Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MAC Beth Ditto Limited edition collection preview

M ∙ A ∙ C Presents  Beth Ditto

The M ∙ A ∙ C Beth Ditto Collection shoots a knowing wink to candy- glossed  pop. Featuring Zoom Lash Mascara in 3 colours plus Zoom Fast Black Lash, Pro Longwear Lipcreme and Nail Lacquers. Premiering in this collection is Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner, a dual-ended pairing of Eye Shadow and Greasepaint Liner for achieving a perfect smoky eye. And of course, There’s Liquidlast Liner and our 7 Lash for extra drama. With polished punk sensibility and shades ranging from tender to tart, this collection of unadulterated Beth Ditto aims the spotlight on you.

In the pic-M.A.C Shade & Smoke Shadow /Liner ( Little Miss   Moffet -   True black liner/true white shadow )& MAC Beth Ditto Lipstick Booyah! 
Detailed review coming up soon!

   Pro-Longwear Lip Creme
                            Booyah!!! -  Bright orange   

  Dear Diary - Bright Neon Pink
  Heart Hangover - Deep purple
  Love long Distance - Light mauve 
 You’re Perfect Already - Neutral pale pink
 Zoom Fast Black Lash
                         Zoom fast black lash – Black
 Blue Charge – Deep Navy Blue
  New Hue – Blackened Burgundy
 Plum Reserve – Light violet purple
  Lip Pencil  
                           Embrace Me - Vivid pinkish fuchsia
   In synch -   Bright yellow pink
 Night Moth -   Blackened plum
  Liquid Last Liner
                          Point Black
    Nail Lacquer 

 Life and Beth – Milky Peach (Crème)
                         Near Beth Experience – light Yellow (Crème)
  Nocturnelle – Black (Crème)
  Vagabondage – Mid - tone lavender (Crème)
7 Lash

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  1. Wow the lipsticks look great <3 <3

    1. Yesss it's bright orange I'm wearing it right now and it's so vivid! Total love <3

  2. the new range.

    Do enter my Giveaways

  3. MAC is best...loved it..
    I love everything..x



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