Sunday, July 24, 2011


Amy Winehouse the British Singer and Songwriter known for her powerful vocals and eclectic mix of musical genres passed away yesterday. While the causes of her death remain unknown, but suspected drug overdose and binge drinking are being cited as possible reasons for the untimely death of this promising 27 year old star.

Amy Winehouse burst on the the international music stage in 2003 with her hit album 'Frank'. She stormed the Grammys with 6 nominations and 5 wins in 2006 with her hit album' Back to Black' .The star had been battling substance abuse & mental health issues.

Amy made her bold beehive hairdo and exaggerated winged eyeliner her trademark style and a whole generation of young girls followed suit.

Amy in her younger days before her drugs & drinking addiction,in this pic she looks so fresh faced & eyes full of promises...

To try out Amy's signature beehive hairdo and her dramatic winged eyeliner, watch this tutorial and  learn how to.

Girl I just wish you had gone to Rehab than end this way...Rest in peace

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  1. I feel so bad.. I dint tweet about it.. I tried not to read anything about it.. But how much can you ignore?
    Such a tragic end.. Amy Winehouse, you are forever 27. RIP.

  2. Yes Ik- she's joined the Stupid Club-Famous,Talented and dead at 27.. sad.... I liked her deep throaty much potential and no more..may she rest in peace



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