Thursday, October 6, 2011


Maybelline Colorsenations Lipstick in 'Hooked on Pink' got me hook line & sinker! Its a gorgeous vibrant creamy pink lipstick with a hint of fuschia.

The Packaging- Pretty stylish for a drugstore lippie.The color sensation range has silver metallic tube on a small pedestal like base,the outer casing is transparent plastic in Pink /Brown/Mauve/Red color depending on which which color family the particular lipstick shade belongs to. The plastic casing is prone to a lot of scratching.

Maybelline had launched around 54 lippies in this range in India you are likely to spot around 30 shades along with Maybelline color sensational lip glosses in 10 shades.

The lipsticks have a faint caramel candy smell and are beautifully pigmented the shade selection is so wide that you are bound to find a few colors that you love. The lippie is very moisturizing and I didn't need a lip balm underneath. The shade stayed on for around 3 hours on my lips(despite light snacking) even after fading it left a light hint of color behind which looked nice.

The texture is beautifully smooth and it provides full coverage, so lasses with more pigmented lips would love this one.

The tube contains 4.2 Grams of product for INR 299/- and is available at and across Maybelline counters in India.

My thoughts- I think these lippies are great VFM-value for money. The quality & pricing really sets them head & shoulder above other drugstore lippies. A definite must buy. I'm going to snag some more of these babies. I've already got my eyes on Crazy for Coffee shade.

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  1. i love hooked on pink lipgloss as well as lipstick..have both!!

  2. I have my mahogany and pink petal from tis range :) I thot this 1 lukd brighter..But ur review has tempted me :D Will check out this shade :)

  3. Rids- thanks check it out its super awesome for the festive season

  4. Mehak- Yup I read your review of the hooked on pink lipgloss, it looked gorgeous on you!

  5. Shweta- same pinch even I got My Mahogany!
    I agree infact its much brighter than what I'd normally wear,but I think it'll look fabulous during the festival / wedding season. you shpuld check it out :)

  6. This is gorgeous, but I already have too many lipsticks that are quite bright & don't get much use. I have Autumn Rush, Crazy for Coffee and My Mahogany. I plan on getting Tinted Taupe & Yummy Plummy.

  7. i really like these lipsticks it is affordable,very smooth and is such a pretty color.

  8. I am wanting this colour but my lips don't like color sensational that much :( do u find it a bit dry??

  9. Poohkie-I'm lusting for 'Crazy for Coffee'! I have tons of nudes, browns so got this one to brighten up my lippie wardrobe ;)

  10. Benish-Yup I agree, I was not sure about buying these 'coz often I stop using lippies due to their smell but this one is surprisingly good. Will be checking out more shades for sure

  11. Viva-Didn;t experience any problem of dryness with thi slippie, but then I'm a lipbalm girl so I always have traces of lipbalm on my lips, you could try that



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