Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Empties Project !!

Any Beauty Blogger will tell you that she has a stash of makeup and potions that she plans to finish yet somehow the lure of the next new and shiny thing means, most of these babies don't get their due TLC.Yes we Beauty bloggers canb be bad mothers to our own lotion potions!

I had started my covert Project codenamed 'The Empties' in Jul'12 with the sole aim of emptying out all my half used bottles of lotion-potions.

I had underestimated the amount of semi used stuff I had hoarded and it took me full two months to actually make a dent in my stash of unused/semi used items. So after 2 full months of hard work-involving long showers, slathering on tons of body butter and spritzing a lot of perfume here's what the end result of my The Empties project Looks like!

So here's what all I actually finished


Pantene Hair fall Control Shampoo 400 ML- 2 bottles
L'oreal Paris Total Repairing conditioner 90 gram-1 bottle
Dove Dryness care conditioner 180 ML- 1 Tube, 90 ML-2 tubes

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash 75 ml-1 tube
The Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash 60 ml-1 bottle

L'oreal Paris Revitalift Night cream 50ml-1 Jar
Nivea Soft cream 200 ml-1 Tub 
The Body shop Natrulife Firming day cream 15 ML-1 jar  

Body washes/body polishes

The Body Shop Aqua Lilly Body wash 200 ML-1 Bottle
Boots Therapy Sweet Nourishment Smooth Me-Body polish /wash- 200 ML 1 tubeThe Body Shop strawberry shower gel 60 ML-1 bottle
The Body Shop shea shower cream 60 ML-1 bottle
Marriot Lake side chalet Shower Gel 100 ML-1 Bottle

Lotions & Body Butters

Boots Natural Collection Ice Musk Body Lotion 200 ML-1 Tube
Bath and Body works Sensual Amber Body Butter
Vedicline Choco Vanilla Face & Body butter 65 grams-1 jar
The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla body butter 50 ml-1 tub

Biotherm Eau D'Energie  Awakening body mist 100 ML-1 bottle

Miscellaneous Toiletries
Vedicline Cuticle & Nail cream 65 grams-1 Tub
Pepsodent G gum care toothpaste 150 grams-1 tube


Maybelline Colossal Mascara-1 tube

Makeup was the only category where I couldn't make serious dent, though I'm pretty close to finishing up 2 of my MAC lipsticks and my MAC moisture cover concealer and Sheer select powder compact I think it will still last me at least another month


Phew!! Thtat's one long list! I finished some 21 items!! It sure does feel good finishing off all the stuff I had been hoarding. Thanks a ton to Nivedita- from Beauty at times is skin deep for constantly motivating me to keep at the Project ;)

Next I'm on my Makeup empties project-wish me luck Girls! :D

Psst..- I still hauled tons of stuff, but as long as I finish what I buy, its fair game -dont you think?

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  1. Wow! thats is a commendable achievement! Wish u luck!

    1. Thanks Kej! Yup finishing up all this stuff was quite a challenge ;)

  2. phew !!! i can neva finish so mny products at a time !!

    1. Lol these were actually half used bottles that were just begging for some TLC,finally I decided that these just had to go out and make way for better/newer stuff :)

  3. Bravo! I am proud of you :P. I so agree that even though I am able to clean up some of the mess that I made my stocking on the skincare, the makeups are so hard to use up! With that sole aim, I am using the same lippies regularly!! :P

    By the end of this month, hope to get rid of some items.

    But you really did a commendable job given these are only two months' empties!!

    Btw, that's so nice of you to mention me! :D

    1. Yay! So happy to chuck it all finally out! Declutterville here I come ;)
      Yes makeup is very hard to finish more so because every time I pick a new stuff I wud use it continuously use it for a week and then lose interest & it wud just sit around on my vanity.Im trying to finish my makeup and whatever I haven't used in past 1 month must go..
      Btw thanks for egging me to finish the empties project :D

  4. wow wow wow..thats such a huge empties post poo..

    1. Yay!! Yup happy to get rid of all the half finished bottles

  5. wow, great job with the empties!

  6. Well done gurl! Nw u r an inspiration to many of us :P

  7. OMG ! U finished so much..super nicee...

  8. Congratsss dear, am working on a similar project :P Shall update/post soon. Thanks to Nivedita and you for inspiring me :D

  9. That is an awesome list! Well done! :)

  10. I would take a lifetime to finish all this off..Kudos to you :)

  11. Whoa that is a lot of empties!! Good luck with ur make up!

  12. I think I have a slightly different opinion here...specially regarding an empties project for make-up. It might tempt you to use more make-up than you need thus spoiling your skin in the long run - is that worth it?



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