Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lush Sugar Scrub review

Lush Sugar scrub is a fun bath product for the days you are feeling indulgent and want to pamper yourself with a bit of luxury bathing.
Lush says "Get your body nice and wet,smooth your Sugar scrub scrubbing harder on the rough parts and rinse off"

Its a vegan product though it does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Cocamide DEA (which is used to thicken and give a goopy texture to bath and body products) Cocamide DEA is a suspected carcinogenic.SLS and Cocamide DEA are usually found extensively used in bath and skincare products, but considering we are paying a premium for Fresh Handmade Cosmetics which are au naturel I was a bit surprised (not in a good way) to find these two mentioned in the ingredient list.
100 grams of Lush Sugar scrub sells for Rs 350/-. I had received mine in my October Vellvette box subscription

At first I was quite excited to try my first Lush product (we all know how delicious Lush stores smell), but I was honestly foxed at the size of this sugar scrub and its odd hemispherical shape, it was difficult to wedge it out of its plastic case.
Though it was solid and the sugar crystals are tightly packed together once in water it does tend to melt of rather quickly.You can see the bits of herbs embedded in the scrub as well.Thought it contains fennel and ginger root and linalool the primary fragrance I get from this scrub is that of lavender essential oil.

When I used it I found that it does lather up a slight bit and scrubs well, though nothing too extraordinary that any other sugar scrub wouldn't do.It should last me 6-7 showers, I would not recommend using this everyday, twice in a week should be more than enough of skin polishing.

Overall Thoughts-On the upside you step out of your shower smelling good and polished off on the downside is you have a big fat green crumbly sugary scrub in your bath/shower, which makes helluva mess.Lush Sugar scrub is a fun way to spice up your shower routine, its a bit pricey and inconveniently shaped, it still has that feel good factor of Lush.
Will I repurchase- Umm No..

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  1. i feel a good loofah would do the trick !instead of splurging on such body scrubs :)

  2. I would prefer to make my own least u don't have SLS and C-DEA in that...and u can add whatever aroma oil u like.

    Have a look at my DIY body scrub here:

  3. Ahh too bad on this product.
    I tried to subscribe to the Nov box..but they wont let me :(
    Apparently the one month boxes got over in 3 hours at midnight :-/

  4. Yup even I missed out on Nov subscription,when I tried in the night the link was down morning it was sold out,will subscribe for a 3 month subscription later :)



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