Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sleek Original iDivine Palette swatches

Sleek iDivine eyeshadow palettes are my absolute favorites when it comes to eye makeup, these sleek little palettes tuck in 12 lovely smooth, pigmented and blendable eyeshadow in a travel friendly package.

Sleek iDivine Original palette was one of the early launches from Sleek Makeup and has a all frosty and pearlescent shades except a matte black.
This is a bright festive looking palette filled with beautiful rich jewel tones. I'm not a huge fan of the matte black shadow included in this palette as unlike the other IDivine palettes I have I found this one to have much weaker pigmentation and it requires a whole lot of work to show up on my skin.

My absolute favorite is the blackened teal shade third shade from left in the top row. Its looks absolutely gorgeous and very apt fro creating some sultry smokey eyes.

Rest of the shadows are frosty the pale yellow gold shade has a flakey texture and had trouble showing up well on my bare skin.

These give approx 6 hours + of wartime with primer and though they fade away in intensity don't really crease much.
The shade selection is absolutely gorgeous and I think there are so many unique looks that can be put together from a single palette. I'd personally recommend getting one of these beauties for your you makeup stash :)

All swatches on bare NC 45 dusky Indian skin

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  1. lovely.i wish you put up this in your next blog sale too so that i can buy it too :D

    1. I'm sure you'd love it Sammanita! btw did you get your parcel, its shows delivered to your local post office

    2. oh yes yes i got it :) and in good condition too.will post it soon :)
      thank you :)

    3. Awesome!! I was so worried about the palettes reaching you safe, glad they did. hope you are enjoying your goodies!

  2. pls put it on wants me

  3. Really nice combinaton of shades in one palette!



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