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So we've all seen the over the top ads of L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 shampoo with gorgeous Ash flaunting her locks.
Every time I'd see this add somehow I'd think of Disney cartoon with Aladdin & the blue Genie-with Princess Jasmine wishing for gorgeous locks & the Genie saying-Granted m'lady! (cliche`d imagery I know). 

So is this shampoo really a Genie in the bottle?

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I have fine silky hair, mostly fuss free (barring the occasional hair fall problem during monsoons).I've been a loyal Pantene Hair fall control shampoo user for over a decade.Though I occasionally switch my shampoo to try newer stuff in the market. 
I shampoo & condition my hair almost daily (a bit obsessive, I know!!)Now about 6 months back my my hair started acting up on using Pantene Prov V and I was left with frizzy tresses.So I chanced upon this self-proclaimed genie-in-a-bottle from L'oreal.

For starters the shampoo & conditioner both have a lovely fragrance which lingers on. The shampoo cleans out the hair well (though with oil in my hair I need 2-3 washes to get it squeaky clean).It leaves hair fizz free and manageable even without using conditioner. I have not noticed substantial improvement in Hair fall problem (though my hair fall situation is not really in epic proportion).

The conditioner is not quite as thick as I'd have liked,though it does good job of de-tangling the hair.Its easy to rinse off the conditioner,it doesn't leave any residue in the hair. The conditioner leaves my hair a bit more straighter (and slightly limp). 
My hair feels great on the first day of Shampooing but by Day 2 it goes pretty limp and I need to rush out and shampoo again.So if you have slightly thicker & drier hair this might be a great thing for you but for ladies with thinner /oilier hair this conditioner might be a tad heavy.

There is also a hair masque in this range,which retails for Rs 325/- for 200 ml jar. But after the experience with conditioner I feel the masque might be a bit too much for my hair.

I have been using these shampoo & conditioner for 6 months now and I think they are pretty good. Would specially recommend the shampoo.

• Total Repair 5 Repairing shampoo Price Rs. 140 for 200ml
• Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner. Price Rs.150 for 180g 

Though don't go expecting genies to pop out of this one & grant all your hair wishes ;)

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  1. you are so lucky to have frizz free hair. this one dint work on my dry and frizzy hair :(

  2. Indgal-yup I'm lucky that my hair is frizz free but coz they are silky & straight practically no hair do lasts for more than 5 mins :( anyways i thought i'll share a tip. If you've got dry fizzy hair try using thicker hair masques on hair instead of conditioner and leave it in for 5 mins or so and then rinse, it'll really soothe your hair

  3. My hair is also very fine and if I ever curl my hair by the end of the day they end up wavy. I have the same problem with most conditioner, so I guess I dont have to feel bad about missing out on this product :)

  4. hai na..hai na!!!...I too loveeeeeee the shampoo...and *high5* me too shampoo my hair regularly (read daily).....I didn't try the conditioner after the not-so-gr8 results from the masque of this range!!

  5. It brought back the lost shine and volume to my hair...but frizz problem is yet to be solved!! :|

  6. this is the best thing for my hair as of now. i have shampoo, conditioner and the masque and its works wonders for my hair...:)

  7. Pooja_G High 5 girl! I was planning to try the masque, good you mentioned that it's so-so..

  8. i havve been using this for over a yr now...and its My hg shampoo...

  9. I've tried the shampoo & I really liked it, but I haven't tried the conditioner. I don't think I'll get it now.
    Same pinch on the silky hair :D

  10. Dr Shivani- thank god this is your HG Shampoo , I have such a Hallelujah moment when I find my HG product !

    Pookhie-*Same pinch* my dear...I used to love Dove intense therapy hair masque it was my HG conditioner now can't seem to find it anywhere..wonder if its dis-continued.. by the way which conditioner do you use?

  11. I'm presently using Himalaya, but I also love Sunsilk (the gold one). I'd tried dove shampoo once, but it made my scalp itch & burn so I've never used any other of its products.

  12. pookhie-I've been shuffling between Pantene conditioner/dove hair masque and L'oreal of late, picked a yellow tube of sunsilk conditioner which is working surprisingly well..



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