Thursday, August 30, 2012

L'oreal Infailliable eyeshadow Endless chocolate- Is it the most sensational eyeshadow launch of 2012?

So the blogosphere is already littered with tales of how awesome L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows are,so here I am to tell you all about the most coveted shade from this range recently launched in India.
For some strange inexplicable reason L'oreal has launched the same Infallible eyeshadows under different names and numbers in different countries. Causing endless chaos,palpitations and heart wrenching drama amongst the makeup addicts to spot their favorite shades.Yours truly did waste an entire weekend trying to hunt down 2 shades,leaving  a trail of exasperated Sales associates,only to find that these shades are not yet launched in India! [Yes bite Me!! I'm obsessive compulsive about my makeup ;) ]

The shade that instantly made me go weak in the knees was Endless chocolate (a.k.a Continuous Cocoa in USA). A very deep intensely pigmented brown shadow (without any tinge of redness) which has fast become my beauty staple.

The packaging of Infallible shadows  is pretty funky and mimics Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadow packaging.The shade can be seen at the base of the packaging, which always earns brownie points from me :)

A quirky part of the packaging is the the eyeshadow stopper/ protector which can be used to prevent spillage and also to press down the loose shadow to a more manageable semi-pressed texture.Do keep this carefully, sans which I'm afraid the powdery eyeshadow is bound to fly all over the place.

Oh dear Lord! just dip me in butter and roll me nuts!! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous gorgeous brown eyeshadow? Okay who am I kidding, obviously you have, but definitely not from a drugstore brand.

The blackened brown shadow with pearl finish and a hint of metallic sheen is perfect neutral eyeshadow for almost all skin tones, occasions and ages.Its perfect for creating smokey brown eyes, or for use on the crease area for adding depth to your neutral eye makeup looks.

This is the shade you can wear to work with just a smidgen of kohl and mascara and in the evening you can just throw in a turquoise eyeliner like Colorbar Flirty Turq or Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner- Jade or a bold navy blue shade like Revlon Colorstay Blooming blue eyeshadow and transform your look to a Night Goddess and be ready to hit the dance floors

Single swipe on without base or primer on NC 45 skin.The shade has a beautiful  smooth texture, it almost feels like a cream eyeshadow due to its  buttery texture.The fall out is bare minimum which is such a blessing for a powder eyeshadow.Wear time on my oily lids without primer is 8 hours + which to my mind is phenomenal!

Overall Thoughts- L'oreal Infallible Endless chocolate eyeshadow is a highly versatile neutral brown shadow,its awesome staying power, beautiful sheen and sophisticate packaging make it a total winner. While INR 450/- for a single eyeshadow pan ( of 3.5 grams) is a bit much, the quality of these shadows overrides the price.I'd highly recommend this shadow as per me this is The most sensational eyeshadow launch of 2012.
Two other shades from Infallible range which have debuted in UK and not yet in India that I'm currently lemming for are Bronze Goddess & Sahara Treasure.Come on L'oreal be a sport and launch these babies quickly here in India soon.

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  1. Too bad that loreal tests on animals. The sole reason I dnt buy it..:-(

  2. I loved these! I didn't get Endless chocolate because of the bajillion browns I have. LOL! But I got the pink from Ansh, it is gawjus! And I bought Burning black which is a dark plummy black. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! :D

  3. Yes I've been obsessing over the burning black eyeshadow too! It's such a gorgeous intense plummy black shade,just barely managing to hold myself back from shopping for more makeup :|
    Btw endless chocolate is an investment as per me, it's so unlike every other brown I've tried. I'd highly recco it :)

  4. Cant even say how much I love this!

  5. i hav this n lov it alot..nice review n fab pics waiting for eyelook wid it..i got 4 from this range n loving all of them

  6. Wowwwwwww this is really the gorgeous brown :)

  7. I recently bought this. Havent had the chance to use it yet. But I've heard it doesn't apply as well with a brush, as it does with fingers. Is that true?

    1. I've been using it with my coastal scents brushes its worked beautifully so far.u can apply it all over loss using ur fingers but obviously for precise crease work u wud. We'd a brush. I don't think there will be any problem this shadow is quite amazing quality wise

  8. OMG OMG!! Every review I see of this and I jus sooooo wanna buy this! Ok U convinced me!



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