Friday, August 10, 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole's Cruelty free makeup launch and price info

The Body Shop Presents Lily’s Cruelty-Free Make-Up
As part of our collaboration with Lily Cole, our first ever global Brand Advocate, we are proud to launch a new, limited edition make-up range called ‘Cruelty Free Make-Up’.
Celebrating our Against Animal Testing ethos, our Cruelty-Free Make-Up range is so great that Lily put her name to it.  Like all our makeup, it contains no animal products and hasn’t ever been tested on animals.
With ultra-expressive colours, shimmering looks and super soft giant puffs for perfect application every time, being cruelty-free has never been so glamorous.

 Can’t wait to try it?  Don’t dawdle. Cruelty-Free Make-Up is strictly limited edition!
All The Body Shop products are vegetarian and 100% cruelty free.

·No Bug Shells: Our Cruelty-Free Make-Up contains no bug shell extract to colour the product. Because our love for animals includes bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies.

·No Shellfish: Our shimmer effect is made from mineral mica and our binding agents are made from natural vegetable materials instead of crushed shellfish. It’s an open and shut case!
·No Animal Hair: Our make-up brushes use artificial hair instead of goat hair, which helps make sure your conscience stays clean and our goats stay fluffy.  Which is as it should be, after all.

 The limited edition Cruelty Free Range consists of:
1.       1.Mini Hi-Shine
Available in Go Pink, Go Wild, Go Play and Go Naked, our super shiny gloss can be applied straight to your lips for super sexy, hi-gloss lips. With a fun and fruity flavour, this wet-look gloss is set to be a hit.
Price Rs 400/-

 Lily says: Maximum shine and super moisturisation. Go crazy!
2. Pearl Radiance Primer
These radiant, light-diffusing pearls give skin a pure radiance.  Use them before you use your foundation or just on its own. In just one step, your skin is hydrated and your complexion perfected.
Price Rs 1895/-

Lily says: Go on, shine!
3. Mini Brush Set
A set of four miniature brushes for cheeks, eyes and lips, in a mirrored wallet. With 100% cruelty-free fibres, these brushes are perfect for making up on the go. Contains a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, slanted brush and lipstick/concealer brush.
Lily says: Be cruelty-free, wherever you are
4. Liquid Eyeliner
Our brightest, most dramatic violet yet! Smudge proof and easy to apply, our fine tipped felt applicator delivers colour exactly where you want it.
Lily says: Go violently violet!
5. Puff On Radiance
Puff On Radiance leaves a pink toned, luminescent finish and is perfect for face, cheeks and décolletage. With a super soft puff, it’s radiance gone radical. 
Price Rs 1395/-

Lily says: Now you can glow all over!
6. Shimmer Cubes
Pick one, two or more shades to blend and create your own look.  Shimmer Cubes come in a range of iridescent pinks and lilacs. Think Pink, Live Lilac, Go Violet and Tint It Pink. Crease resistant and suitable for contact lens wearers.
Price Rs 1495/-

Lily says: Shimmer Cubes are the ultimate in mix’n’match beauty. Go Wild!
7. Lip & Cheek Dome
A creamy gel in an easy-to-use, innovative dome format can be applied directly onto cheeks or onto lips.
Price Rs 895/-

Lily says: My favourite product in the range! Now you can glow all over
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