Monday, October 17, 2011


Girls, remember last week I told you about 30% Off Sale om Inglot at Just received my Inglot haul today, Yay! So want to share my online shopping experience with Major Brands.

You all know what an ardent Inglot Lip Gloss/Lip paint duo & Lipstick lover I've been for ages. This time however I wanted to buy some stuff from the Freedom system.

Freedom system basically allows you to choose a palette and fill it up with face powder / powder blush / eyeshadows / lipsticks in your pan and custom create a palette.I've reviewed my Inglot Lipstick palette & Inglot Eyeshadow palette earlier, you can click on the links & read more details.
In store you can't pick & choose only refill pans for purchase without the palette.However online you can pick & choose which eyeshadow /lipstick /concealer/blush/brown wax refills you need to buy from freedom system.
The website-The site is user friendly but could improve the eyeshadow swatch quality,many of the finishes and shades are not easy to make out.Overall interface is easy to use.

The package- Everything was securely bubble wrapped. I chose COD- cash on delivery option.The shipping time was 3 days including a Sunday.

The Shipping- Currently the website is offering free shipping.

The Customer service Helpline- Exceptional service, I spoke to an associate named 'Girish' I needed to change 2 eyeshadow shades,the next day after my order (before items were dispatched). He not only took my request but followed up with 4 calls to confirm the specifics of the order.Really appreciate their customer service.

The glitch- while all my items reached me, however one eyeshadow shade Pearl 407 was sent to me in round pan instead of square pan,though the order & invoice states square pan.I already have round eyeshadow palette so not so much of an issue for me, but I can imagine if somebody has a square palette then this could be a major issue.

My Inglot freedom system refill haul! No not all of this is for me, some of it for upcoming Giveaway- Yeah girls Good things are meant for sharing : D and yes existing followers/subscribers get extra points.Watch this space as I'll be announcing the Giveaway soon!

The blush Number 32,review coming up soon

Eyeshadow DS (Double sparkle) 457 review coming up soon

Eyeshadow Pearl 407 review coming up soon

Eyeshadow Pearl 409 review coming up soon

Lipstick refill pans shade numbers- 63,73, 47 & 49

Overall thoughts- I'd recommend the online Inglot store,though the swatches are a bit off on the website, overall having a great selection of refills online is a huge thumbs up for me. Especially for those of you who don't have Inglot stores in you town, this is a great way to stock up on Inglot goodies.I actually managed a INR 675/- discount on this order due to ongoing sale so it was a sweet deal for me, I'm surely going back for more :)

Have you shopped online at Major brands? Do share you experience,leave a comment behind.

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  1. WOW ... Do post swatches of the lip products.. I soo want to try Inglot's lip products

  2. Shalini- He he actually I bought the Lip products for the upcoming Giveaway at my blog, so be glued on you can win these for yourself soon!

  3. i luv their eyeshadows alot..nice haul=)

  4. nice haul..all shades look pretty..

  5. WOW! this is great. seems like a good wesite!!

  6. omg! i ordered the same blush shade! wating for mu package..and i love ur haul!

  7. Hi...i had a these refills be used on their own...i mean w/o a they hav a lid or somthng? ..thanks

  8. I am loving the eyeshadow pearl shade.. Waiting for the swatches : )

  9. @Suna- Absolutely right I love their shadow,especially the pearl finish ones are amazing!

    @Bhumika-Thanks dear,reviews coming up soon

  10. @Meenu-Oh yes great place to snag some beauty loot at a discount +free shipping+Cash on delivery option

    @ Vanity- Same pinch! Its a very pretty blush shade I'm sure you'd love it

  11. @Asvita- hi, these pans I've picked up are refill pans, they come in a small clear plastic casing. You can transfer the pans in a palette, these don't have a lid

  12. @Nitika swatches and detailed reviews coming up soon!

  13. Nice haul... btw was the shipping nominal?

  14. Hi Shruthi- The website is currently offering free shipping, so rush. I'm not sure once the promotional offer is over what would be the shipping charges

  15. Amazing Haul!!!!

    Waiting for the swatches & reviews!

    Loved the blush and lip colours !


  16. Thanks Viva- swatches, reviews, photos, EOTD all coming up soon :)

  17. Nice review! But you know, the round eyeshadows are lesser in quantity though same in price as the square ones. In stores, they make up for the price with different palette pricing. Did they offer to exchange it?

  18. Manu- Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. I know the round pans are lesser quantity as compared to square pans. In fact Inglot has internationally phased out round eyeshadow pans.I didn't contact the customer care for the pan exchange..even this round pan will last me a long while so didn't bother.. :)

  19. wow its nice collection.

  20. I have done two rounds of shopping since the Inglot sale was announced and i still want to go bac for more!!!!!!



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