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Lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather-with promises like that & after the stupendous performance with Colorburst lipsticks, Revlon had upped my hopes & for over 5-6 months I'd been patiently waiting for the sequel to Colorburst Lipsticks..the Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss to be launched in India.

So after months of agonizing wait when the product launch was nowhere in sight I decided it was time to take matters in my own hands-a.k.a online shopping. I had read some great reviews about these lovelies and I decided to try a berry /plum shade-Bordeaux. i was expecting a sheer, muted wine shade and when I got the tube-boy was I in for a BIG Surprise ? Read on to find out what happened next ?

The first thing that catches your eyes about this Lip Gloss is the packaging-continuing the matte black cap with checkered plaid like design from Colorburst lipsticks the Gloss tube is very sleek to look at ,it almost looks high end.
The tube is almost 4.7 inches in length. The wand is equally long and one needs tobe careful to manage the application with such along wand (I felt like Hermione casting spells with this wand!)

The applicator tip of the wand is new & very different from routine doe foot applicators we've seen in the past The applicator is flattened ,tip is flexible and can bend as per the contours of the lip

I have clicked pics of the applicator tip from two different sides, notice how the applicator is not rounded like regular doe foot applicators but is flat. The applicator design actually allows you to get enough product in one go on that you can cover both lips without needing to dip the wand in the tube again.

I was expecting a sheer shimmery gloss, though this one is super duper pigmented, felt almost like liquid lipstick. the texture of the gloss is thicker, though not particularly sticky.
The smell reminds of faint chemical butterscotch flavor. The gloss contains shimmer particles, which can surprisingly be felt on the lips like slightly gritty particles.

Revlon claims 
'•Revlon ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
•Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture"
There are 15 shades in the Colorburst Lip gloss range available internationally,ranging from nudes,frosty,shimmery to rich reds & sienna color.Though how many shades will eventually get launched in India is anyone's guess.. 

Check out the lip gloss swatch below. Bordeaux is a vibrant & vivid berry shade. Its sultry shade and has bluish undertones and shimmer in it. Its a perfect for an evening out or for more dressier occasions. To my mind it is way to bright for day wear , so you can save this for a hot date.

Price Rs 475/-

(I couldn't decide which pic looked better so I posted all three LOL!)

So did you like the shade? would you like to try the Colorburst Lip gloss? What's your guess-at what price do you think they'll be launched in India?
Do leave a comment behind....would love to know your thoughts :)

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  1. I love the packaging and the color :)

  2. I have been waiting for these myself since so long!! it looks gorgeous!

  3. love the colour..its so tempting..btw which site did you get it from

  4. Ooooh w0ow i definitely want to try the colorburst lipglosses...that is gorgeousss!!!

  5. Awesome color...n I must say u have a great talent of creative photography too....nice review..esp the part "(I felt like Hermione casting spells with this wand!)" :P

  6. wow such a pretty gng gaga over it <3

  7. Girls I'm so pleasantly surprised that you all unanimously loved the color, guess I was being too chicken to dare to wear it! Thanks for loving the pics & swatches, you guys keep me going :)

    Soft,sweet & gentle-I picked this from

    Pooja_G thanks for liking my photography and the review- I showed your comment to my hubby & he was mighty impressed-Thanks again to all of you

  8. Lol....but truly I love ur pics as much as the reviews :)

  9. What a gorgeous shade! I just picked up this in the shade 'Strawberry fraise'- bright watermelon pink. The pics look great :)

  10. hi can u just tell me the site wer u got this

    1. I bought this from now these are easily available in India at all Revlon counters



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