Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"Sugar & spice and all things nice" is what came to my mind when I first spotted this "Enlivening Sugar Body Polish with Malabar spices and Cane Sugar" at Iraya.This is a part of Iraya's 'Spa At Home' range & it lives up to its claim.

"Iraya is led by a team of dedicated professionals and is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise. It is the realization of years of extensive co-operation between Iraya's team of botanists, cosmetologists and Ayurveda doctors who delved deep into the ancient books to find the right synergy of herbs for every product. These formulations were then tested extensively through volunteer groups and clinical trials were conducted in India and France to test the efficacy of the products. After extensive R&D the formulations were refined to suit the needs and sensibilities of the present day consumer."

Unlike any other body polish this one was drenched in herbal oils and when I opened the lid of the jar, W-O-W such a intoxicating bouquet of aromas wafted out of this potent jar,felt something straight out of a exotic spa.I had a real tough time making up my mind which body polish to chose from their superb selection.

Body Polishes
Cold-pressed oils of Olive, Almond & Sesame and natural Sea Salt or Cane Sugar are blended with essential oils, herbs & spices to make our delectable Body Polishes. All natural, to ensure a fantastic polishing experience, that leaves the skin smooth, renewed and revitalized.

Reviving Salt Body Polish - Spirulina & Sea Salt
Enlivening Sugar Body Polish - Malabar Spice & Cane Sugar
Soothing Sugar Body Polish - Sandalwood & Cane Sugar
Balancing Sugar Body Polish - Coconut & Cane Sugar

I wondered if the oils would be sticky & greasy ,but surprisingly they were not overtly greasy, they absorbed well into the skin they smelt nice and had comforting feel.The spices left a nice cinnamon fragrance which lingered on.The sugar granules work their magic on the skin,they are suitable only for the body,don't apply this on face.

200 grams pf this body polish cost me INR 595/- and for the quantity it will last me a real long time :)
I'm planning on setting up a mini spa for myself at home and boy this is just the thing I needed for my weekend self-pampering.Love it & highly recommend it.

P.S.- For the nature lovers, Iraya doesn't test products on animals. So that's a double treat. Enjoy beauty without guilt or cruelty.

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  1. That looks really nice for the skin - so much oil! :D

  2. This is what I was talking about earlier!! I wanttt this!!!!!!! Gift me!:P

  3. and Iraya has decently priced its products ..

  4. Tanveer- I know wat you mean, the sight of so much oil had me freaking out initially but when i mixed it properly it merged beautifully with the sugar,and yes the oil is the best part about this body polish.Absolutely spa-licious!

    Iku-Well you gotta come to Delhi to get this one :D

    Shalini-Love the pricing on most of the Iraya products,great value for money stuff!

    Kukeli-This one is fabulous, check out if u can find Iraya store in Kolkotta

  5. wow...sugary spa...mmmm..
    nice review.

  6. Now I'm sitting and singing that pour some sugar on me song, he he he. This would be such a nice pamper over the weekend

  7. Vertu-Thanks & welcome to my blog :)

    Laksh-yup Thank God its Friday, so needed a weeekend spa session :)



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