Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 fantasy Limited edition collections M.A.C hasn't launched,but should!

M.A.C.'s limited edition collections never fail to set the pulse racing of all us Makeup addicts, while all of us have drawn up our big fat wishlist of favorites of M.A.C's 2012 LEs
I instead decided to chalk down my list of 5 Limited edition collections MAC didn't launch, but should, have a look and tell me your favorite from the lot.
The 007 collection-Its the 50th anniversary of Bond franchise and its about time M.A.C. launched a 007 collection to celebrate the Iconic slick spy the,sultry Bond Girls and the larger than life villains.

OPI has already got the nail polishes covered with its Skyfall collection So I'd draw up my lipstick, blush and eyeshadow wishlist.

I'd love a deep burgundy lipstick like one sported by Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall,the shade is a a tad darker than MAC Rebel.

M.A.C Can re-promote its "Double shot" lipstick for the 007 collection and launch a sexy retro red satin lipstick and call it " Casino Royale'

'For your eyes only'  I'd love a smokey kohl bit like M.A.C. Smolder just a tad less smudgy.
While I'm dishing out my wishlist I'd also like 'Gold finger' a foiled gold polish with gold flakies,* yup bring on the glittah!*

Brigitte Bardot Limited edition collection- After M.A.C. Marilyn Collection (which I'm oh-so-eagerly awaiting,I already have my wishlist ready!!) I'd totally love to see M.A.C pay and homage to the original 'sex kitten' Brigitte Bardot the sultry French siren of 60's
With her blonde bouffant,heavy kohl rimmed eyes and a pouty chestnut lips, Brigitte set a million hearts on fire.

How sexy would be a lipstick a tad darker than
M.A.C. Honeylove ( Birgitte's signature lip shade ) called "Voulez-vous danser avec moi?" 

Starwars collection-In a galaxy far far away, its time to slip over to the dark side.The most iconic franchise in movie history deserves its limited edition collection and what better way to celebrate the magic of star wars than with some Princess Leia inspired lipsticks and Darth Vader metallic black mineralize eyeshadow?  
While we are at it can I order a Jade green mineralize eyeshadow call 'Master Yoda '
May the force be with you :)

Lady Gaga Collection-Flamboyant, quirky and avant garde,Lady Gaga is all that and more and its about time to unleash the mother monster.M.A.C collaborated with Lady Gaga for their Viva Glam collection, however I feel Gaga deserves a whole collection dedicated to her,
its time for some 'Poker face' pressed powder compact, 'Bad romance' lipstick and Alejandro eyeshadows

Angry Birds-All you people who love these cute little feather-balls and their piggy nemesis raise your hands!

After Rio, Space and now Star wars version Angry birds have gone where no video game app has gone before,its about time for M.A.C. to pay a tribute to our furry-fluffy friends, I'd so love to see lipsticks and blushes and lacquers called "Poached Eggs","Bad Piggies" and "Piglantis"

So which is your favorite Fantasy Limited edition makeup collection? Comment and Tell :)

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  1. Ur a genius Pooja...MAC should make you their Creative Director or something....what lovely collections uv thought up!!! My faves would be the Bond and Angry Bird collection. MAC are you listening???

  2. Wow!!! I would love the Lady Gaga n Angry birds collection so cute I would buy it only for the packaging

  3. Brilliant idea for a mac post pooja ! Its angry birds all the way for me :-D

  4. ha ha ha...u should actually sent this directly to MAC....poached piggies....hilarious....LOVE.....hats off to u darling....this is your most creative funny post ever! 10 stars out of 5 :D

  5. I loved this post! Awesome!

    If I had to think up of a MAC collection it wld be

    1. Pride & Prejudice based: Lovely romantic shades of pinks, peaches & browns for looking like an English Rose. It wld have a bright pink red shade called Lydia, and a nude pink called Jane. Lizzy wld have a bit more spunk - so a reddish brown lipstick.

    2. Harry Potter: Imagine the names they wld come up with. A cool pale pink blush called Love Portion, a deep purple (almost black) gel liner with micro-shimmer in burgundy called Belladonna! So many things!!! :D

  6. Lady Gaga collection, not only the Viva Glam, but we do want some eccenric eye makeup shades as well!! I would love to add a Dita Von tesse Collection as well
    or may be Inspired by the beautiful Elf pricesses, a LOTR line as well?

  7. MAC should definitely hire you for their marketing department, you totally have me sold on these non-existing lines! lol



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