Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sleek Pout Polish Electro Peach-Tinted Lip Conditioner

Girls Its time to drench your lips with Juicy peachy-coral lip conditioners and what better than Sleek Pout polish in Electro Peach. You all had seen the sneak peak of the pout polish in my recent Sleek Haul.

Don't freak out about how neon the shade looks in pan, its just a red herring.Texture wise-these are extremely sheer and glossy,very slick and non sticky. Its emollient enough to keep the lips feeling hydrated without being overtly greasy.
It also contains SPF 15 which honestly I personally don't care much about.

Ingredients- contains Shea butter, avocado oil,sweet almond oil,jojoba oil & wheat germ oil.It contains parabens and has a shelf life of 12 months.
The Sleek Tinted lip conditioners are the perfect dupe for MAC lip conditioners. In fact I feel they wear much better than MAC ones.Only thing is you can't beat the awesome Vanilla fragrance in MAC's tinted lip conditioners. Sleek pout polishes have sweet coco-nutty smell,and invokes different reactions ranging between extreme love and loathing in different people. I had read that pout polishes have bitter aftertaste and the first time I tried, I was almost certain about the gag reflex to kick in but thankfully I found it very mellow in flavor after all the sweet coconut flavor is not very overpowering.
The only con for some people will be that you need to dip your fingers in to the product to apply it and a lip brush just wont cut it.

Hand swatch on bare NC 45 skin swatch on the left applied heavily, right blended out.

Pic clicked in natural light

 Pic clicked indoors in flash lighting

10 gram pan of pout polish cost $ 5.99/- available through Superdrug in UK and through

How s*xy is this pan?! I'm totally drooling over this baby.

Overall Thoughts-If you had been obsessing over coral lips but found it difficult to pull off the shade or feel  most corals wash you out,then its time to try out Sleek Pout Polish Electro Peach.Its the perfect peachy coral gloss you've been waiting for :)

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm head over heels in love with this one Kej! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yay I can scarcely believe how awesome it is,total steal :)

  3. so...i read your post... and i ordered a sleek lip pout paint instead *grins* it's in lava - an absolutely terrifying orange! And since I don't have a creditcard i was over the moon when u said they accept DCs! :D It's on its way, hurrah! I read some reviews before I bought it and they apparently last for AGES cos a little goes a long way. Good for moi :)

    P.S: You are hereby charged with turning me into a potentially obsessive compulsive shopping disorder patient. :P

    1. Mea culpa! Guilty as charged,happy to help u find ur little obsession ;) do post the review soon I look forward to hearing how the pout paints measure up, for the time being I shall drool on the pout polishes :D

  4. nice shade ! shade picks up nice color in flash photography

  5. Yes in flash photographs the shade looks even more silty,though in natural light it looks so pretty and glossy.. Ah I cud stare at it for hours :)

  6. It reminds me of Orange Rasna :))...the pot is soo pretty..lukin good on you

    1. Lol Rasna?! Really now that u mention it does look lot like
      Orange Rasna ;)

  7. The shade is gorgeous!! But IMO a bit too transparent for me. I like my lip products full on on colors.
    Your lips always look so gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks! Even I love full bright shades but for workdays I prefer these sheer day time shades too :)

  8. isnt it sheer for pigmented lips? but the colour and the packaging is enough to get sold!



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