Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The pocket friendly UD Naked dupe you've been waiting for!-MUA Undressed palette

Unless you have been living under a Martian rock, you'd know all about the cult of Urban Decay Naked.
This little palette of neutral which has sent countless makeup obsessed gals in a wild frenzy last seen only for the Beatles & Beiber.
UD Naked spawned an entire genre of eyeshadow palettes claiming in various stages of undress and right down to a very cheeky-'Butt-naked palette by NYX'!!

So if you have been pining and lemming for UD Naked for years and cant or wont spend so much on an eyeshadow palette,Makeup Academy a.k.a MUA's (a UK based brand) Undressed palette is the perfect dupe you have been waiting for.

Internet is already littered with comparisons and swatches of both UD & MUA Undressed so I will quickly throw in my 2 cents in. If you have a 'thang'  for neutral eye makeup looks you have to get MUA Undressed palette. At only 4 pounds this is a great investment.It dupes UD Naked's shade for shade, though the pigmentation and colors might be slightly off, but it performs admirably well.

MUA Undressed comes in standard clear plastic top casing with two rows of shadows.The top row is filled with lighter and the bottom row with deeper shades. The palette has 2 matte shadows, one glitter and rest all frost and pearl finishes.
I wont talk about the sponge tipped applicator I chuck these in trash as soon as I get my palettes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sneak peek at this week's upcoming posts!

I think its time for a bit of strip tease! 
No, not the burlesque kind, I mean a bit of strip tease of the upcoming posts.
After dilly dallying forever I finally decided that its time to share all the juicy news and new finds with you pretty Princesses,so here's a quick sneak peek into this week's upcoming posts.

Colorbar Mumbai Blogger Meet, IBC exclusive pics & news of upcoming Colorbar launches *hush hush*  *Super Confidential*

A super pocket friendly Urban Decay NAKED dupe!  (and just in case you are in the mood to splurge,I'll also tell you where you can buy original UD Naked palette in Mumbai!)

Clinique Chubby Sticks in new juicy mouthwatering shades!

NEW Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
Mouthwatering moisture with a NEW, bolder burst of colour

Clinique’s #1 selling lip product Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm has just gotten a little more…INTENSE. For all Chubby Stick fans worldwide, Clinique introduces a new fuller lip coverage formula with more intense colour pay-off. Introducing Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm.

Packaged in the same playful, crayon-like barrels, new Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is the perfect marriage between a moisturizing lip balm and a full coverage lip colour. An increased blend of pigments provides intense colour while decadent butters, oils and antioxidants help protect and pamper lips with immediate and lasting moisturization. 

Avène helps you get closer to the sun this summer!

Summer brings with it a host of skin care worries, and what better way to groom yourself this season than with AVÈNE range of sun protection.

· Formulated with the natural Avène Thermal Spring Water, the AVÈNE range has natural therapeutic properties on the skin (anti inflammatory, anti free radicals and soothing effect).
· Thanks to a unique combination of patented sunscreens agents, AVENE products give very High level of protection – with SPF factor 50. The range is a complete answer to problems related to sun radiation that include sun tan, sun burn, photo aging, risk of skin cancer, photodermatosis, photosensibilisation risk, problems post dermatological/ cosmetological procedure and prevention of chloasma during pregnancy.                                                     

· AVÈNE Sun protection products are not only formulated in remarkably pleasant-to-use textures but also are highly water and perspiration resistant (an important aspect in the Indian hot and humid weather conditions). The cosmetic appeal of the formula is remarkable as the ultra-fluid, silky soft emulsions are non-shiny and leave the skin satin-smooth.
· The products fulfill the needs of every skin type in India by offering two variants: one for dry to very dry sensitive skin and the other for normal and combination sensitive skin.
· The formula are Paraben Free (ingredients known to cause skin allergies) which boasts about their quality and effectiveness along with excellent cosmetic qualities. The products are 100% photostable which means the formulation does not degrade after exposure to sun.
· The unique packaging delivers a precise quantity of product on each pump, allowing application of correct quantity by consumers for a complete protection. (e.g. seven pump for face and neck of an adult).

Let your skin do all the talking this summer with FACES Canada

As the summer rages on, protect your skin so you don’t have to suffer from the season’s skin problems.

With Summer comes the season of hot weather, humidity and chlorine that always takes a toll on our skin. This makes it all the more difficult for us to keep our skin safe, protected and beautiful. Here we have for you few basic skincare tips from FACES Cosmetics to keep your skin fresh and dewy though out, even when the mercury continues to stay high.


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