Thursday, July 14, 2011


Till MAC came to India with its jaw dropping selection of foundations for different skin tones,skin types & purposes, us lesser mortals in India had to contend with 4-5 shades of foundations from every beauty brand.

So after having wasted  tons of money buying foundations,tested in stores under super bright store lights which later either turned ashen/looked oily/super matte/ streaky/darker/lighter on me after a few hours of wear (you know the whole foundation spiel) ...I was super fed up with foundations in on my last visit to Deborah counter after shopping for some eyeshadow I asked for the SA to swatch some foundation on me. She applied Deborah Age Rest foundation in shade no. 03 Apricot on me.

So did I find my foundation holy grail ? Read on to find out more


Well the shade looked a close match to my skin tone and it blended pretty well on my skin. The SA was a young girls obviously not too clued on the intricacies of SPF in the foundation or its formulation etc,so I requested a tester tube of the foundation to try in more natural light & gauge whether it oxidizes on my skin or not.

I'm glad I got a tester tube because although the product as such is fairly decent but I didn't like the smell of it, smells of some nasty old mascara.If smell isn't a problem for you you can give it a shot. Its available in a 30 mL pot for INR 750/-

I think in this price range one can find better foundations in Revlon / Loreal so my search for HG  foundation continues.So have you ever bought a foundation which you hated after purchasing? Do share which foundation works great for you?

P.S. I like this mini tester tube, its so much easier to carry this teensy little tube while traveling for a day or two...hmmm.. now that's a thought maybe companies should explore smaller sizer stock keeping units for foundations as well...Hello! makeup companies are you listening?

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  1. Even I got so tempted with Deborah. Share your review. may be I would give this a try sometime

  2. Hey Nivedita, I've used the Eyeshadow trios from Deborah & this foundation so far.Not such a huge fan of their foundation simply because of the odd smell.
    Their powder blushes have a nice finely milled texture.I liked the eyeshadow trios, great quality at reasonable price. try out the shadow they are good

  3. I like Deborah lipsticks! :)

    Founcations - yet to try (I am waiting for my current stock to finish!)

    Hey do the SA's sell these tester tubes too???

    I had no idea!



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