Monday, August 27, 2012

Scouse Brow - Is this Duchess Catherine's biggest makeup blunder yet?

It all started with a humble effort at Do your own makeup by Kate at the time of the Royal wedding and gradually this DIY project seems to be going horribly wrong as Duchess Kate seems to have taken to the Scouse brows with vengeance.

'Scouse Brows'- what's that you ask? The latest fashion fad which has taken the Royals, the Celebs and commoners in its grasp. The scouse brows are harsh black, thick and severe brows which has a very strong vertical edge on the inner eye corner.It overpowers your whole face & adds years to your face.

Check out the pics below- the one on extreme left taken at the time of the engagement, notice the much softer brow shape and color. Now contrast this with the extremely harsh scouse brows Kate is seen sporting in her wedding pics.

Surprisingly enough ever since Kate debuted her Scouse brows sales of Eye grooming products has gone up by 600% in UK!!
Image source- Google, copyrighted to respective image owners.

If for some reasons unknown you too are bitten by the Scouse Brow bug- check out Wayne (Gossmakeup artist) explain how to achieve this look.

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  1. Ohhh my why would anyone do this in the first place!!



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