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After a long and tiring day at work, everyone craves for a peaceful place where one can relax the aching body and stressed mind. Visit to a spa can be most refreshing and soothing experience for tired souls but it is not possible to visit a spa on daily basis.
Therefore, people end up visiting their humble bathrooms to get rid of tiredness after a hectic day’s schedule. The question is can the humble bathroom of our homes be converted into a spa? Can we get spa like feeling and relaxation in the four walls of our homes? Well, my straightforward answer is YES. It is possible and it may not be an exact spa but the makeover will make your bathroom a spa like experience in terms of bringing peace of mind and refreshing you for next day’s work.
Clear the clutter
The first step towards creating your home based spa is to create a sense of cleanliness and space in your bathroom. This can be done if you clear all the unnecessary clutter from your bathroom. You must have observed that in professional spas, there are huge spaces, which are totally devoid of any objects, and they give you a sense of huge spaces meant for welcoming you and relaxing you. So to create that effect, clear all the clutter from your bathroom. Clear all those numerous facewash bottles, empty shampoo pouches, soaps and everything else that you think you do not use on a daily basis. Clear dirty laundry bags or at least get the ones with covers on it and steer clear all unnecessary items from your bathroom.
Paint the bathroom
Painting the walls of your bathroom is the cheapest way to renovate your bathroom. Simply paint the walls of your bathroom in a pastel color that creates a soothing effect on your mind and see the power of paint. It will immediately turn your bathroom into a place where you would like to sit and relax.
Make your own “Do not disturb” signboard
You may find this tip a bit preposterous for your bathroom but actually it is not so. When you hang one such board outside your bathroom after a long and tiring day, you actually subtly yet firmly announce in the house that you need next 30 minutes for yourself and you mean it. That way the message goes clear to everyone - to your husband, kids and your in-laws that courtesies demand not to disturb you during your “me” time.
Install a mini - music system
While it is not possible to create a surround sound in your bathroom due to many reasons, you can install a mini music system in your bathroom which is waterproof. Install it on a height and a wee bit away from the water source and use it for playing relaxing and soothing music. You can use instrumental tunes, classical songs or anything, which you find relaxing.
Use candles for soothing lighting effect
You can light many candles in your bathroom and can feel the power of light in a novel way. The dim and persistent light of your candles will create a very calming effect on your mind. You can also lit fragrance candles or music candles for extra oomph in your bathroom. Candles in rose or jasmine fragrance can really turn your bathroom into your favorite corner.
Set up mini spa stations
In order to turn your bathroom into a mini spa, install a small spa station. You can do this by installing a mini cabinet with three shelves and two doors. On the first shelf you can store all your bath supplies, on the second one, place all the nail supplies and on the last shelf place all the massage supplies and voila, your mini spa is ready to be used.
You can add variations also in your mini spa like during festive season; feel free to add petals of roses in your water for pedicures and baths. Breathe in the aroma and step out from your spa with that fragrance feeling which reminds you to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

About the author: Kate is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on fashion and style. Beside this she loves cooking. These days she is busy in writing an article on easy skin care tips.

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