Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Skin care,Body care and foot care lotions and potions haul

My Empties project made a major dent in my stash of lotions & potions and for once I was left scarcely any face cream,body lotions face wash,foot cream etc.I usually burn right through my fun money (read my makeup & toiletries budget) very quickly by splurging on makeup... (yes that is a separate expense head in my personal budget , which would exceed the GDP of a small nation :P) This time round barring my Sleek Haul,I decided to go easy on makeup and instead tank up on some much needed skin care ,body care & foot care stuff.

Yeah I know a face wash or night cream or a foot soak is hardly half as exciting as a juicy lip gloss or a bold lip color but then, to look good you need a good skin and ergo a whole bunch of potions. This time I decided to haul from and

Most of the stuff I ordered were repeat buys and I'd recommend these. Detailed product wise reviews coming right up.

From I hauled  Vaseline Cocoa body lotion, Shahnaz Hussain Shasilk Matte moisturizer, Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Balm,Himalaya Oil control lemon face wash & Nivea Oil regulating toner.
Purplle's services were good, though they didn't have one of my ordered item in stock, for which they issued me a store credit.Their customer services team was very prompt & courteous to both phone and email queries.
The delivery took 4 or 5 days which was a bit slow as per me.I used a 10% discount coupon from my Kotak credit card ,on my entire order.
Other thing is that they require minimum INR 499/- order size for availing free shipping. Which is fair from a business profitability point of view, it does keep me from ordering items on a whim...Hmmm.. what do you think about a minimum order quantity to be eligible for free shipping?

Foot care haul from Yes before playing footsie I do need a good pedi :D
Vedicline  Foot Soak,Vedicline nail & cuticle cream, Vedicline foot massage cream & Vega Nail file& cuticle remover.

This was my first time ordering Makeup & Beauty items from Flipkart.
Flipkart was extremely fast in their delivery, considering they had to deliver items locally within Delhi, they took under 24 hours to deliver my items,though a weird thing was that for the 4 items I had purchased they sent 4 different parcels to my place, each containing 1 item only. I mean one parcel came with a single nail file!!! Isn't that very unusual?
Overall I think I might be returning to Flipkart, I'm a restless soul and I want my goodies quickly!
Overall I'm very happy & very satisfied with my haul,now I'm heading off to give myself some TLC with my lotions. You Girls have a great day ahead :)


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  1. How are the Shahnaz Hussain products? specially interested in the beauty balm

    1. Hmm I've had mixed experience with shahnaz Husain products,most suit me but I've had a few bloopers along the balm is a very rich cream without being heavy or greasy but this is meant for anti ageing purpose, I will be using it as a night cream coz makes my skin more soft and supple:)

    2. I'' give it a try then. should be good for winters

  2. nice haul..I have that Vega Foot the Cocoa Glow :)

  3. very nicely written, amazing...

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