Thursday, June 30, 2011


So as ususal after shopping for groceries (at Reliance Mart) I gravitated to cosmetics counter just to check out what was on display. I had seen Incolor cosmetics in a few shops in GK1 market, but I was surprised to see them stocked in Reliance Mart, so I just decided to check out the testers of Lip Glosses and boy I was impressed with the Lip Glos quality & shades available!
I told my dear hubby to wait while I did some Lip Gloss hauling :)

These are just my kind of Gloss- smooth ,creamy,sheer application, absolutely non sticky texture & no fragrance. Though I had no lip balm on my lips but after application my lips felt soft & supple & totally hydrated for hours after applying these.

I picked up 4 glosses... need I say more..I'm in love with these :)

Shades (Left to Right) Number 23, 24,26 & 05

Saturday, June 25, 2011



Hi everyone! I'm super excited to share with you my first giveaway & its full of goodies from NYX Cosmetics.

IBC has reached 120 posts mark in less than 5 months & this calls for a celebration.I wanted to host this when IBC completed 100th post but juggling between chaotic office workload, home & everything in between it got delayed.I want to thank each one of you for your support which made IBC possible.

So let's have some fun with colors, read on to find all about the Giveaway.

NYX Cosmetics Included in the Giveaway

NYX Cream Blush-Glow (Priced at INR 650/- in India)
NYX Round Lipstick Perfect (Priced at INR 395/- in India)
NYX Round Lipstick Lala (Priced at INR 395/- in India)
NYX Eyeliner Pencil Emerald City (Priced at INR 295/- in India)
Cherryculture Bubble Gum Lip Balm

Giveaway Start date 25 June-End date 16 July. The Giveaway is open to those residing in India.
Winner will be selected through and winner will be announced on 17th July 2011.

How to participate in the Giveaway

1.You must be a public follower of my blog to be eligible for the giveaway. (1 Entry)
2. Like IBC's Facebook Fan Page Click Here (1 Entry)

Additional Entries

1.Add this to your sidebar with the picture above, linking back to my blog. (3 Entries)
2.Add my blog to your Blogroll OR Do a Blog post about the giveaway with the picture above, linking back here. (5 Entries)

If you do any of the above, please mention it in the comment section below with your email Id & Blog link so I can get back to you.

Now for the fun part, scroll down to check out pics of all NYX goodies to be won.






Thank you so much for participating, wish you a all the very best !

Hope to hear from you guys soon 
xoxo :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SALE ALERT L.A. COLORS 25% OFF AT CHERRYCULTURE is having 25% off on L.A Colors cosmetics between June 21st to June 25th. Enter code LAC25 at checkout to get discount.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MILANI BAKED BRONZER GLOW (Psst... its a great dupe for MAC MSF)

A bronzing powder that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracota tiles. It is easy to use, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous, enhancing the purity of the skin. This hi-tech bronzer gives you a perfect streak free radiant look.

Monday, June 20, 2011


LAKME` STUDIO LAUNCHES THE FUSION BODY MASSAGE this massage is a brilliant combination of six massage techniques including Thai, Swedish, aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic drainage & Shiatsu. Depending on your lifestyle, Lakm̩ Studio has designed three variants of this massage РDetoxifying massage, Stress Relief Massage and Relaxing massage, with each one lending itself to ease your body and senses.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Cetaphil cleansing lotion is a holy grail for those with sensitive skin. Cetaphil cleansing lotion is very mild & is fragrance free and suits all skin types. 

Most normal soaps & face washes alter the pH level of the skin which leaves it feeling dry / irritated or stretched.Cetaphil however does not alter skin's pH level & is lanolin & fragrance free & is especially great if you are prone to break outs, or if your skin feels dry /irritated using regular face wash.This can also be used on babies / teens/ or if your skin is prone to eczema / psoriasis.


Fiama Di Wills is a range of premium personal care products from ITC. Fiama di wills Bathing bar is transparent gel bathing bar available in 2 variants of Clear Springs and Mild Dew. There is apparently a third variant  with bearberry extracts, I've not yet seen this one in any outlet.

I picked up Mild Dew bathing bar with extracts of Avocado & Peach.The bar is shaped likea Dew Drop and I found the shape very attractive.
The unique technique, a first of its kind,  transparent liquid gel has been solidified into a bathing bar by freezing it and has won 'Product of the Year' in Soap category in 2010.
The product is endorsed by Deepika Padukone & claims to be backed by years of research & an amalgamation of Nature + Science.

The bar has nice soothing fragrance which lingers on and it doesn't leave skin feeling tight or stretched as it does with usage of regular soap. Tough the company claims rich lather from the product, I felt it doesn't lather too well. But I'm not a huge fan of suds so it works well for me.Its priced at INR 28 for 110 grams and is available in most department store/ kirana stores.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Shahnaz Hussain Honey Health Ayurvedic mud mask is a soothing face pack great for all skin types.It comes in a 100 gram white plastic jar (ugly but functional packaging)... .(why do all Shahnaz Hussain products have such ugly packaging?...well that's a separate post by itself..)

Anyways re-focusing back on this mud mask,its been a repeat buy for me the product has a thick mousse like texture the formulation has a beneficial action on dull, dry skin and makes the skin appear soft and smooth, without signs of aging. 

I usually apply this after scrubbing my face & let it dry of 10 mins, I soak cotton balls in milks & wipe this off followed by a rinse with water, it really leaves skin supple and takes away the excess oil. If you have oily skin then you can avoid application of milk, soak rose water on a cotton ball & wipe off the mud pack.

For those of you who are looking for a good quality, trusty mud mask this is a the HG product, get it ,use it regularly & you'll thank me for it. If you've this Honey Health mud mask,do share your experience.

Its available at departmental stores across India and 100 gram jar is priced at Rs 460/-

Friday, June 17, 2011


I found these pretty babies in Lifestyle, its from Lifestyle's exclusive brand called Ginger, I just loved the pale baby blue stones set in golden metal..its a pretty design, it cost only INR 99/- its a great piece of accessory at a fabulous price.. me loving it ! :) Xoxo


I've been on the lookout for a good quality jet black eyeliner and had pretty much made up my mind about buying Milani Liquiefye eye pencil in black... but after it being out of stock on almost all major international sellers I finally decided to pick up something locally from India. 

After checking out everything from Revlon, L'oreal ,Inglot, Lakme` etc etc I'd shortlisted Bourjois Khol in Blackest Black and Maybelline Colossal Kajal pencil.So after a zillion swatches & going back & forth I finally picked the Maybelline Colossal Kajal.

You might wonder why would I chose this relatively humble Kajal over other more fancier khol pencils? Well for starters I found Maybelline Colossal Mascara to be one of the best in the market & had similar expectation from the Colossal Kajal Pencil.

Secondly  this one is a retractable tube, which though contans lesser product but no sharpening means a ready sharpend tip always and no product wastage.

But the deal clincher was the fact that while rest of the liners smudged easily this one held its ground.Plus its comes at a bargain basement price of INR 150/- (for 0.35 grams-yup the quantity is too low for the price)

The product is extremely well pigmented,smudge resistant & claims to stay put for 6 hours. I actually put it to test & I've been wearing it for over & hours now its still in place. 

I quite like this Kajal pencil & yes would re-purchase.Its available at all Maybelline counters across India. 

Scroll down to see the swatches. If you've used this do let me know your experience.

P.S.- New U outlets have a combo offer -15% discount on purchasing Colossal Mascara + Kajal together.


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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Aroma Magic Mineral Glow scrub is a microderm face & body scrub which cleans pores, removes oil,blakheads,deas cells,exfoliates blockages.Reduces wrinkles,sun damage & improves texture. Leaving skin lighter brighter,smooth & glowing.

Directions to use- Apply on to face & body,after 10 mins massage & wipe off.Rinse.

Active Inggredients-Corn,Almond,Beta Hydrozy Acids, Citrus extracts,Trace elements Zinc,Calcium & contains pure essential oils of Tea tree,Rosemary & Lavendar.

Mineral glow scrub has been a beauty staple for me. Despite having used many brands of face scrubs I found myself returning to it.
First thing you'll notice about this scrub is the tantalizing aroma of essential oils. Its actually very invigorating and the product texture itself is a welcome break from regular apricot / walnut scrubs.You can feel the mineral granules scrub away the dirt & grime, without drying your skin.Its easy to remove this with few splashes of water and doesn;t leave any residue or granules on the skin.
For those of you who are on the look out for a great refreshing scrub, do give it a shot.The product is not tested on animals and is priced at INR 140/-  for 120 gram tube.


So my last post was '10 Tips to get rid of that back pain', it seems like I was tempting trouble with it 'coz the very next morning I took a tumble down a flight of stairs and hurt my back. Thankfully no serious injuries, but I had to take rest to recuperate my achy breaky to cheer me up Dear Hubby decided to let me do some hauling.

I wanted to get some Make-up removing wipes,Face Scrub,Face Pack & Kajal so here's my Mini Haul, the earrings were just an impromptu purchase. I'm going to post all these products in details in my subsequent posts as I've received queries from few readers on Face pack & scrub recommendations. So watch this space for more.

P.S.- Sorry if I missed replying to comments left by you guys

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We all  have experienced that nagging back pain,and despite that short term cure of popping in pain killers there are some other simple yet effective tips can help you soothe your achy-breaky back

1.Get rid of that giant hand bag. 


Ever since genormous handbags the size of a mini apartment became all the rage, fashionistas have been lugging around many pounds /kgs of excess weight in their handbags. Unknowingly straining their shoulder & back muscles for many hours daily.
De-clutter your handbag, pare it down to bare essentials.Switch to a sleek & trendy backpack if you need to carry laptop & keep your wallet & beauty essentials in the backpack Remember to wear the backpack straps on both shoulders

2.Find comfy footwear

Those six inch heels , though look sexy, do enormous damage to your foot ,knees and back. Invest in good brands which manufacture high quality footwear. Remember if a shoe in not comfortable in any way at the time of purchase don't buy it thinking the fit or comfort will improve later. Keep heels to max 2 inch height during working days. Explore flats / ballerinas/ flip flops/gladiator footwear and save those heels for parties.
Avoid driving with very high heels as it puts extra strain on your ankles which accelerating /braking/changing gears etc.
If you must wear heels, wear flats during your commute and change to high heels  when required. You back will love you for this <3

3. Wear right support bras- If you are top heavy/busty your back takes a beating on a continuous basis.Get yourself properly measured at the lingerie store & buy some sturdy support bras.This should alleviate your back pain.

4.Improve your posture-If you slouch / droop your shoulders or have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, bad psture will add to your back woes.Keep that spine ram rod straight.

5.Put a pillow under your knees while sleeping sideways. This will help relax your back. You can also consider special mattress & /or pillows for people with back problems.

6.Get a Massage-well this one is self explanatory, if you have a chronic condition or acute back pain get yourself tested by a orthopedic doctor & under go requisite physiotherapy.

7.Increase your calcium intake- for strong bones you need to increase your calcium intake  via dairy products else take requisite supplements.

8.In case of past arthritic & / or osteoporosis history in your parents-get yourself checked at the first sign of back trouble rather than wait for situation to flair up.

9.Stretch your back- consult your physical trainer/ gym instructor / Yoga teacher for some basic stretch exercises.

10.Lose weight-In case you are over weight, you'll need to lose some weight to relieve extra pressure on your spine.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This weekend I decided to take stock of my burgeoning  makeup collection and I decided to clean out my beauty cabinet. I sharpened all my liners and decided to line them all- Boy it looks like a mini army of Eyeliners & Lip Liners! So Here's my liner collection, feast your eyes.



I've a many Inglot Lip Duos and as you'd know they are super creamy and melt easily in the summers and make a total mess. So I wanted to re-pot my Lip Duo /Lip Gloss /Lip Paint and I decided to pick these mini Travel Jars from QVS and take this up as a weekend Beauty Project.

So Here what the finished re-potted Inglot Lip duos look like

Step 1. You'll need mini jars / empty & cleaned lip balm pots, 1 toothpick, a clean knife,tissues & which ever Lip paint you wan to re- pot,Microwave / Hair dryer

Step 2. Inglot Lip Duos /Lip Paints are extremely creamy so keep these in the fridge for 15-20 mins before the re-potting to easily scrap off the lippie from Inglot cube to the mini travel sized jar.

Step 3. After you have scraped out the lip paint in to the pot, using tissue tidy up the edges & the rim of the jar else upon heating the lippie will smudge the jar.

Step 4 On the low setting put the jar in the microwave on 15 second bursts ,you'll need t do this 4-5 times to melt the lippie evenly..Keep a close eye on the jar in microwave, different lip products respond differently to heat. Alternatively you can use your hair dryer on high setting and slowly melt your lippie to get a smooth surface.

Step 5 Put the jar with molten lippie in the fridge and voila after 10 mins your lip duo /lip paint will be ready for use.

Here is what the finally ready Lip duos in their brand new packaging look like.


QVS (Quality Value Style) extensive range of beauty tools are available at 'New U' outlets. I'd been eying the '3 travel jars' set as I wanted to re-pot some of my Inglot lip paints.

The mini jars can hold 15 gram of makeup/hair product/lotion etc. The best feature is these are carry on luggage compliant on International Air security regulations for liquids / aerosols or Gels in your carry on luggage. The come with a strip of ID labels mentioning the product type which can be stuck on these tiny jars for easy identification.

A pack of 3 mini jars costs INR 150/-. I did re-pot my Inglot Lip paints so check out my next post on how to fix broken lippies and re-pot lippies.Check it out.


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