Sunday, July 31, 2011


First of let me warn you this is a rant post,so if you have love for this face wash or this is your holy grail face wash, stop reading this post immediately.

For the brave- hearts, here's the entire dope on this face wash.The Good The Bad and The Ugly

First of lets start of with The Good- Lakme` got the packaging bang on,its hip,its bright & looks summer ready.They even got all the buzz words- Detox ,citrus,mandarin extracts (my hopes are built up now)

The Bad-This bright packaging high lasts precisely 2 seconds, till you flip open the cap & smell the actual product-So sniff* sniff*  Oh-my-God this smells like Dettol Hand wash!!! Okay wait a second let me check the expiry its very much within the use-by date.

The light yellow color even looks like Dettol Hand wash soap ...did somebody play a prank with me (like filling up Dettol handwash liquid soap in facewash tube ??!!!)

The Ugly-Apart from the awful smell (its not even remotely citrusy) & color (think Dettol liquid handwash soap) and price Rs 135/- for 100 grams the actual product is Tre`s terrible. I applied it on my face and washed off as usual & Good Heavens my face feel dry,facial skin's stretched & feeling choked...Ugh it even feels like I've applied handwash soap on my face!!!
Seriously, this one is just a disaster from the word go...Try this at your own risk!

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  1. Eh! I'm scared now... I wanted to try this actually... but not anymore. Thanks for the review

  2. Nivedita- oh please save your skin & your money, I dunno what Lakme` guys were thinking when they dished this one out :(

  3. oops! never buying this. i think all the lakme skincare products actually suck. :-/

  4. OMG! I was actually think of buying this when it first came out, but I opted for the melon one at the last minute. I'll totally avoid this now!

  5. Kukeli- I second your opinion, i'm yet to find a fab skin product from lakme`

    Pookhie- Thank your stars that you didn't pick this one up.. I'm clueless as to what to do with it...btw how's the melon face wash?

  6. Melon is really nice. It has (seemingly real) fibers in it, so you have to be a bit gentle while washing. It smells really mild & nice. And it also give a cooling sensation cause it has menthol. I will definitely recommend, esp for summers.



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