Sunday, August 5, 2012

Faces Canada Ballerina Nail polish review,swatch and Sale Alert

Faces Cosmetics is currently having an upto 50% Off Sale in its standalone stores.Everything from Makeup and accessories has good discounts going on.I just picked up my very first Faces Nail polish and am pretty happy with the quality.
The shade I bought is Ballerina and is a beautiful peachy pink with a slight yellow pull. The shade is a creamy matte,looks very fresh and flirty.

The nail enamel texture is slightly on the thicker side and two coats give a nice finish. The drying time is thankfully not too long either.7 ml mini bottles cost Rs 99/- and I got around 15% off (don't remember exact off on this, I hauled some more stuff along)
I'd definitely recommend checking out Faces Nail enamel, they have lovely shade selection at pocket friendly prices. I'm in love with this shade and will definitely be buying a backup of Ballerina.

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  1. the colour is good for office girls. me college wali want something bright!

  2. I love the color but darling they start to chip very fast. I hope you clicked it right after you applied it. Let it be there for 2-3 days and you will see how badly they start to fade around the edges and chip. To make sure that nail polish last longer, i do not apply nail polish under fan so that they take time to dry and last longer. 5 mins of bearing the summer heat is a complete waste for these.

  3. Very sweet shade!! Somehow I m not too fond of this brand..they become goopy soon..and maybe this one is streaky..but lots of other cremes are very streaky.

  4. i went to the store in momentz mall....bored SA ...uninterested in showing anything....needless to say i didnt buy anything

  5. the pink is beautiful for young people



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