Saturday, August 11, 2012

M.A.C at Delhi Couture Week 2012 Day 1 - JJ Vallaya and some very interesting Ottoman trivia

M.A.C Cosmetics is  the official makeup partner  at the Delhi Couture Week and is  working backstage with designers including Varun Bahl , Gaurav Gupta ,Anamika Khanna , Anju Modi , Manish Arora , Manav Gangwani  , Shantanu and Nikhil ,  J J Valaya , Ashima - Leena,Manish Malhotra ,and Sabyasachi  . M.A.C will have a team of top-tier makeup artists headed by Mickey Contractor, Director of Makeup Artistry India and Sonic Sarwate Senior Artist – India.

M.A.C is present at all major Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan and Paris. M.A.C also sponsors fashion weeks throughout the world including London, Athens, South Africa, and Sydney amongst many others. The M·A·C  PRO Teams work closely with renowned makeup artists and play key roles in creating the makeup looks on the  most famous runways in the world. M·A·C is sold in 79 countries/territories worldwide, with 23 stores across India. The M·A·C attitude is best expressed by the artists, seen and felt in the stores and accessed through the website

JJ Vallaya's stuck to his evergreen bridal attires which would be as relevant in 17th century as they are today ;)
Inspired by the opulence of the Ottoman empire every single piece of garment can be passed on to the next generation as a family heirloom.

Vallaya appears to have used lot of fabric patterns and embroidery from the 16th and 17th century Ottoman empire. See some fabric samples below.The second outfit on the pic above has embroidery which is a dead ringer for the the pattern on the right pattern on the right in the image below.
Well what can I say in Fashion history repeats itself, sometime after 300-400 years later. All the more reasons to preserve and pass on your bridal trousseau ladies, it might just back in vogue couple of centuries later!!

Trivia- Do you know about a very important woman who linked India and the erstwhile Ottoman empire?
HIH Princess Durru Shevar was the Imperial Princess of Ottoman Empire, her father was the last Heir apparent of Imperial Ottoman throne.
Princess Durru Shevar was married to Prince Azam Jah, the eldest son and heir of the last Nizam of Hyderabad State, Osman Ali Khan, Asif Jah VII,who in his time was The Richest person in the world!

Everyday you learn something new 

To see more fabric samples from Ottoman era click here

To see more real Ottoman style through the centuries click here
The look for JJ Vllaya's show case was created by Sonic Sarwate, scroll down for back stage pics and face chart.

(image courtesy-MAC)
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