Sunday, October 16, 2011


Everytime I'd hear the word paintpots, I could almost imagine Master Paul Rubens mixing his paints, doing the groundwork on his canvas & getting all Painterly. You guessed it right I'm talking about the much revered MAC Paintpots.

So while we have seen so many swatches on Temptalia in the past, we girls with Indian skin tones kept wondering would this shade suit me or not? So I decided to go the distance & get all the permanent shades swatched.

The MAC store near my house had around 9 shades in stock including Soft Ochre (Matte neutral beige) & Bare Study (shimmery champagne color) but thanks to Karva Chauth's mehendi design going beyond my wrist to middle of my arm,I was running out of arm space to do the swatches-now that's a real estate issue ;)
I managed 7 shades this time, will do the rest later.

Swatches Left to Right-1 Painterly 2. Blackground 3.Rubensque 4.Quite Natural 5. Constructivist 6. Indianwood 7. Groundwork

Painterly- Creamy nude finish, excellent eyeshadow base for lighter skin tones, for duskier babes like myself its too light & looks ashy.

Blackwork-Shimmery black-Grey with silver reflects, nice complex shade.I quite like it & its on my radar for future shopping spree

Rubensque--A gorgeous Rose-Gold color with peachy/pink undertone, can be used alone as a great eyeshadow or can be a great eyeshadow base.Highly recommend it!
Left to Right- Painterly, Blackground, Rubensque

Quite Natural-Dark matte neutral chocolate brown

Constructivist-Frost finished dark metallic chocolate brown color,great on its own or can be used for nice smokey eyes.

Left to Right- Quite Natural, Construcitivst

Indianwood-Frosty shimmery metallic golden bronze.( Loved this one,Got it as Karwa Chauth Gift from Hubby Yay!! Review coming up shortly )

Groundwork- A café au lait brown with light shimmer in satin finish,duskier divas looking for a great base would find this a much better alternative to Painterly.

 Left to Right- Indianwood, Groundwork

I would be posting a detailed review on MAC paintpots & tell you all about Indianwood paintpot, EOTD coming up tomorrow :)

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  1. Construcitivst and Groundwork looks awesome!

  2. I used to have blacktrack - I lost it during moving homes :(

    Ohh, so u got a PP as gift? I finally picked up Hot Tahiti lipstick & Brush Cleanser :D

  3. Hey Tanveer-Yeah Girl, I'd actually gone to snag some stuff from the Semi Precious collection, but they were yet to unpack & display the colection so Dear Hubby gifted me d PP instead :D Congrats on getting Hot Tahiti, that's one sizzling hot shade :D

  4. Deeptima- Spoken like a true MAC Lover ;D



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