Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kareena's Lakme Fashion week 2012 inspired purple smokey eye makeup look

Lakme Fashion Week 2012 showcased Lakme's Monochrome collection and amongst the four looks featured on Kareena Kapoor was this beautiful purple smokey eye makeup look.
I love the combination of shimmery smokey purple color teemed with green gold and though this eye makeup looks intricate its surprisingly easy.

Kareena sports green contacts in the pics and it compliments the gorgeous green gold shade on Kareena's lower lashline.

Products Used
  • NYX HD Eyeshadow base
  • Revlon black eye liner pencil used on the upper lashline
  • Colorbar I define pencil- Amethyst spark-used all over the eyelid as a base
  • Bourjois duochrome pencil Vert dore- Used on the lower lashline
  • Shimmery purple eyeshadow-from 120 eyeshadow palette used on the lids
  • Sleek i Divine storm palette-Golden beige shade used as  highlighter ,inner eye corner and inner corner of lower lashline, Matte black shade used for smoking out the outer eye corner
  • KKcenter HK false eyelashes and New U false eyelash glue.


Hope you all liked the looks, I'm planning to do the res tof the three looks features on Kareena in the Monochrome collection, comment and tell which look would you like to see next?

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  1. i loved it Pooja..i like purples alot..hav u tried loreal infallible eyeshdws?..i wanna grab one or two n there is a pretty purple in that too..pls suggest

    1. Thanks Preetha! :D yup I tried L'ordeal infalliable eyeshadow and was pleasantly surprised by the great quality. I picked out Endless chocolate from this collection which I think is a must buy.loreal infalliable purple obsession is a good buy an I'd reccomnend can also pick up 120 eyeshadow palette which has some beautiful mauve, lavender,purples in both shimmery and matte textures

  2. loved it Pooja..u have done it beautifully...want to see the Day look #2 next ;)

    P.S. I think it's Kareena's original eye color (green with hint of brown) and not lens...but I might be wrong :P

    1. Thanks P, day look number 2 coming right up :)

      Btw yes Kareena's natural eye color is green brown yet in my experience with close up shots and studio lighting it's unlikely that they wud have skipped on coloured contacts, the green in her eyes is quite pronounced in the pic, either it's contacts or photoshop.. Guess we'll never really know :)

  3. Awesome Pooja! I've been wanting to post this look too! The colours are just so pretty! :D

  4. WoWWW...I love it!!Loved this one the most out of the 4

  5. Lovely look...Love all your EOTDs would love to see the bottom right one...

  6. Amazing look Pooja ! I am waiting for all 3 anyways..maybe day look next..

    1. Thanks Bhumika, one of the Daytime look is live now, check it out :)

  7. Het this is so gorgeous! Will do the tute on 1st day look for me??

  8. Love these looks on Kareena! I feel like doing them too haha

  9. Your eyes look fab!! I had this look sorta replicated on me when I was at LFW - I got purple just in the crease instead of all over the lid. :)

  10. WOw... love these pics.. especially her eyes!
    Thank you for sharing these pics.... i've pinned few of them to my boards!



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