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Legends have spun timeless tales about the "Elixir of youth". Alchemists have concocted potions,The Demi Gods have fought over it ,Emperors have sent expeditions in search of it,Countesses have feasted on young blood and adventurers have searched high & low for the ultimate potion of Beauty.
Thankfully unlike Countess Elizabeth Báthory all you need to do is to reach for a bottle of Ponds Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Serum for that youthful glow.

What Ponds claims about its serum "Concentrated with twenty times more active ingredients than its cream-based product, Pond’s Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Serum contains advanced CLA4 complex that is proven as one of the best anti-aging ingredients available in the market. This powerful ingredient makes skin feel tightened and uplifted as well as diminish skin sagging which are all the foremost complaints of women as they age, making Pond’s Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Serum one of the most popular product in reducing visible signs of aging."
The Ingredients-

The packaging- Sleek  pump dispenser bottle in matte silver finish and a maroon cap, it has all the trappings of a high end beauty potion.

The Product- Its a light cream which sinks into the skin, smoothens out pores and fine lines and leaves skin looking fresher. Contains SPF 15 PA++ so offers some sun protection as well.
High concentration of Retinol ,Vitamin A, AHA means effective relief to the aging skin.

I don't have wrinkles on my face yet (Thank God!) but yes I can see the laugh lines gently building up,so instead of waiting for things to go downhill I would rather take preventive action now.
I use Anti Aging creams as they offer deeper hydration and suppleness to my skin as compared to regular moisturizers. I have used this serum for almost 2 years & offered it to my Mom as well. We both love the results.I usually wear this at night time after washing & pat drying my face and  apply few drops of the serum in circular motion to my face. If its winter time & skin is prone to excessive dryness then I'd apply a night cream as well.

Many Girls wonder what is the right age for using anti aging products? My personal advice is to start by around 25 yrs of age, your skin will thank you for the extra care.

So lets compare the Pros & the cons of this 'Miracle' product

 1. I have used quite many anti aging products and this one definitely comes on top of the charts.

2.I've not experienced any skin irritation or breakouts with this product. However is you have sensitive skin check the ingredient list to identify if you are allergic to any ingredient.

3.This works as a great face primer and the Dimethicone in this serum (a common ingredient in face primers) reduces the appearance of pore size and creates a smooth canvas for rest of the makeup

4.Compared to other high end serum which will set you back by a few thousand rupees this one doesn't dent your pocket quite as badly. With once daily usage the bottle should last you around 45 to 60 days.


1.Ponds earlier had a tube packaging (with a nozzle at the end), the packaging was extremely user friendly and allowed for entire contents of the tube to be used.

2.More importantly the previous packaging contained 50 ml of Serum at INR 495/- the new pump bottle contains 30 mL for INR 695/-

Back of the envelope calculation show earlier the same product cost INR 9.9 for 1 Ml now it costs INR 23.2 for 1 mL. 

Now I understand inflation, increase in production cost and marketing expense and import duties, declining rupee in forex market etc would lead to eventual price hike but a 234% price jump is beyond my comprehension.
Unless of course Ponds is trying to re-position their Age Miracle serum as a premium product with a premium pricing.

My Overall thoughts- I love the product and its perfect pick-me-up for my skin.Improves overall skin texture & reduces dark spots.It works great as a a face makeup primer as well.I'm somehow over the fence about repurchasing it due to the new packaging & pricing.

So ladies have you used Ponds Age Miracle Serum? What's your take on it?

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  1. I have oily skin.. can I use the same in summers

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