Wednesday, December 28, 2011 New Year Offer

Additional 5% off your beauty bill!

Pep up the last week of 2011 with as it offers an incredible 5% discount on already discounted cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products on our website. There has never been a better time to bring all those beauty resolutions into action!
With an offer that you really cannot afford to miss, load up your bag with as many products as you wish. Hurry up! Offer valid till December 31, 2011.
Voucher Code: 2012

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  1. you know what, they are doing a small cheating here.. things that were already on 10-15% discounts are on 5% discount now. So even if after 5%, there is an additional 5% discount, its still more that the price they were initially offering...

    thanks for informing BTW


  2. Sweet & Bitter- I actually mailed VioletBag Team regarding your feedback & here's what they had to say

    "Prices have been kept the same barring minor changes in one or two brands (e.g. Philips where we have removed discounts altogether) which is a result of our regular sourcing cost change. We have actually revised a lot of perfume prices downwards, e.g. Davidoff Cool Water which was available at 2,888 is now available at 1,995! Same is the case with all CK perfumes.

    Prices cannot be expected to be constant and minor changes are inevitable. Even then, I don't think we have made any significant changes.. and definitely not for the offer! Almost all brands are still carrying the same price points which were available at the time of launch.

    In some case product price itself increases which reflects in a higher price point at the same discount. This may have created confusion in case of your reader. "

    Now I have not personally compared prices, but I hope their mail helps clarify your query :)

  3. Dear Ladies;
    You can buy all cosmetics and more from with very low prices and extra 15% sale with no shipping cost to all around the world!

    For The First Purchase: Write DISCOUNTNOW as "Recommender Code". and Write 10%EBAY2011 as "Coupon Code". BOTH WILL GIVE YOU TOTAL 15% EXTRA SALE!!!



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