Sunday, October 9, 2011


OOOH its Sunday & I'm super excited, its my favorite & most relaxing day of the week! Its the day to dig out all my favorite lotion,potions, scrubs and masques,body butter & hair masques,manicure kit and pamper myself silly!

My Sunday ritual starts with a fortnightly face bleach I love Oxy Bleach as it works great for my skin & helps lighten facial hair. Followed by a nice face scrub and then I slather on some face masque. 
My current favorites are Beauty Buffet Honey facial scrub & Masque. I love my Gino Mc Ray Head band to keep hair off my face and Vega Face Pack Brush to slather on the face pack.

Next is the eyebrow tweezing & Shaping,followed by clipping my nails followed by a quick nail filing & buffing.I love my QVS Tweezers, They make eyebrow grooming such a breeze! I'd also highly recommend getting a pair of Chiropody pliers-these are great help in doing at home pedicures. I got mine from Bare Essentials.

Time to scrub down, I love my Iraya Enliveing Sugar Scrub, Its amazing & you'd feel you are transported to a Thai Spa!

Time to hit the Bath Girls,soak in some of your favorite bath salts! I love to lather up my Boots Therapy Sweet Nourishment body wash with my pinky-coral colored Loofah (Oooh I love it,its such a pretty color!) and butter up with my favorite body butters- Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber and Boots Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Butter. These yum body butters are so perfect for the Fall Winter Season!

Sunday is Funday so I reach out for fun lively nail colors & finish it off with a top coat.

Ok now I'm done priming & preening time to go shopping!  Ciao
So Girls what's your favorite Sunday beauty ritual?

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  1. Oh wow! I'm in the middle of my sunday ritual!! Mine is tweezing, cleaning with a mini facial or a face pack. I also oil my hair, do my threading, etc! Then after my shower, I clean my nails, remove dead skin and trim cuticles! :D

  2. i oil, steam and deep condition my hair. try to get hair spa at home and face pack application..dis is wt i do on my sundays..

  3. I used to have sunday routines a long time ago, but then I realised that it used my most of my time on my 1 free day. So I dumped the routine & did nothing but laze about. That's my sunday routine now :D

  4. my sunday beauty ritual begins an evening before, when i message oil into my hair. next morning, i shampoo them, and they get this lovely bounce and shine that i absolutely love :)

  5. Scarlet- he he same pinch,ditto my sunday beauty routine. I just love the relaxing calming feel of self pampering :) I love my Sundays!

  6. Kanika- Oh I gotta start my hair oiling ritual.. have been ignoring my hair of late and really need that 1 hour champi ;)

  7. Poohkie- Oh I agree Sunday's just go by in a whizz when I start with all my lotion potions.. but I like your lazy sunday routine too, might try it next weekend! LOL ;)

  8. Blue- Oh I used to do this ,hair oil applied over night is really great,I just finding getting the hair oil out while shampooing a bit of a try a deep conditioning henna pack that really adds natural bounce & glossiness to the hair.



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