lipstick. The cap has a black sponge lining inside to prevent bumps and nicks in the lipstick.There is no color coded sticker at the base of the tube to identify the color.



                              EXTREME  BLACK   MASCARA


False Lashes Extreme Black   

Available at all M.A.C locations

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm feeling peachy! A lil haul-Bobby Brown,Laura Mercier & more

Feeling Peachalicious ?! 
I surely am- just got my' second parcel today filled with the peachy goodness of Korres,Bobby Brown & Laura Mercier- I can't stop doing the happy dance :D :D :D

So here's just a sneak peek at the goodies I hauled I can't stop staring at these pretty babies- sigh I'm in Loooove <3
Here's what I got Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Eye color Pink Gold,Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose (actually is more peachy plum in tube) and Korres Zea Mays Luminous Blush in Peach
Detailed reviews, swatches and pics coming up soon!!
Up close & Personal

Happy Tuesday everyone :D

Tame that frizzy hair this monsoon-Matrix introduces the new POWER.SHINE service

Tame that frizzy hair this monsoon!
Matrix introduces the new POWER.SHINE service
– Enhanced Anti-Frizz Straightening.

Humidity during the monsoons can take a complete toll on your hair- making it frizzy, dull and unmanageable. Get your hair ‘Monsoon Ready’ with the MATRIX Power.Shine- enhanced anti-frizz straightening service. It is a permanent straightening service from MATRIX that includes a ‘straight sealing’ treatment.  Hair is hydrated and nourished, keeping it healthy and frizz free. Your pre-monsoon straightening ritual got even better with this new service that not only gives you super straight hair that is feathery soft, but also high in shine!
During monsoons, excess humidity in the air causes the hair cuticle to open and swell up, increasing the frizz and volume in the hair. The natural shine is lost and hair becomes unmanageable.Leaving you hair looking like this.

Now you can keep your monsoon woes and bad hair days at bay with the MATRIX Power.Shine Service that will make hair sleek and manageable. Imagine . . . Good hair day, EVERYDAY !
It is an exquisite combination of the popular Opti.straight and products by MATRIX for superior straightening results. 

Say hello to Orange lips with Inglot 103 lipstick! Its really HOT!!

If you need a piping Hot Orange lipstick to zing up your life then its time for Inglot 103 Lipstick!

I've been lemming for some bright bold orange lippie,but every time I try MAC So chaud , one look my lips in the mirror I freeze like I've looked at Medusa (random trivia One look by Medusa was supposed to turn any mortal man to stone, apparently her glare didn't work on women) 
.Anyway  the randomness aside,today I went to Inglot and the Boldest, Brightest & Craziest Orange lipstick caught my eye- Number 103. 
This is a very saucy shade in the tube and enough to scare away anyone, but I was in a specially brave mood today so I decided to try out 103, 107 & 206 on lips. Shade 103 just cried out my name and I had to get this baby right then.

(The shade is more orange than you see in the pics here the flash is making the red more prominent)
 The shade is a bright neon orange in the tube, without shimmer or glitter.The shade is nicely pigmented and has a creamy texture with beautiful sheen to it. There is a very faint fragrance which is quite pleasant and the lipstick is very hydrating, even without a lip balm underneath my lips feel amazingly soft after wearing this.
The lipstick is made with Vitamin E and apricot kernel oil moisturizing formula & are Paraben free. Inglot doesn't test on animals and this one is cruelty free.
The packaging of Inglot lipsticks is really classy, thick heavy metallic black square tube contains 4.5 grams of lippie.The lipstick is priced at INR 550/- and the full 4.5 gram quantity make it a great value (unlike brands which only give 3 grams of lippie in a tube *cough MAC cough*).

The pricing is great too when you compare drugstore brands like Revlon/ L'oreal/ Bourjois etc have hiked there lipstick prices to up to 600- 700 bucks range this seems like a great value. When Inglot lipsticks were first launched in India almost 3 years back these cost Rs 800/- and with a price correction these are the best value lipstick in market today.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Neon Fuchsia Nails of the day & my attempt at Nail art :)

Hey Guys, today I'm wearing this super bright neon fuchsia shade from Flormar on my nails (number N001) and I took baby steps with nail art, I tried out a little accent with water decals.
The water decals were from and are super easy to apply.
Honestly I always thought nail art meant high tech stuff, intricate deigns,stamping and a whole bunch of rocket science and I was so thrilled to see how easy these decals were to apply.
Just cut out a small decal sticker, soak it in water and press on the nail & voila there you have it a lovely design.Now I'm going to try out rest of the decals and keep you guys posted on how those turned out :)





  Recharge Skin’s Radiance with the Power of Pomegranate

Estée Lauder believes that every woman can be beautiful, and beauty begins with radiant, well-balanced skin. Inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, Estée Lauder launched its Nutritious Collection in 2007 to help Asian women achieve healthy-looking, well-balanced skin. Today, Estée Lauder continues to offer a total approach to Asian skin’s radiant health with the introduction of NEW Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and NEW Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask. These day and night vita-mineral moisture cremes feature powerful Pomegranate, the signature ingredient of Nutritious, as well as natural extracts, essential minerals and vitamins that work together to help visibly rebalance skin and enhance skin’s natural capacity to detoxify for radiant results.

Ultrasheer Sun Care range From Neutrogena

Get Sun Ready this summer with the revolutionary Ultrasheer Sun Care range
From Neutrogena
Feels Like Nothing On, Protects Like Nothing Else!
With the Indian summer back in full swing, skin concerns multiply manifold- ranging from tanning, pigmentation, dark spots and the formidable premature aging. To combat the damaging UVA and UVB rays, you need a sunscreen that will provide superior  and stable broad spectrum protection unlike an ordinary sunscreen which itself tends to break down on continued exposure to the sun- thus making your skin fall prey to skin darkening and skin aging! Addressing the needs for not just superior and scientifically advanced sun protection but also consistent sun safety, Neutrogena, the world’s leading brand of Dermatologist Recommended skincare products, presents to you its Ultrasheer range of suncare products.

Customized to your specific sun care needs, the Ultrasheer range is available in variants of SPF 30 and SPF 50 and one can choose from a sunblock cream, body mist or the UV Moisture lotion- all powered by the breakthrough patented Helioplex technology that contains stabilized Avobenzone, which enables the product to provide superior and stable broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB.

What’s more, the products even feel great on the skin. They contain the renowned Dry Touch technology, which utilizes micronized silica powder to absorb excess sunscreen oils, leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft and non-greasy or shiny. The lightweight feel makes it ideal to be worn under make-up. They are non-comedogenic, waterproof and sweat-proof, so it won’t clog pores.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eye makeup look-'Foxy Miss'

Its brown, its blue no its duo chrome! I'm talking about the latest addition to my eyeshadow stash this really foxy shade from Inglot AMC pure pigment range number 85. Oh boy I'm totally in love with this quirky shade and here's the EOTD - 
'Foxy Miss' ;D



PIGMENT   Aurora  Pinked taupe (frost)  
 Circa Plum  Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender (frost) 
Nebula  Dark greyed brown with pearl (frost)  


Warp Speed  Light silver   

Red Dwarf  Blue-pink  

Seasoned Plum  Mid-tone lavender  

 Approaching Storm  Deep rose

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Midweek Madness' Eye makeup look

Its the middle of the week People and  the midweek melancholy that's taking over me, so to pep things up I decided to do this Funky coral and electric turquoise eye makeup look I call this look 'The Midweek Madness' : P 


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