Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shave or Crave! Guys its time to polish up for us Girls

Guys guess what went out with the stone ages?
That Neanderthal look! 
Unless you are planning to drag your woman by her hair in your pre-historic cave,Guys that evening stubble is so not cool!!

The stubble's hotness to pain ratio is pretty steep, the only guy who gets away with a stubble in my books is Hugh Jackman, so unless you look like Wolverine, seriously there is no excuse for the peach fuzz. C'mon guys polish up your looks. A quick shave wont take you more than 2 minutes but will earn you some serious brownie points from your woman.

My tips to get your Girl to crave for you
  • Shave everyday
  • Splash on some cologne and 
  • Bring her some flowers 
I'd get my guy to crave to shave by giving him a close shave myself ;)

So Girls is it time for us to take matters in our own hands?
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Adios Delhi...Hello Mumbai!!

Hello Sunshine(s), right now I know most of you would still be cuddled up in your duvets and snoozing,by the time you all will be reading it , I'd be off to a new city.So minutes before my flight I decided to make time for a quickie post ;)

Today I'm shifting to Mumbai due to work related transfer.And Boy am I gonna miss Delhi!The food,the shopping and the expansive roads,happening people,metro and whatnots :(

Now before I get all misty eyed I better update all of you that, due to shifting,house hunting and generally settling in I'll be unable to post for next two weeks or announce winners for ongoing contests till around Christmas.Sorry about the delay,but just with me on this one and I promise all the contest winners will get their goodies soon.

I'm quite looking forward to settling in Maximum city & hope to meet many of my fellow blogger friends in Mumbai too :)

I gotta rush to to the Airport now, I'll be back soon.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool and Cool deep cleansing nose strip review

If blackheads on your nose have been giving you sleepless nights and you thought the  nose strips was the answer to your prayers, beware not all nose strips are created equal.

I don't have a black head problem, just one or two tiny ones might rear their ugly head on my nose once in a while, till last month my skin was getting extremely greasy specially around my nose area and I wanted something that would clear up excess sebum and help prevent blackhead so I decided to try out this Cool & Cool Deep cleansing nose strip.

It looked innocuous enough,and came easy to use directions. After applying this on my nose, I got a feeling like I have stuck some tape with nasty glue on my nose.
Now I understand the idea that the sticky glue would pull out the blackheads, but this felt uncomfortable as it dried up on my nose.

Directions of use and ingredients

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Mumbai, December 3, 2012 - Fashion has many flavors …Chic, Vintage, Classic, Retro, Bohemian, and Punk. Introducing Upper Deck; The Couture line from Spanish clothing brand Vinegar.  Upper Deck will showcase a wondrous medley of fashion, colors, cuts, styles and silhouettes. High on glamour, bling and drama, Upper Deck- the Couture collection at Vinegar boasts of myriads of designs tailor-made for modern Indian fashionista!

You can expect to find a diamond mine of quirky fun individualistic clothing at the Upper deck from Vinegar which is one of the most creative, cutting edge clothing brands’ in the world. From vintage one offs to floral frocks, insanely creative jewellery, it houses the most exquisite couture line inspired from the runways of the world. Choose from cocktail dresses, evening gowns, Sheath dresses, bodice dresses, jumpsuits or above-the-knee simple dresses with bold color-blocking, Upper Deck at Vinegar will leave you spoilt for choice.
Never settling for simply mainstream Upper Deck adds a mix of global influences to create the perfect mix of couture for its consumers.

Duchess Kate,flaunts new hair do and baby news!! Maternity chic ideas for Kate

Just when Duchess Kate wanted to flaunt her brand new hair style with side swept bangs and darker mane,a vicious bout of morning sickness forced the Royal couple to confirm that indeed the ' bun's in the oven'!! 
Yes the Big Baby News is officially out and Will & Kate are going to be proud parents soon!

While Kate watchers are busy speculating if Kate is expecting twins! Well as the poor Gal is just in her 8th week no such confirmation seems to be happening anytime soon.Us fashion suckers are left wondering how will Kate manage the sartorial fashion challenge? Will she do the disappearing act for next 7 months? Or will she take shelter in frumpy-flouncy dresses?
Going by Kate's impeccable fashion sense so far one can safely assume that Kate would take pregnancy in her stride and stick to sleek & sophisticate dressing style. Expect lots of Princess line coats, Trench coats, full sleeves A line dresses and empire wait gowns.

Here are 5 Celebs who totally rocked Maternity chic and Kate would do well to take a few style tips from these Divas during her pregnancy.

 Carla Bruni during her pregnancy
 Victoria rocked one of her own designs during the Will-Kat wedding
 Sienna Miller in structured coat and fitted dress during her pregnancy

Deepika Padukone is the brand new beauty ambassador for Garnier

Garnier signs on Deepika Padukone as their new brand ambassador

Mumbai, December 4, 2012: Garnier Skin Naturals, a pioneer and driver of innovation in the skincare market in India, signs on the beautiful Deepika Padukone as the new ambassador on the brand. Deepika endorses a completely new product that would be a category creator meant for the modern Indian woman.

Speaking on her association with the brand, Deepika said, “I’m already a fan of Garnier’s skincare range and it is an honour to now be associated with the brand. Garnier has done some phenomenal work in the beauty space. Through my association with Garnier I hope to help women across the country obtain the perfect looking skin they’re all in search off!”

Clinique's International Skin Expert is in India Get Personalized Consultation with Dr. Emmanuelle Moirand

Get  your  Prescription to Great Looking Skin at a Personalized Consultation with Dr. Emmanuelle Moirand, Clinique's
International Skin Expert

Concerned about pigmentation, discolouration, acne, dark  circles, lines  and  wrinkles, uneven  skintone or simply sensitive  skin? Worry not, as the  dermatologist created  skincare  brand,  Clinique invites customers to  consult its  International  Skin  [xpert, Dr.  [mmanuelle Moirand at  The  Doctor IIn  initiative, in select Clinique  stores. Recognizing the  unique skincare needs  of  each  person,  Dr. Ernmanuelle  Moirand will  deliver   personalized consultations. sk in  analysis  and  offer  customized skincarc   solutions, catered  to each customer's skin  type and skin concern on  13th December at Clinique, Palladium Mall, Mumbai and
15'"- 16'h December at Clinique, Select  City Walk, New Delhi.



The Cosmetic Leader in Genetic Aging Introduces Estée Lauder’s First Global Anti-Aging Creme …

A Breakthrough, Multi-Action Supreme Creme That Turns on Multiple Anti-Aging Pathways
with One “Master Switch” to Beautifully Revitalize the Look of Skin

Estée Lauder’s philosophy “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” is a universal truth that empowers women around the world; however, every woman has her own unique approach to beauty. In fact, after conducting extensive consumer studies, Estée Lauder uncovered that there is a specific modern woman looking for a simplistic approach to beauty - she wants an advanced multi-tasking creme to anticipate her skin’s changing needs. Inspired by these findings and cutting-edge genetic research, Estée Lauder introduces its first global anti-aging creme developed specifically for this particular woman - a breakthrough, high-performance, multi-action creme so extraordinary, it can only be called REVITALIZING SUPREME GLOBAL ANTI-AGING CREME.

As skin ages, it begins to feel dry, losing its youthful radiance, and its needs are constantly changing.  By reactivating skin’s natural ability to look younger, REVITALIZING SUPREME GLOBAL ANTI-AGING CREME anticipates and responds to skin’s changing needs, delivering advanced science, nutrients and moisture deep within skin’s surface to help delay the look of signs of aging. With 10 patents worldwide, this supremely lightweight, high-performance, multi-action creme features Estée Lauder’s new, breakthrough IntuiGen Technology™ to beautifully revitalize the look of skin. Derived from nature, this powerful technology helps revitalize skin from within, addressing multiple visible signs of aging by supporting skin’s natural activation of Nrf2, a “master switch” that turns on multiple anti-aging pathways within the skin.  The breakthrough formula also features an advanced SIRT-1 Technology to help rejuvenate the look of skin by providing cells with more time to carry out their natural restorative functions. Additionally, a powerful Barrier-Building Complex, potent anti-irritants and anti-oxidants nourish skin with replenishing moisture and nutrients to help skin resist the signs of aging. With every silky-soft touch, skin is more compact, supple and beautifully revitalized, as the multiple signs of aging are measurably reduced.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Swatch Fest-Ikya Swatches her 5 favorite bright MAC Lipsticks

I am Ikya and I write the blog MAKEUP MONOLOGUES (, an Indian beauty and Lifestyle blog; when I'm not busy playing 'bob the builder'. I blog about, well, you know, makeup (shocker!), tips and tricks I discover here and there and ramble about my very happening (not) life! 
A proud Co Army Brat  l post about the very happening (really) life of an Army Brat once in a while! I LOVE animals and bright lipsticks, I can't dance to save my life, I love talking at length about myself (which is WHY I blog!) and THAT'S about it!

Here are my 5 favorite MAC's bright lipstick,from left to right,swatched on medium skin tone.

  • Viva Glam Cyndi
  • Ruby Woo
  • Vegas Volt
  • Impassioned 
  • Crosswires

Beauty on a Budget- Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean up

Multitasking is all the fad..we now have laptops which can double up as tablets, tablets that can double up as cell phones,well how can the beauty and skincare potions be far behind,the latest crop of 'Mister-do-it-all 'beauty potions can be used as face wash/scrub and a masks. Suddenly the Indian beauty counters are awash with these little tubes which claim to do it all!

Now I personally steer clear of these Jack-of-all-trades products, but when I saw one from Nivea,my interest was piqued,its called Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean up.This thrifty little Mr. Fixit is the new kid on the block can be used as a wash,scrub,pack,oil remover,spot reducer.

Its meant for Normal to Oily skin, which means a pretty wide skin spectrum gets covered by Nivea Pure effect Total Face clean up.

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control concentrate launch event pics

CLARINS, Paris & Neena Haridas, Editor, Marie Claire launched CLARINS Double Serum
CLARINS, Paris in association with Neena Haridas, Editor, Marie Claire launched CLARINS Double Serum in New Delhi.The CLARINS Double Serum was launched at a chic soiree at the Sevilla, The Claridges. 

Seen enjoying the product at the launch over lunch were Neena Haridas, Editor, Marie Claire, Sushma Puri, Seema Puri, Sabrina Lal, Payal Sen, Nida Mahmood, Radhika Jha, Mandira Wirk, Fleur Xavier, Gopika Pillai and many more…including 'Yours Truly'
Introducing to India CLARINS Double Serum a brand new product, Complete Age Control Concentrate The expert in plant-based
anti‑aging skin care,
CLARINS presents Double Serum® [Hydric + Lipidic System]. 

More than just a serum, the one and only anti‑aging treatment that reactivates
the 5 vital functions on which skin’s youth and beauty depend. 
An unprecedented performance,
the best of nature and science in one product, the culmination of 27 years of anti‑aging expertise.
The essential treatment for all skins
from age 25.
90% of women judge Double Serum® more effective than their usual serum.

The luncheon launch was organized in a beautiful outdoor setting with gazebos,moroccan lampshades adorning the trees overhead creating a very relaxing ambiance.

Fleur Xavier
 Mandira Wirk

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Swtach Fest! Pragnya shares her 5 favorite face brightening lispticks

Hi everyone,
My name is Pragnya. I loovee lipsticks. I love how they brighten up my face and my mood any day. My skin tone is medium to light.

Here are the lipsticks/lip gloss I love to death and love wearing every other day  
       Lakme enrich satins shade 651 : it is my most used and abused shade (you can see from the picture J )
      when swiped once it’s a neutral light pink but gradually stains a little which is very face flattering.

5.       Maybelline Colorsensational  Moisture extreme lipcolor in chestnut B41 : a very nice nude pink with slight mauve undertones. Great for every day wear.

4.       Maybelline Colorsensational  Moisture extreme lipcolor in buffB42 : it is a very nice pretty shade having hints of peach and pink

Have A Little Colour With Clinique's 8 new shades of Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Have A Little Colour With Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Introducing 8 NEW Vibrant Shades

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm has become  a worldwide  phenomenon.   These irresistibly playful nourishing lip balms  continue  to receive prestigious  accolades,  including  the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de Ia Beaute in the UK, Greater China, South Africa and Australia. They've also become a must-have among industry insiders and Hollywood's elite.

These multitasking, moisturizing, colourful lip crayons have scribbled their way into the hearts of devoted  fans everywhere.   In fact,  Chubby  Stick  is Clinique's  #1  lip product  worldwide.    To chubbify the Chubby Stick craze, Clinique is introducing 8 new mouthwatering hues with stay­ true colour and buildable coverage ranging in shades from oranges to pinks to fuchsias and violets. Have a little colour...or  a lot with: Heaping Hazelnut, Bountiful Blush, Two Ton Tomato, Oversized Orange, Mighty Mimosa, Curvy Candy, Pudgy Peony and Voluptuous Violet.

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm has a highly moisturizing formula that uses a special blend of decadent butters, oils and antioxidants to help protect  and pamper lips with immediate and lasting moisturization.   Infused with Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil, Chubby Stick delivers a surge of moisture in a sleek stick leaving lips soft, supple and soothed. Packaged in the same convenient retractable barrel, this balm-like formula makes on-the-go application a cinch- no mirror required. To apply, simply twist the base to expose more balm and twist back down before replacing the cap.

The NEW 8 shades of Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm will be available in December at Clinique counters nationwide and online at  for a suggested retail price of 1025.

Allergy Tested.  100% Fragrance Free.

(Editor's Note- Is it just Me? Or even you are unable to peel your eyes of Voluptuous Violet chubby stick?)

Auravedic Pure nourishing moisturizing lotion review

If your skin has been dealing with the ravages of urban lifestyle-dust,pollution,stress and chemical overload in your skincare, then its time to look for facial skin repair solution from Auravedic.
Auravedic's unique blend of nourishing bio actives assists the skin's natural process of regeneration to help restore its elasticity and suppleness  while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.This lotion is easily absorbed and deeply penetrating.

The sleek and simle pump dispenser is perfect for quick on the go applications.
Main Ingredients-
  • Kokum Butter
  • Mango Butter
  • Beeswax
  • Sunflower olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Grapeseed extract
  • Neroli Oil

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beauty on a Budget-Pond's Active Moisture review

After my Empties Project I had been maintaining a very trimmed down stock of makeup and skincare products in my vanity case.So when I ran out of my regular day cream I didn't have a back up one... yeah can you believe that a Beauty blogger running out of face cream?! Yes wonders never cease...

So basically on one of my random grocery store visits I frantically looked around for face creams & realized the skincare aisles didn't have any of my regular favorites in stock.
I was quite literally left scratching my head, whether should I pick up another expensive un-tested cream or order my staples online and wait for 3-4 days for delivery..
Hmmm.. such a travesty.. so while I pondered over this million dollar question this cutesy little blue and white jar of Pond's Active Moisture cream winked at made no big claims about how it will reduce signs of aging, make me look years younger, or how it will whiten my skin or make it glow... blah blah you know the whole spiel, it just said its a 'Revitalizing 24 hours moisturizer'...
I picked it up and saw it retails for Rs 120/- for 50 grams, I decided what the heck, lets try, how bad can it be...I came home washed my face and slathered on some Pond's Active Moisture.

Now surprise surprise , while this is no miracle worker it is a pretty damned good face cream. Comes in a sturdy glass jar and blue cap.The moisturizer has a beautiful subtle floral fragrance and white whipped texture. 

It sinks into my normal-oily combination skin (normal skin with oily T zone), gives a smooth well hydrated texture, doesn't leave greasy residue and best of all gives a good semi matte finish to my skin. It also keeps the shine on my oily forehead under control and I have used it as a night cream and have woken up to good fresh looking skin.

I didn't experience any heavy greasiness in the morning with this baby.I have used it continuously for 2 weeks and my skin is quite happy with it.I'm even more surprised that this little budget warrior actually costs so less and works so much better than many pricier cream I have been using for a while.

I'm definitely repurchasing and would recommend you check this little jar of  beauty on a budget

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