Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Apply false eyelashes- A Pixiwoo video tutorial

False eyelashes- As glamorous as they are, their application can get just as foxy for a newbie.Most of us avoid wearing false lashes cause of a zillion urban legends we have imagined about the false lash glue disasters or simply coz they look just as complicated as rocket science.
To demystify the false eye lash application here is a Pixiwoo tutorial on eyelash application, it covers up all the aspects of wearing false eyelashes, watch and learn Girls 'coz its time to flutter those falsies ;)

My 3 Top tips for applying false eyelashes

1.Always bend the lash and soften up the lash band so it fits better on your natural lashes.
2. Apply slightly more glue at the ends of the false lashes 'coz these are the tricky areas where lashes start to peel if you haven't applied enough glue.

3.Always use a pair of clean tweezers, if your tweezers catch some glue and get tacky, wipe them clean, else it would make a mess of your lashes.

Top 3 Myths about false eyelashes-Busted!

1.No you won't glue your natural lashes with the eyelash glue.

2.No wearing falsies don't cause your lashes to shed.
3.No you don't have to throw out false eyelashes after every use, you an clean out the glue from the false eye lash band and reuse them.

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