Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello my lovelies, its Diwali eve and we are all busy planning for the big festivities for tomorrow.Now that I've ticked off lots of To Dos off my list for the Diwali prep, I can tell you all about my latest blush acquisition.
So its time for swatches and detailed reviews :)

I'd picked up Inglot Powder Blush in shade number 32 in a refill pan from Inglot's Freedom System collection.I've used Inglot AMC Cream blush and loved it, so always wondered if powder blush would be as good.
Inglot powder blush are buttery smooth, very well pigmented and flatter a range of skin tones.

The packaging- The regular blush comes in a round black sturdy packaging, the freedom system refill pan comes in a simple plastic casing. Refill pan on its own is not suitable for traveling unless you transfer this in a magnetic palette.
Now you must be wondering why would I pick up the refill instead of an individual blush.(The refill pans can only be bought individually online and not in stores.)

The freedom refill pan costs INR 350/- for 6.5 grams the individual blush costs INR 720/- for 2.5 grams.Now if there ever was a case of differential pricing, this could be a good case study.

Another interesting this is that while the website shows refill pan contains 7 grams, the actual product shows it contains 6.5 grams.(check out pics below) Not that half gram product will be life altering,I'd just hope they'd rectify the error on website.

The Shade- Number 32 blush is a beautiful shimmery pinky-coral. The texture is very fine powder and its velvety soft.You need the slightest swipe with you brush to pick up sufficient color in one go. The shimmer though looks a bit OTT in the pan, but once blended out it blends well and looks nice and natural.

Inglot blushes are Paraben free, not tested on animals and are made in Poland.

  Blush blended out in natural daylight without flash

Check out the website screen shots, notice the product weight and pricing.

Overall Though-  I love this blush a lot, its one of my 'Happy Blush', it brightens up my face, the shimmer is not overpowering and its the perfect coral for me. Love Love Love, would highly recommend it! 

Also this is super pocket friendly during Inglot's ongoing sale I got 30% off so this blush cost me only INR 245/- for the 6.5 gram pan. That's a sweet deal :D !!! So if you are planning to pick some pocket friendly blush do check it out!

Did you you like my Inglot blush? Do tell :)

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  1. hey i too got d refill pan just for d same reason, i don't travel much so its better ds way. 'm soon gong to haul d eye shadows. btw it looks more peachy on me, maybe its d camera since its diff to photograph. you saw my haul?

  2. Preyyu pretty pretttyyy!! but chunky silver shimmer , or pretty silver shimmer?

  3. Vanity- Same pinch on the blush, we are blush buddies now ;) Yes its peachy pink, I clicked pics in door in fluorescent light so maybe its appearing slightly more pink in pics. Yup saw your haul, you've snagged some awesome stuff!

  4. Mehak-Its got silver reflects, but very finely milled and absolutely wearable, no tacky chunky glitter in this one,do try you'd love it

  5. I love Inglot blushes :)! Infact, I think it is one brand that is slightly underrated! Some products beat MAC when it comes to quality and pigmentation!

    Hello btw :). I am new to the beauty blogosphere!

  6. Hi Aarti- same pinch, I too luv Inglot blushes :) Yes I agree Inglot is highly underrated especially they don't get nearly enough credit for their eyeshadows and lip paints & gel lipstick.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Indian Beauty blogs,hope to hear from you more often :)

  7. Hi agree too! I just love Inglot and find the Chembur to Versova commute just to haul Inglot worthwhile. Their lip paints, eyeshadows, brushes, blushes - cream as well as powder, lipsticks are a wonder. The only product that disappoints is their gel eyeliner. Their colour range is better than MAC.

  8. Thats a very pretty shade like..:)

  9. newbie here !
    what's the difference between amc blushes and the powder ones ?

  10. Roopa-Yes I agree Inglot stuff is top notch. Haven't tried the gel liner yet.You won;t need the Chembur-Versova commute to haul Inglot stuff now, you can shop online at

  11. beaute desastre-Hi welcome to my blog :) Inglot has two ranges of blush-the regular blush (in pressed powder form) and the AMC range (Advance Makeup Component) The AMC range has three types of blushes, pressed powder, AMC cream blush and AMC liquid blush. I have reviewed AMC cream blush earlier (scroll up & you'll find the link in the post).The AMC range apparently contains better pigment and has better staying power.



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