Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ladies do you wish your face could be fully moisturized and you still feel fresh at the same time? Garnier Skin Naturals Gentle Soothing face wash is the answer to your prayers.

Its my new favorite face wash.Read on to find all about this great Beauty Buy.

 I've used many different face washes in the past and after many hits & misses, I've realized that instead of chasing a fad product or a higher end brand doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be great for your skin.I've learned to use something which actually works for my skin, without leaving it dry,stretched or greasy.

With that great wisdom I share with you Garnier Skin Naturals Gentle Soothing face wash. Its a soap free clear  gel (in light aqua color) containing fruit extracts. It respects skin's natural moisture balance, cleanses effectively and leaves skin feeling light & fresh.

Contains Alpha Hydroxy acid which help the skin retain a healthy glow.When I read it contains Orange fruit extracts I thought almost instantly oh another citrusy face wash (not a huge fan of citrus fragrance) to my utter surprise & great delight it has a very calm & soothing fragrance (my olfactory senses are hyper active I can't use products with funky smell, no matter how great they do their job!).

This face wash is suitable for all skin types & is dermatologically tested.
100 gram tube of this face wash is available for Rs 73/- I got a tube with promotional offer and it has Rs 20/- Off. I was happy to snag this as even without the promo offer, its my new favorite face wash :)

  If you've used Garnier Skin Natural Gentle face was, do share your experience.

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  1. Sounds really good. Does it lather? Also, citrus (orange, lime, lemon) make the skin photosensitive. Doesn't this make skin more sensitive during the day?

  2. i had used their mint face wash ... was not impressed by it . . .

  3. Rids-oops sorry to hear that I haven't used the minty one but I found this pretty good

  4. Pookhie- No this one doesn't lather,most soap free gels don;t lather well.Its a very smooth gel, almost feels like aloe vera gel on skin.Not sure about photo-sensitivity issue with citrusy products.Haven;t faced any issue with this as such

  5. Thanks! I think I'll try this next.

    Also, you're on a roll these days. Blogging quite a lot :)

  6. U r welcome Pookhie. Yup I've been blogging till late in the night...I guess blogging is indeed addictive :)keep pouring in your comments love to hear from you

  7. Its very bad its distroyed my face fully i hate it



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