Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Indian Beauty & Makeup lovers have never had it so good. A slew of online retailers are vying for their attention, bringing hard to find beauty loot to your door-step & throwing in discounts and free shipping in for good measure.
So put your hands together for the latest entrant in the online makeup & beauty retailing space

I had not yet purchased health and beauty products from any Indian e-retailer yet.Being Doctor Skeptismo (My highly skeptical Alter Ego) I was not sure about the product selection, delivery time,credit card security and product quality from Indian online beauty retailers.

So when folks from gave me a holler to try out their brand new website and offered a INR 1000/- voucher redeemable on purchase, I decided to give my skepticism a rest & give it a shot.
I placed my order on Sunday Late Night (2nd Oct 2011) and received the courier precisely on 4th Oct 2011 at 1.30 pm. Considering items couldn't have been dispatched on Sunday night, delivering items in under 36 working hours is absolutely commendable.

My invoice details

The items were sent via Blue Dart courier, in a violet carton, with each items individually secured with bubble wrap and carton was filled with thermocol cubes to ensure no damage in transit.

What I liked-
1. The website interface is simple & easy to use.
2.Website offers a wide range of brands under the categories of  Fragrance,Skincare,Bath & Body,Hair care,Makeup, Accessories & Male grooming.
3.The brand offers Cash on Delivery option (though I used my credit card to complete the transaction.) is offering 5%-10% discounts on almost all their stock.
5.The website emailed my invoice immediately upon completion of my transaction. They followed it up with an email confirming when my shipment was sent.I liked the systematic & timely updates.
6.The items were delivered to me in under 36 working hours from outstation location. That's phenomenal service as per me.
7.The products were packaged well.No transit damage to the items.

  8.All the items were from the fresh stock, no items nearing expiry (unlike many store who try to peddle near expiry items to un-suspecting customers)

9.The website has low shipping charges,considering the amount of fuel & parking charges we end up paying at malls, the INR 50/- shipping charges was very reasonable.

What Needs improvement-
1. The website is in the nascent stages & they are adding more premium brands to their selection. Hopefully in near future we would see much wider product selection.
2. The swatches for lipsticks / nail polishes are of poor image quality and its difficult to make out the exact shade.

Will I return to Yes! Simply because it stocks many of the products I use in my everyday life, buying them at less than Maximum retail price is great, having them delivered to my desk is even better.
A More personal reason is that its a start up company and I'd personally like see more such entrepreneurial ventures flourish.These are the job creators & growth drivers of our country's economic future..Few of my close friends have quit high profile corporate careers and turned entrepreneurs.Turning an entrepreneur is much like being a new parent-it can be an extremely daunting & fulfilling journey.If possible I'd like to do my bit to help them find a footing.
So next time you are looking for your next beauty fix do give a visit.

P.S-I am not affiliated to in any way, the feedback is strictly my personal view.

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  1. omg i placed and recieved my order on those same dates and even time! i'm kinda freaked out now

  2. Ohh Will check out the website :)

  3. nice haul ...ll def check out the site

  4. What I like the most about them is the packaging, it is so good It would be good if Fashionandyou learn something from them.

  5. Deepali-Yes packaging is nice,plus I like their super fast shipping

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