Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colorbar I Glide eyeliner pencil Flirty Turq

Colorbar I Glide eyeliner pencil Flirty Turq is a jewel toned Teal-turquoise eyeliner. Colorbar has a winner at its hand with these super smooth & creamy eyeliner pencil which are totally smudge proof, waterproof and very long lasting & with a name like Flirty Turq what's not to love? ;)
By the way off topic Turkish men are right up there with the Italians in their flirtatiousness.I visited Istanbul a few years back and oh my those Young Turqs surely do flirt! *winks* winks*

Coming back to These come in a chic silver box packaging and have a shade swatch at the base of both the liner pencil and outer packaging. Priced at INR 399/-for an eyeliner pencil they tread the middle ground between budget and splurge for me.


I have many I define and I glide eyeliners from Colorbar and they are my absolute favorites for past few months.I love that the shades are so unique and bold,just one swipe of these and  my whole makeup looks so well pulled together that I'm head over heels in love with these babies.

The i define pencil are and safe on the waterline,their smooth texture means one swipe gets full on color on your upper and lower lashline and you don't need to keep going back and forth with the eyeliner to get a smooth line.Only con is that because they are so creamy they tend to break off quite easily at the time of sharpening.

I've used Flirty Turq in this look called Teal Temptation I had created for a contest.I've used the eyeliner all over my lid as a base for my eyeshadow and also on the lower lashline.

Overall thoughts-This is a gorgeous eyeshadow with very intense pigmentation and almost jewel toned effect it creates very stunning effects.You can use it safely on the waterline as well without any irritation and it has an excellent wear time of over 7-8 hours.A very unique shade and a must have in my opinion.

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  1. wow.. what a pretty shade!!!
    loved the eye makeup.:)

    1. Thanks Niesha! It's really beautiful eyeliner, do check it out :)

  2. I loved the colour. Great pictures. this is in my wishlist now. Definitely gonna get it. :-)

  3. Awesome EOTD!! looks very vibrant! I m a huge fan of these i-glides!

    1. Hai na! I lOve these I glides they r really awesome

  4. I am just awed by the pictures..going back to read it fully :D



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