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Sleek i Divine Storm eye shadow palette review, swatches and eye makeup looks!

I have to let you guys on my dirrrty little secret- I have a makeup lust list which is a mile long. No really I'm not kidding. I have a memo stored in my cell phone which is an ongoing Makeup Lust List. Well doesn't sound very obsessive compulsive yet- well wait here is the dirrty bit- that list gets updated every one hour-every day! EEEEeeekks I know yes I have a makeup addiction!

Ah such travesty! :P

Well one of enigmatic piece from my Makeup Lust List was Sleek i Divine Storm eye shadow palette and I had been going bananas over it for months! Like literally past 6 months this has haunted my makeup dreams!

Sleek Makeup says "The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks.

The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalized look.

Best applied with the applicator enclosed.

We've recently given our i-Divines a makeover! The outer packaging has been updated and the way the eye shadows are pressed are different. They are now pressed flat instead of the original waffle print"

Really how pretty is the chic packaging!

True to its name the packaging is ultra sleek and sturdy. The palette is deceptively small but contains a mirror (mirror is as big full size of the palette) which I find very functional when I need to do my makeup on the go. Also the sponge tipped applicator provided in the palette is nice and sturdy. Usually I throw out these sponge tipped applicators as soon as I buy the palettes coz well they are just craptastic, but this one is pretty neat, I can use it in a pinch.

The palette contains 12 shades of 1.1 grams each,there are 3 matte shadows a nude, taupe and a matte black and rest are all shimmery and pearlescent finishes.There are 3 very good highlight shades in this palette and irrespective of which shadows I use these day I find myself reaching out my iDivine Storm palette for highlighters.

The 3 matte shadows alone make this palette worth buying. All shadows are very soft and velvety and richly pigmented. Usually matte textures are very tricky and most drugstore brands don't quite get the formulation right, but Sleek has got its mattes right and the butter smooth texture and opaque coverage from its mattes has totally floored me!

The top row swatched on NC 45 bare skin. This row has mostly pearl and frost finishes, the third shade from left is my absolute favorite and most used shade, i used it as an all over lid shade on most days.
The bottom row has more richer deeper tones and

The only Con with this palette is its availability-It has to be shipped from UK and unless you are buying a few palettes shipping charges of ~ $13.5 bumps up the palette cost.
The first time I ordered these of Sleek website my parcel went missing (it could have been Royal Mail / India Post up to some old tricks!) but even after 1 month of placing my order I had to run pillar to post to get my refund from Sleek. To their credit they did eventually Refund  the amount back to my card, yet their customer service team left lot to be desired. I checked with tons of fellow bloggers and seems like I was the only one who had trouble with missing parcel from Sleek, so don't let my singular experience be the benchmark.

Finally I had to request a friend traveling back from UK to bring this along for me.But I am really glad I finally could lay my paws on this baby :)

Overall Thoughts-Priced at $ 9.9 This palette is really worth its weight in gold, it has the perfect combination of mattes and shimmery shadows. All shades have very good pigmentation, soft velvety texture, these work great even without a primer or a base.Do not crease even on my very oily eyelids and the wear time is over 8 hours.This is a must have eyeshadow palette in every makeup kit. Its perfect for creating day to night eye makeup looks and is a great investment product. 
Highly recommend it!

Some Eye makeup looks done with Sleek iDivine Storm eye shadow palette

Would you like to Win Sleek i Divine Storm eye shadow palette? comment & tell :)

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  1. Oooh! This is lovely! I'm seeing Sleek everywhere today! LOL! Now you added to it. ;)
    I want to get the Bad Girl or Ultra Mattes Brights palette next. Storm is awesome but I feel like I have a lot of the shades scattered around in my makeup boxes. LOL! But it definitely looks like a keeper! :D

    1. Yup I agree Sleek palettes are all over the place,really good quality at very good pricing! Even I have tons of similar shades in my stash as in Storm palette but I needed one to throw in my handbag and do my makeup while traveling to work so picked it up. Even I'm seriously eying the Ultra matte palette, particularly for the dark green and teal shades, Argh my lust list just got a little longer & my palette is playing catch up:P

  2. oooh, that looks gorgeous! i live in kuwait and have read about the sleek palettes in almost every blog i read, but haven't been able to try them out as they're just not available here and the shipping charges put me off :( but for the price of the palette, i'd say thats quite a deal! the shadows are beautiful!

    and yes, i would love to win one! (if you made it international)

    1. Welcome to my Blog Layla- I love your name its sooo beautiful :)
      Even I had been very reluctant to order from Sleek coz the shipping cost more than the palettes, but now I have used 2-3 of their products I'd say they are worth paying for expensive international shipping. Try and order a bunch of palettes together or club your order with a few friends, you'd really love the quality of their palette.
      Sleek iDivine storm palette International giveaway coming up soon,stay tuned :)

  3. yay! a sleek giveaway?? def in Poo..this is such a lovely this wil haunt me in my dreams until i get it..lovely looks u hav created

  4. LOL!! I wanna see that list! :D Btw: did u manage to get ben nye blush? I may go to nbc this weekend..lemme know if u want me to pick up for u
    *I m avoiding to see sleek coz I dont wanna add tht to my lust list* :p

  5. hii..m back again... could i request u to do a couple of eotds for office wear..something that it pretty but doesnt scream that 'hey look I put on makeup"

    1. Sure sure thing Kej! Thanks for the fan idea I'll try and do a couple office friendly looks over weekend and post them soon :)

    2. I meant thanks for the great idea :P this stupid I phone keeps changing my typed words to some very embarrassing effect! :P

  6. i have tis palette and love it d 2nd luk so much !!!

  7. Very pretty the eye looks...:)

  8. You know I too have this endless lust list in my cell drafts..thankfully I do not add it up now..coz I am more than satisfied with the stuff I have now :p I love Storm and Oh So Special..and get really confused on which to order..but I guess love Oh So Special a lil ordered that..waiting for it now :)

  9. i love this palette.. im yet to post my review and EOTDs with this! I loved both the looks !!

  10. ok good so now you have sleek too. u r getting a pro at eye makeup you know. love to see ur transormation

  11. Awesome!Loved the second eye make up! And ur eyes r so lovely :)

  12. lovely ......pallete.............. i want it.

  13. I bought this palette today and they charged me $3.97 as shipping. I stay in Delhi.

    1. Yes Sleek has now reduced te shipping charges since past months



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