Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Colorbar I Glide eye liner pencil Amethyst Spark review, swatch

I glide eyeliners from Colorbar are my absolute favorites when it comes to high quality water proof,transfer resist,smudge proof eyeliners.

The i Glide pencil are and safe on the waterline,their smooth texture means one swipe gets full on color on your upper and lower lashline and you don't need to keep going back and forth with the eyeliner to get a smooth line.Only con is that because they are so creamy they tend to break off quite easily at the time of sharpening.

These come in a chic silver box packaging and have a shade swatch at the base of both the liner pencil and outer packaging. Priced at INR 399/-for an eyeliner pencil they tread the middle ground between budget and splurge for me.

Amethyst spark is a very unusual shade-its a jewel toned shade with shimmer and I often reach out for it when I want to perk up my eye makeup look with a combination of unusual shades.
I have worn it on my lower waterline, though the glitter is a bit gritty to wear on the waterline, it is perfectly safe on the lashline.

I'm wearing Amethyst I Glide eyeliner Amethyst spark on my lower lash line in both these eye makeup looks.

Overall thoughts-This is a gorgeous eyeliner which creates very stunning effects,it has a wear time of over 7-8 hours,its perfect to add a hint of festivity to your eye makeup look with a quick sweep of Amethyst spark. This is a jewel toned shade and a very unique one at that,I'd highly recommend it. You can currently pick these at 25% discount from
,use coupon code COLORBAR25, coupon valid till 15 Nov 2012.

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  1. such a gorgeously tempting shade na? but my heart is set on prunella now ! :)

  2. Such a gorgeous shade...want want want...loved ur eye makeup too..ur such an expert

  3. i have this one :) its a beauty :D
    ur eotd is gorgeous , doing total justice to amethyst spark :)

  4. I just ordered this one yesterday :D

  5. Do check out UD's Shadow Pencil Delinquent (metallic purple), You will forget other glide on pencils



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