Monday, April 30, 2012

Aishwarya Rai's Cannes 2011 inspired eye makeup look-Gold & Navy

Aishwarya's Navy & Gold eye makeup look from Cannes 2011 was one that I had planned to do for a really long time. Today while rifling through some of Ash's pics I was so tempted to recreate this look & here's how it turned out!

Aishwarya Rai wore this eye makeup look at Cannes 2011 during premier of Sleeping Beauty.

Peachy Gold and bronzed eyemakeup look

Ladies I'm back with another EOTD & for those of you wondering whatever happened to my Project 101 Eye makeup looks? Its very much on! I have not been posting much of EOTDS 'coz past few weeks my eyes have been extremely photosensitive and watery.Of late  I have been keeping off kohl on my waterline. Hopefully things will improve soon enough and I'll be back to a regular EOTD Posting schedule. 

Here's a simple peachy gold & bronzed eye makeup look I tried out today.Hope you like it

Products Used-
  • Peach-gold shadow all over lids- from 88 Metal Mania Palette
  • Dark brown shadow used on outer corner from Maybelline Chai Latte Quad
  • Shimmery bronze brown shadow used in crease and outer corner Inglot Pearl 409
  • Nude eyeshadow on the brow bone Buttercup peach Hot pot from Coastal scents
  • Faces White eyeliner pencil
  • Maybelline Eye studio gel eyeliner-Black
  • False eyelashes from KK center HK.
Comment & share ideas on what kinds of EOTD /looks would you want to see featured here.

Here's wishing a fabulous week ahead.
Xo xo

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend haul The Body shop, L'oreal,Bourjois,Colorbar & More!

Past week had been a long and tiring , juggling traveling and a zillion things,I needed a breather on weekend.By Saturday morning once I landed back in Delhi the shopping fever had gripped me real hard.The Body shop was running 50% off on select merchandise, I needed some new polishes and my parched skin was begging for some TLC.So I hit all the beauty stores with a vengeance.Here's what I hauled.
The Body Shop  Spiced Vanilla body cream (minis x 2) 50% Off
TBS Spiced vanilla Body wash (Mini) 50% Off
TBS Cranberry Joy Body wash (Mini) 50% Off

Faces Loose finishing powder

Fab India Lavender relaxing balm

L'oreal Revitalift Night cream

Bourjois Duochrome eyeliner pencil Brun Morde

Colorbar velvet matte lisptick Brick o la

Flormar Neon polish in Hot pink & 4 random mini polishes from New U.
Swatches and reviews coming up soon!

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Brick-o-la 42M Review & Lip Swatches

Colorbar & I go a long way back. We met while I was in college on a shoestring makeup budget.Colorbar was the young and upcoming Indian makeup brand.We thought we were made for each other.We had a our highs with some amazing eyeliners and lip glosses and some lows with bad quality shadows.
Somewhere down the line,like any college romance, we drifted apart. We both wanted different things from life,Colorbar wanted my undivided attention and I wanted to explore more options.
Fast forward to 2012 I was hunting for some shades from MAC and the counter was out of stock of all the new launches, bored and disheartened I strolled over to the Colorbar counter thinking I would say Hello to some Velvet matte lipsticks.
And boom like a blast from the past-I felt like I just met an old flame,I re-discovered all the great things that made me fall in love with Colorbar the first time.
Great quality, great shades and awesome prices!

Here's what I snagged- Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Brick-o-la 42M A medium reddish pink with  brown undertones, in the tube it looks more berry brown but the shade looks more pink on the lips.

 This matte lipstick has a great velvety texture.The lipstick goes on smooth and is non drying. The smell is of faint berry vanilla and fades after 4-5 mins on the lips.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sigma Beauty-Get Free Eyeshadow singles with $30 Purchase!

Beginning May 1st, Sigma Beauty will be offering a new free gift with all purchases over $30. We are excited to announce that the gift will be an exclusive eye shadow sample! We have carefully selected one color from each of our best selling eye shadow palettes, Bare, Dare and Flare. This is a great opportunity to try out our exceptional shadows!

The featured eye shadow colors are: Shine from the Bare palette, Grasp from the Dare palette and Crush from the Flare palette. Throughout May, all purchases over $30 will randomly receive one of the single eye shadows (we regretfully will not be able to attend to specific color requests).
These new free gifts are not only gorgeous, they are a great value. A chance to sample Sigma's eye shadows for FREE is an offer that can't be missed!
Note: The sub-total of the purchase must be over $30 to receive the complimentary gift.

Participate in Vaseline Stay Ready contest & bea Covergirl for a leading Magazine!

Vaseline- India’s leading skin care brand gives you a chance to be on the cover of a leading magazine!

Mumbai, April 27 2012: Vaseline Healthy White, a skin lightening body lotion presents the Vaseline Stay Ready Contest, a once in a lifetime opportunity to reveal the beauty you are. The winner gets a golden chance to be on the cover of India’s leading women’s magazine.
To participate, visit or and upload your picture along with your Vaseline Story.
The most interesting entries will be shortlisted by an expert jury panel followed by a photo-shoot. The most fitting candidate will be featured on the cover of a leading national women’s magazine.

In summers, our skin is constantly exposed to the harmful sun-rays which results in damaging the skin further, leading to pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. However, these problems can now be tackled with Vaseline Healthy White, a first of its kind skin lightening body lotion that comprises a combination of powerful ingredients such as Vitamin B3, Yogurt Serum and Triple Sunscreens which enhances skin’s natural lightening process, provides moisturization and nourishment to your skin, and protecting it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, leaving it healthy and glowing thereby making your body as fair as your face! Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24-prevents further darkening of the skin.  

Since 1870, Vaseline has been helping women across the world to keep their skin healthy and glowing as it believes that when skin is at its best, it glows.

Available in 100ml for Rs 69 and 300ml for Rs 169 respectively, Vaseline Healthy White is available at leading Groceries, general, chemist, cosmetic and modern stores across the country.

Mother's Day Makeup Kit from Clinique

Clinique has put together some thoughtful gifts in the Mother's Day Makeup Kit.

It includes
Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Blush is for INR 2000. (How pretty is this baby?!- Okay Here's the plan I'm going to buy it for Mom and sneak up on her vanity & use it myself *evil grin* )
 Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie is for INR 1150

Friday, April 27, 2012

Toni & Guy Hair styles & Looks for Spring Summer 2012



Flagging of their spanking new address in Gurgaon, TONI&GUY Salon, renowned as an innovator within the hair industry, rustles up a quick make over for Delhi’s four fashionistas rendering on them looks that are haute this season. Inviting the city’s slick denizen into their spanking new address, which is also their third salon in North India in the up-market suburb of Gurgaon, Toni and Guy exudes the spunky look for the hair this summer.

 Vasuki with Garima Nagpal
“Globally the brand bridges the gap between high fashion and hairdressing.  The expert stylists at our salons create looks that go in sync with couture trends,” Says Sonali Bhambri, India spokes-person for the brand.

Inviting the city’s iconic women like Miss India Universe 2011 Vasuki Sunkavallicouturier Charu Parasher, blue blooded designer Princess Chandni Singh of Seohara and young home-maker Garima Nagpal to enjoy a hair make over. The stylists present at the salon will show hair styles to go with formal Indian, classic western, bohemian resort and preppy western.
 Toni&Guy stylist with Vasuki, Miss India Universe 2011

TONI&GUY has long been renowned as an innovator within the hair industry, connects high fashion and hairdressing. Today it is widely regarded as the number one global hairdressing super brand. 
 Tavishi Gupta of Pink Gold with Chandni Singh
  Smiz Hana, Miriam & Olga
 As a brand, TONI&GUY juggles the need for consistency, the desire to be fashionable and the reassurance of solid service values, with the excitement of the avant-garde, supported by its philosophy of continual education. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Gown & bridal hairdo Ideas

Ever since Angelina got Brad to "Put a Ring on it" fashion world is abuzz with the question" Which lucky Designer will be designing Angelina's Bridal Gown??"
Not That Angie asked me for advice on her Bridal trousseau -but we Bloggers are busybody's and love offering  "free ki advice" especially to our beloved Celebs.(Especially when the Woman in question has snagged the Hottest Guy on the face of this Earth!! [Sorry Hubby I love you, but it is THE BRAD PITT  after all] )

Knowing Angie's sartorial style her Bridal gown will be a statement piece minus the OTT lace and fluff.Based on the past Red carpet trends here are Bridal gown and hairstyle ideas for Angie.

Angelina loves her Greek inspired draped gowns in delicate chiffon and this white single shouldered draped gown is perfect for Angelina's statuesque figure.
Armani is currently a frontrunner amongst the prospective designers and considering Angelina has donned Armani Prive at the  red carpet she might want to explore a boat neck structured  gown by Giorgio Armani Prive as worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Angie loves her strapless gowns with cinched waist and thigh high slit and this white gown with jewel encrustation at the waist is just what the style doctors ordered!

Considering Angie's now famous (read notorious) red carpet expedition when her leg acquired a personality of its own, she might want to check out this Oscar de La Renta 2012 bridal gown with thigh high split.


The Skincare Leader in Anti-Oxidant Protection Now Offers Our Most Effective Anti-Oxidant Power and Advanced UV Protection Ever – to Prevent and Visibly Diminish the First Signs of Aging

Environmental exposure is the first source of damage to the appearance and function of skin, resulting in premature signs of aging. Estée Lauder scientists have now identified five main sources of free radicals that assault skin all day long accelerating the rate of premature aging – UV Exposure, Pollution, Smoke, Irritation and Metabolism. Scientific research has proven that skin’s own natural anti-oxidants are not able to continuously protect skin against the many types of free radicals associated with these sources. In today’s ever-changing environment where pollution continues to increase and UV protection from the thinning stratospheric ozone layer continues to decrease, superior all day anti-oxidant and broad-spectrum UV protection against skin-damaging free radicals is more important than ever before.

In 1997, Estée Lauder was the only cosmetics brand to collaborate with leading French scientists in a groundbreaking SU.VI.MAX study. As a result, Estée Lauder was the first cosmetics company to prove that topical application of anti-oxidants and vitamins provided significant skin-protective benefits establishing Estée Lauder’s role as the cosmetic leader in the science of anti-oxidant skincare. Incorporating the brand’s scientific learnings from this groundbreaking independent research study, Estée Lauder’s DayWear moisturizer was the first skincare product proven to help prevent premature signs of aging caused by the environment utilizing an exclusive blend of anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is the dumbest thing a Makeup SA has told you?

A few weeks back I was looking for a black kohl pencil,I went to a high end drugstore brand and swatched a few kohl pencil.An overly painted young SA enthusiastically rattled all the virtues of the kohl to me like a pretty parrot.
Here's how the conversation panned out
Me-"is this eyeliner safe for wearing on my waterline?"
SA-"yes Ma'am it's safe, it is waterproof,smudgeproof,will last for 12 hours on your eyes"
Me- (looking confused)" do you know what is Waterline?!"
SA-(brimming with confidence) "yes Ma'am Waterline- is when you apply eyeliner and your eyes start to water- that is called Waterline!"
Me-I looked flabbergasted for a moment and then I burst out laughing!!
Well I wasn't trying to be mean but that was honestly the dumbest thing I had ever heard!!

If you've ever been told the lighter foundation shade will make you fairer, or you don't need a moisturiser 'coz you have oily skin, or you SA sold you a lip liner as an eyeliner
It's Payback time, this is your chance to finally vent,rant and let it all out. Go ahead and tell us all what's the dumbest thing a Makeup Sales Associate has said to you?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 things your Makeup Sales Assoicate is not telling you?

We have all shared a love-hate relationship with our Makeup SAs- some SAs you'd avoid like plague and yet there are others whose helpful demeanor and friendly smile makes you buy tons more than you had planned.
But do you know what is your Makeup SA not telling you?

1.There is a promotional offer / 'Gift with purchase' on what you are buying- Most Drugstore SA's would not disclose a promotional offer, discount , free gift with purchase (GWP) or free product samples unless asked. So before you get your items billed always ask if there is an ongoing promotion.

2.The shade is so wrong for you!- I'm selling it because those are the only shades in stock / I'm selling you a light foundation shade because " I  think you want your foundation to make you fairer."
Use your judgement and when buying foundations and lipsticks, go out and check the swatch in natural light before committing to the purchase.If it doesn't feel right don't be afraid to walk away.

3.The product is so last season / nearing its Best-before date- Most stores stock and sell their inventories on FIFO-First in first out basis, meaning the oldest stock will be sold first. Makeup is no different, if your SA has handed you a shade form last season's stock or nearing expiry always check and ask for fresher / freshest stock possible.

4.I know less about the products than you do!-I'm a newbie in the store and I don't know much about the product-Ingredients list Hello what is that ?

If you are dealing with a Rookie SA, be kind and ask is a senior SA can help you out. If not then unless you are pretty sure you can find what you are looking for I'd suggest you try some other store .

5.The Free Make-over is not free!-There are no Free lunches and there are no free makeover. Most SA work on a salary + commission basis and when they give you a 'Free' makeover they are investing their time and effort hoping to close a sale. If you are opting for a 'Free makeover'- then be specific about which products you'd like to try, make it worth both your time and if you do like something go ahead & buy. If not then don't feel pressured to buy something just because the SA applied some makeup on your face.Know when to walk away from products / shades that don't suit you. 
Either ways remember to thank the SA / MUA for her effort.

6.Experts wearing Lab Coats and toting charts are not licensed Cosmetologist.
This is a new trend that some of you might have spotted in Indian departmental store makeup counters- SAs' donning white lab coats and carrying skin analysis reports and charts. Well this is a marketing tool, these are well trained, well groomed SAs and not estheticians / Cosmetologist.
Nothing wrong in shopping from these chaps, but when they start giving you Gyan on flushing free radicals from your body using anti oxidants in their creams, you know its time to head for the door :P

7. They decide on what to sell you basis what you are wearing- yes clothes and makeup included! Yes harsh but true- know you will be judged and the SA would try to ascertain your requirement, your paying ability and what you might buy basis your dress and makeup. 
Nothing seriously wrong there as (s)he is trying to do basic customer profiling before pitching you the product(s). Looking well groomed & well dressed, while shopping never hurt anyone so polish up Ladies !

P.S.- I know front-line Sales is a very tough job & I mean no disrespect for the hardworking Makeup SA's.Most of these shortcomings is a training issue from the company's end & can be easily fixed, however as a customer its important you know of these pitfalls and Shop Smart!

So what other trade secrets have you uncovered in your experience with the Makeup SAs? Comment & Tell

VLCC’s latest SpringTM collection of skin-care products

 Spring up your attitude with
VLCC’s latest SpringTM collection of skin-care products

 Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" but are you party ready? VLCC, a leading player in the Wellness domain in South Asia and the Middle East, has introduced its latest SpringTM collection, a regimen based for all skin types. The range is available for skin types ranging from Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily.
With the change in the season, your skin care regime should also change. The spring season is the ideal time to hydrate and revitalize your skin. The three easy CTM steps i.e. cleanse, tone and moisturize work wonders to your skin. This CTM regimen is at the core of VLCC’s new spring collection. The collection comprises a Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream coupled with special treatment products like scrubs, masks and serums to fulfill all essential needs for all skin types. The SpringTM collection products are natural in source and are made from active ingredients, which have high efficacy.

Available exclusively at VLCC Slimming, Beauty & Fitness Centres, VLCC Day Spas, and VLCC Beauty Zone Stores in leading malls, what sets the SpringTM collection apart is that specific products in the range are recommended by trained beauty experts after they have examined the individual’s skin using sophisticated skin analysis equipment.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick Coral Lustre

Coral, glossy,balmy shimmery all the things a girl needs on her lips in Summers and Maybelline Color sensational high shine lipstick in Coral Lustre is just what the Doctor ordered to beat the Monday morning blues!

Coral lustre is a sheer coral lippie. The lippie wears like a glaze on a single swipe but the color is build-able.It has a nice plumping effect on the lips.

M.A.C Presents SHOP COOK Limited edition collection

M.A.C Presents SHOP COOK


Try and Buy a delicious, delovely, delectable, divine, degorgeous,de-with-it, degroovy assortment of Eye Shadow x 4 in wearable brights perfect for Spring. Treat yourself to Lipstick in heavenly hues, mouthwateringly Kissable Lipcolour and Cremeblend Blush. This Spring, shop ‘til you drop with a tongue-in-cheek collection that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary.

Whether it’s detergent or diamonds, produce or Prada, everyone loves to shop, shop, shop!

Innocence, Beware!  

Light yellow pink (cremesheen)

Naughty Sauté Bright pepto pink(cremesheen)

Watch Me Simmer Bright pink-orange (amplified)

Quick Sizzle Bright pink (matte)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bally’s Urban Driver Shoe Collection : mpossible to Resist to Dalya

Bally’s Urban Driver Shoe Collection 
Impossible to Resist to Dalya 

Like a box of colourful bonbons, Bally’s collection of Urban drivers for women are so sweetly
Irresistible, you won’t be able to stop at just one pair!

In bright summery shades of luscious soft leather and featuring a cushioned rubber sole, the Bally

Kryolan Kajal Pencil Nude Review Swatches & Tips!

I'd been in search of a Nude kohl pencil for a long long time,you know for the whole spiel of bigger brighter fresher eyes. After a Herculean search of almost all brands I finally spotted a nude Kohl pencil in Kryolan (I know MC makes it, but I was loathe to fork out 1000 bucks for a pencil I'll rarely use!)
I picked it during my last Kryolan Haul-Click here to read more about my Haul Let's find out if Kryolan Nude Kajal delivered.
12 cm pencil costs INR 175/- The texture is extremely emollient and creamy & the shade isn't nude but more bone colored.

Friday, April 20, 2012

FACES Metaliglow highlighter Pink Pearl

I love beauty products that can Multitask and one such new find in my vanity kit is Faces Metaliglow highlighter in the shade "Pink Pearl"
Here's what Faces claims about Metaliglow.
"Super fine luminescent lotion for highlighting. Metaliglow is a lightly textured lotion with iridescent shimmer which has dual performance.
Metaliglow can be used alone or mixed with your favorite lotion to use over the face and body as an illuminator and create a sun kissed bronzed look."

Faces has 3 shades in the Metaliglow range, one is very light pearly white fluid(very close dupe for Colorbar Illuminator pen), this second shade is the medium pinky gold shade and the third shade is a dark bronze color.

Packaging- Is very simple & reminiscent of Swedish Medicine bottles with a screw top.The simple packaging is also functional, you can dip in your eyeshadow brush and use this as a base or take it out easilyon your palm to mix with foundation/ moisturizers.

The product texture is of shimmering liquid with a pearlescent finish.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eyestudio-01 Copper Brown

Looking for rich earthy eyeshadows which are easy on the pocket then check out Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eyestudio-01 Copper Brown

This palette is a beautiful melange of 4 copper and gold shades.These are satin textured shadows with metallic & pearlescent finish.These have some amount of glitter but don't look overpoweringly glittery on the lids. The lightest shade works great as an all over lid color or can also be used as a highlighter if you plan to use the last 2 dark shades to create a look.The darkest shade is perfect for crease or to accentuate the outer V of your eyes.

The palette comes in a plastic casing with dual sponge tipped applicator. The case is enough to survive daily rough & tumble in your handbag, but is delicate for major traveling. The eyeshadow applicator is not of much use, though I use it to line the lower lashline with the sponge tip,so its not a total waste.There is no mirror in the palette,so it won't work great for on the go touch ups.

The swatches below are single swipe on (NC 45) bare skin

Overall Thoughts- Great palette for beginners or those looking for a everyday use earthy eyeshadows. The shades are versatile enough to create day-to-night looks. The powdery texture means you would need a good base to make these last on oily eyelids. Great value for money buy, go for it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My visit to Brand new Kryolan store in Delhi-Exclusive pics,haul and more!! (Warning Pics Heavy)

God must be a woman!-why you ask?- well She finally answered my makeup prayers and opened up a Kryolan's flagship store in 'Saddi Dilli'! 
Yes Girls those of you who agonized over where to buy Pro quality makeup and envied the Chennai & Mumbai lasses for having Kryolan store in their city lend me your eyes & ears.

World’s renowned manufacturer of specialized Professional Makeup, serving fashion, film, theater and television around the globe for last 66 years, has launched its flagship store Kryolan City in Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi

Spread over 1500 sq feet the store offers more than 12,000 product SKU’s in over 600 color nuances. It also comprises of a dedicated Training Area where specialized modules like High Definition Makeup, Camouflage Makeup, Air Brush Make-up & Special Effects Makeup can be taken up by the professionals. Additionally the store shall soon be launching a Master Class Program offering advance tutorials by leading international makeup artists & educators on a periodic basis. (schedule coming up soon-stay tuned)

Kryolan caters to diverse professional segments like Film, Fashion, Photo, Television, Theater & Salons alike under various product categories including Professional Make-up, Camouflage Make-up, Face-Body painting & Special Effects- Prosthetic. 

Say Hello to Kryolan's Makeup City's resident Makeup Wizards.-Avik & Meghna 
Meeting both Avik & Meghna the resident makeup geniuses was a real treat.Five mins in to our meeting & I felt I was catching up with old friends & having a laugh over makeup chit chat.
I pickled there brains for over 1.5 hours and they patiently answered all my queries and helped me understand the nuances of different Kryolan products .
It was such a pleasure to meet both these Makeup artists who are so knowledgeable and passionate about their craft and are warm & helpful as well. A big thank you to both Avik & Meghna!

Kryolan  has a wide variety of lip products,I counted roughly 150 lipsticks on display, Meghna mentioned they are expecting more lipstick shades soon !! The lipsticks come in matte, creams and pearl finishes. The variety in nudes, corals, pinks is delightful. Meghna showed me one of her pic wearing a bright orange shade and it was a very close dupe of MAC's Lady Danger,oops I forget the shade no. will note it down on my next visit. (promise!)

The lippies are priced at INR 250/- / $5
The lipsticks also come in Mini palettes containing 16 colors priced at 1100/- / $22 (approx-what's with the depreciating rupee!)


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