Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello my lovelies, it was a full fledged sale shopping day for me, I hauled few shoes & tons of tops,dresses etc etc.I went to Debenhams Outlet at Ambiance Mall Gurgaon and snagged 3 pairs of gorgeous Red Herring shoes .
Debenhams has a great collection of ladies shoes & these beautifies were on 50% Discount..enough to get my pulse racing, read on to more about my haul.

Shoes are my Achilles heel  (pun intended). I love shopping for shoes as much I love makeup.To give you an idea about the depth of my addiction my shoe closet is bursting at seams & while on my honeymoon I shopped for 14 pairs of heels! So with that background info ,you can well imagine when I saw 50% off on some great shoes, I had to have them. I picked 2 office wear & 1 casual ballerina pumps.

1.Black  'Sandi' court shoes, from Red Herring.It has medium-height heels, round toes, a soft, suede-like texture on the surface and in sole has silver snakeskin print. These are a perfect touch of understated luxury to any formal look.
Price 2495/- 50% Off

2.Nude  'Subo' Shoes- Gorgeous pair of kitten heels in nude color. 'Meow' says my shoes obsessed alter ego! These look simple basic yet add a subtle chic to any outfit.Me loving these ;)

Price 2495/- 50% Off

3.Flat Ballerinas-These silver broderie satin pumps from Red Herring feature a vintage lace print design, finished with a black trim and bow front. These cute flat shoes are great for everyday wear, and are finished with a stylish metallic in-sole.

Price 1400/- 50% Off

This by no means is the end of my shoe shopping spree for this sale season..I fully intend to go shopping tomorrow & snag some more..Its a lot of hard work..but someone's gotta do it ;) wink


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  1. I just am in love with the LACE pumps !! : )

  2. I like the nude one and the ballerinas.....enjoy ur shopping!!

  3. love your ballerinas.. enjoy!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies,SHOPPING- I'M LOVING IT!!! love all my shoes, though I have a soft spot for the lace ballerinas

  5. wow!! love the beige/ nude ones..looking for one myself..and artistically taken photographs..

  6. Thanks Debbie, do check out Debenhams , I got all the safe buys, but if you are feeling adventurous you can find turquoise,fuchsia,silver stilettos,pink satin ballerina, nude & black two toned flat pumps, black shoes cum booties, the selection is pretty awesome!!

  7. LOVEEEEE the lace onesss...super duper pretty!

  8. Mehak & ClassyandFabulous Thanks Girls I'm super addicted to my lace ballerinas, my hubby will have to pry these away from me now ;)



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