Friday, July 22, 2011


I am a huge fan of Gourmand when I saw this big white bottle of Alberto VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Clarifying conditioner I took it straight for a fragrance test (I love yummy smelling conditioners, well then who doesn't?) So one whiff of this conditioner and with luscious notes of vanilla,this had to be one of the best smelling hair conditioner I ever chanced upon,I had to snag this gorgeous smelling  baby!!!

So did this Love at first sight lead to a happily ever after?
Read on to find out..

This one has fresh crispy vanilla and a barely discernible minty fragrance, so I had bought this with high hopes of being my HG Summer conditioner.
I keep gravitating to different hair conditioners every now & then but one steady feature in all my hair conditioners is usually a thick consistency which provides enough deep conditioning to my hair.

I have straight,light & silky hair, so using a rinse- away conditioner for a minute or two does the trick for me.But this VO5 conditioner although great smelling is very light & runny in texture.I don't get that deep conditioned feeling after using this.Though the product is gentle enough in case you wish to use this on a daily basis in summer season.

Though it didn't rock my boat I have read other users rave about it, so who knows it might work for you.

15 Fl Oz (443 mL) of VO5 Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner costs Rs 185/-

Have you used this conditioner? If yes do share your experience. Leave a comment behind :)

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  1. Hey, this is such a huge quantity. I would definitely give this a try. Btw, do they make shampoo too?

  2. Such nice and clear pictures?! Give me your camera! *at gunpoint*

  3. I had once tried out a shampoo frm their line, it completely dried out my hair.. :(

  4. Nivedita- Yup the quantity is huge, but the conditioner is very thin & runny in texture, so you'll end the bottle rather quickly. Yes they do have shampoos and in fact a whole bunch of different fragrances are available. But quality wise don't have very high hopes from this line.

    Ik- Nahiiii Bhagwaan ke liye mera 'camera' chordh do! Tee hee hee, take it girl ,all yours :)

    Tanveer- I only tried the conditioner from VO5 but it left my hair drier and tangled up.. me no likey this one..

  5. Ik-camera i use is a raggedy old Sony DSC T20.

    Conditioner well I used to love Dove Intense Therapy hair masque, but can't find it anywhere..have been using L'oreal total repair 5 conditioner of late..what abt u?which conditioner do you use?

  6. hey where did u buy it from in india?

    1. I bought it from one of the health and beauty stores in GK 1 M block market long time back. I have also seen it being retailed in a few Dollar stores.I personally wouldn't recommend it though



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