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So you've seen their ads, used their products and raved / ranted all about them on the blogsophere, but how well do you know your favorite Beauty Brand? 
"Pretty well" I hear you say.. ah hah not so quick my dearies.
Here are 5 fun facts about your favorite beauty brands which I bet you didn't know. So to kick start this special series which brand better than Lakme` which every Indian woman holds close to her heart and every makeup inclined young Indian girl has tried during her growing up years..So lets get started!

1.Lakme` was named after a French opera in 3 acts by Leo Delibes,its a tragic love story set in 19th century British India and Lakme` was the name of the lead character.
The word Lakme` is french pronunciation of Sanskrit word Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth & Beauty)

 2. Lakme` was started in 1952 as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO),by J.R.D. Tata upon the request of Pandit Nehru, who was concerned about Indian women spending precious foreign exchange on luxury goods like makeup.

3.Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO) merged with HLL, effective from April 1, 1993. In 1995, HLL and Lakme Limited, formed a 50:50 joint venture, Lakme Lever Limited.Subsequently in 1998, Lakme Limited sold its brands to HLL and divested its 50% stake in the joint venture to the company.

4. 200 Crores was the amount for which TOMCO Sold off their stake in Lakme` to HLL in 1996. The sale proceeds from Lakme` was utilised by TATAs to create Trent & Westside.

5.Lakme` has had some of the most strikingly beautiful Indian women as its brand Ambassadress.Interestingly most of these beauties had not yet hit big time in their respective modeling /acting careers when chosen to represent Lakme`. One of the oldest Lakme` ad features Rekha, she had not yet hit the big league at this point in her career.Aishwarya also represented the brand in the 90s before being crowned Miss India. Check out old Lakme` ad featuring Aishwarya at the bottom of the post.

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Aishwarya's Old Lakme` Ad-She's got the look!

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  1. is this rekha in the first pic....she looks gorgeous...her beauty and charisma is matchless.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. who is in the second pic??after Rekha....?? Nice to know abt the history of LAKME :)

  4. This was fun to read and really this with other brands too!!

  5. Benish-yes its Rekha in the first ad pic,she's such a timeless beauty,even in the black & white ad she's looking stunning

    Pooja_G second pic is of Somy Ali.

    Mehak I had fun creating this post I'd been planning to do a series on history of famous makeup brands for a while now. watch this space for more interesting bits of trivia :)

    1. I think the second pic is Sonu Walia, not Somy Ali

  6. This is a fantastic article!! Such interesting facts are so much fun to read. I second Mehak, do this with other brands too.

  7. That looks like Bipasha in the 4th picture but that nailpolish looks like its from long time ago! Like I was in UKG when my mum had that!:P how can it be her?!:O such an awesome post!! Glad you're doing more!:D

  8. Great post!! i liked rekha's and katrina kaif's the best <3

  9. lovely pooja....thank u so much for this info waiting for other brands

  10. this is so lovely and good to know about our very own Lakme :D :D

  11. Pookhie-Thanks dear, glad you enjoyed this,watch out for more posts in the series. all your favorite brand's mysteries unraveled.

    Ik- Yup thats Bippasha alright and yes its a pic from 90's. And yes sweetheart, we all know u r ultra young, no need to show off by saying u were in kindergarten when this ad came out!!! LOL you are just making me feel like a living fossil ;) giggles

    Siri , Dr. Shivani ,Rashmi- Glad you all enjoyed it so much I had a great time putting this post together, watch out for more interesting facts about our other favorite brands coming out soon :)

  12. Aiyyyyoooo!!! Fine I lied OK I was actually studying Microbiology when that ad came out!:P Actually I was wondering how it could be Bipasha cause Her first movie came out MANNNYYY years later no? and Lakme had mostly known faces back then.. So my doubt. Living fossil, it seems!:P

  13. Iku- you're a very naughty girl,no more Nutella for you!!!
    Well actually Lakme` picked up many models & actresses in the early stages of their career before they hit the A list,same with Rekha, Aishwarya,Bipasha, Katrina and now Shraddha Kapoor(who is the latest face of Lakme`)- their mantra seems to be-"catch them young & watch them grow" :D

  14. :P Don't say thatttt!!! I neeedd nutella! :'( catch them young!:P:P yes true that! That looks like it! :D

  15. Ik- Oki doki sweetheart,you still get your nutella :) actually i just noticed an interesting thing.. almost all their spokes-models started as models and in fact almost every single one of them gravitated to Bollywood!

  16. This was a nice trip down memory lane, used to love those lakme ads in Femina and other magazines, and I've always had a soft spot for lakme because most of my friends used to call me that, much catchier than lakshmi.

  17. Thanks Laksh :) ooops I meant Lakme` giggles. So glad you enjoyed this. welcome to my blog,hope to see you around

  18. I remember this ad! I was in class 9 and bought my very first make up item (Lakme eye liner) after seeing this ad!



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