Thursday, September 6, 2012

L'oreal Paris Chrome Shine eyeshadow Midnight stars Review and swatches

I usually steer clear of mono eyeshadows, my highly value conscious brain just refuses to fork out so much moolah on a single shadow!!! But once in a while some very unique & complex shade catches my fancy and I cave in. This time I ended up buying 2 shadows from L'oreal. I already reviewed L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Endless Chocolate and I thought I'll show you the other shadow which has got me smitten

L'oreal Paris Chrome Shine eyeshadow Midnight stars is a very unique grey gold lame` eyeshadow.
I love the Sol Invictus kind of embossed pattern on the shadow, it really looks intriguing in the pan.

Shadow in bright sunlight looks silvery grey.
The same shadow indoors the greenish gold pops through and you can see the nuances of the shade better.

The packaging is Fugly!! Sorry I can't under understand why such crappy plastic and gold combination is used for packing such gorgeous shade?

The plastic casing looks El Cheapo and the gold just adds to the tackiness.The case was already badly scratched when I picked it. I liked the shade somuch I chose to ignore the packging condition.
I don't care much about the useless sponge tipped applicator encased in the pan. I really wish the drugstore brands stop giving crappy applicators, instead probably increase product volume or reduce pricing or sell good applicators separately.

The shadow doesn't mention the ingredient list anywhere on the packaging and the sticker says it contains 55 grams of product!??!! Geez I'm pretty darn sure that's a typo on the packaging.It also doesn't mention the date of manufacture instead mentions date of import & use before dates.

Here's how the swatch looks on NC 45 skin tone, I have not used any base. This pic was clicked indoors with flash and you can really see the gold and a hint of green in the shadow.The shadow gives off a beautiful wet lame` look.
Swatch clicked in bright day light, you can actually see the high glitter in the shadow,thankfully the texture is very smooth and finely milled. You wont experience glitter fall out from the shadow.

Check Out Lisa Eldridge recreate Cheryl Cole's Smokey eye makeup using L'oreal Paris Chrome Shine eyeshadow Midnight stars.As alwasy Lisa's tutes are peppered with some excellent tips and techniques.

Overall Thoughts- L'oreal Paris Chrome Shine eyeshadow Midnight stars is a very unique grey gold lame` eyeshadow.The glitter applies very evenly with bare minimum fallout. With a primer the wear time is over 6 hours, though without a primer it lasts for only around 2-3 hours.
Though in my humble opinion the Price of Rs 425/- is quite high for a mono-eyeshadow, but if you are looking for some unusual shades in your makeup stash you can check it out.The shade is very versatile & can be coupled with indigo to create an edgy look,or worn alone for very soft grey smokey look or worn with a black base to create full on dramatic eyes.

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  1. thats a very pretty shade poo..waitin for ur eotd

  2. its a nice shade for an evening date look :)



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