Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Katy Perry sports Retro comic nail art! Katy's top 10 Nail Arts

Katy Perry is definitely the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to her nail art. She sports on trend nail art and the latest one to join the Katy Perry Nail Art gallery are the retro cartoons which premiered at Tokyo for her film 'Part of me. 
So here are Katy's Top 10 Nail art looks,tell me which one you like the most?

Katy mixes floral, glitters, 3D & Goth at MTV 2012 Video Music Awards

3 D crystal Nail art! Bring on the Bling!!
Beads Nai art-Sort of Caviar nails,just more colorful

Katy Perry 'Part of Me' premier Nail art

Ooompa Loompas!!

Russel Brand as nail art was never a good idea to start with, though it was any day better than a Russel Brand Tattoo, I can see Katy make a dash for her polish remover as soon as they called it quits!

Royal Nails? Katy festooned her nails with almost every Will-Kat pics in honour of the Royal wedding.
Its good that Prince William is easy on eyes ;)

Ying or Yang? Katy decides to channel both Ying-Yang in her nail art

Channeling her inner smurfette with a Smurf inspired costume and nail art!


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  1. I love the ones from the MTV awards. I never noticed her nails before. I'll be on the look out now!

  2. omg i loved the first one alot..sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee



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